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How to Dress Like Gus Fring

By John / October 17, 2016
Last updated: May 22, 2017
Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad

Gus Fring is the unassuming, polite restaurant manager who secretly runs an underground, gang-related, drug-fueled empire. Using his network of “Los Pollos Hermanos” chicken diners, he supplies Methamphetamine to the greater Albuquerque area.

​Gus enters into business with Walter White, although he stands Walt up upon their very first meeting because he believes Walter to conduct himself recklessly. The purity of Walter’s “product” eventually wins Gus over however.

​Perhaps it is your goal to put together a Gus Fring costume or to do some Gus Fring Cosplay.

Ahead you will find a guide to assist you in matching the style and wardrobe of Gustavo “Gus” Fring.​

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Jackets & Shirts

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Gus' style overview:

  • Khaki jacket
  • Dress pants & shirts
  • Ties
  • Occasional fancy suits

The Fine Jackets of Gus Fring

Breaking Bad Gus Fring Gray Jacket

Gus has been noted to showcase several different jackets in many styles and colors throughout the course of the series Breaking Bad.

​His most notable jacket is likely his plain khaki windbreaker that he is seen wearing often - paired with his work uniform.

​Most of Gus’s jackets and attire in general are plain, boring, basic. Although Gus is likely a multi-millionaire and beyond, he plays it cool and doesn’t flaunt his riches. Unless of course he’s about to dish out some sweet revenge, in the cases of Don Eladio and Hector Salamanca.

In those instances, Gus ditched his dull duds for a silk gray blazer that glistened a hint of silver in the harsh Mexican sunlight, and a snappy, bright blue, plaid blazer.​

Here are a few of the jackets that we found to be appropriate matches to the ones worn by Gus Fring.

This casual jacket in khaki color by Port Authority is a great match to the jacket worn by Gus on AMC’s Breaking Bad. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a closer look at this item.

​Here is a gray topcoat by Tom's Ware that is a fine match to the jacket worn by Gus when his men are attacked by a cartel sniper at a Los Pollos Hermanos processing plant.

This blue plaid jacket by Tommy Hilfiger is an excellent match to the jacket Gus wore specifically to murder Hector Salamanca. Here’s the link if you’re considering purchasing this item.​

​Gus' Shirt Selection

Breaking Bad Gus Fring Yellow Dress Shirt

Gus’s shirts are somewhat unremarkable - as I mentioned before, Gus has large amounts of dirty money and is involved in dirty deeds to say the least, so he doesn’t want to draw any unwanted attention.

​Surprisingly, even when Gus does get all GUSsied up (pun intended), his shirts remain: solid colored, plain, button down dress shirts with no pattern or texture.

Here’s the shirts we like the best in terms of quality and appearance.

This dress shirt in yellow by Izod is a perfect match to the shirts worn by Gus, most often while on duty at his chain of “Los Pollos Hermanos” restaurants.​

Here is a dress shirt in black by Van Heusen that’s a fine match to the shirts of Gus Fring. Consider it on​

These plain white t-shirts are a perfect match to the undershirts Gus is show to have worn during the episode “Box Cutter.”​

Trying Gustavo Fring's Slacks on for Size

Breaking Bad Gus Fring Khaki Jacket and Slacks

Gus’s slacks are pretty basic and straightforward as I have mentioned now multiple times, he lives a humble life although he could afford to be extravagant.

​He wisely chooses not to, unlike the man who follows in his footsteps: Walter White (Heisenburg).

​Gus has been noted to wear light brown casual slacks most often as a part of his work uniform. His formal wear often incorporates solid black dress pants.

​Here are the pants we liked to best match Gus’s style.

These slacks in light brown by Tommy Hilfiger are an excellent match to the work uniform pants of Gustavo Fring. Click here to see if your size is available.​

Here are a quality pair of black slacks by Haggar that would suit Gus just fine.​

Gus' Footwear

Gus’s shoes seem to be the place where he doesn’t seem to mind splurging a bit, or perhaps he just wishes to appear professional at all times.  Suffice it to say that you won’t find him in a pair of Skechers (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

​The man they call Gustavo Fring, the Chicken King, has been noted to wear a pair of black leather three-eye-hole bluchers. He has also been identified wearing a set of black black leather slip on boots.

These Bluchers by Massimo Matteo are an excellent match to the more formal of Gus’s footwear choices. Click here to check availability.​

​Here's a set of black boots by Giorgio Brutini that are also from the episode in which Gus’s men get sniped at the “farm.”

Make a Fuss for the Accessories of Gus

Breaking Bad Gus Fring Orange Rain Suit Green Box Cutter

Gus Fring in all his dealings has been known to make use of several different items as weapons and otherwise.

​It is a fact however that Gus has never been careless when it comes to the crimes he commits, he seems to have every aspect planned ahead of time. Most likely part in help from his hired tough guy and general badass, Mike.

Here are the accessories we found to be the most appropriate matches for Gus.

These half-lens frame eyeglasses are a perfect match to the spectacles of Gus Fring.​

These artisan crafted shot glasses are an exact match to the ones used by the cartel in the episode “Salud” in which Gus poisons: The Don, the cartel, and even himself.​

Here is an orange rain suit by MRC Safety that’s an exact match to the one worn by Gus, for no particular reason other than to send a message, in the episode: “Box Cutter.”

​This green colored retractable knife is an excellent match to the murder weapon used by Gus also in the episode “Box Cutter.” Click here only if you plan to use this item for it’s intended purpose.

This replica batter bucket is an exact match to the buckets of “Los Pollos Hermanos” fry batter that Gus used to hide and transport his “product.”

Here is a blue necktie that is quite similar to the tie worn by Gus when he goes to kill Hector Salamanca.

Finally, this necktie in navy blue color is a perfect match to the tie Gus is noted to wear as part of his Los Pollos Manager uniform.​

As you hopefully know by now, Gus meets the fate he deserves at the hands of Heisenberg when the latter allies with Hector Salamanca to catch Gus off guard and put a stop to his tyranny for good.

Anyhow, if that is the Gus Fring look you are going for, you might consider checking out our guides on How to look like the Walking Dead parts one and two. As they have methods, ideas, and items that could be applied to an “exploded Gus Fring” outfit.​

You can check those out right here: How to Look Like a Survivor and ​How to Look Like the Walking Dead.

As always that’s another style guide in the books. Please feel free to leave any feedback.​

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