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How to Accessorize Like Abraham Ford

By John
Last updated: February 28, 2024
Abraham Ford The Walking Dead

After the outbreak, Abe and his family were surviving with a group when his wife was brutally assaulted by a fellow group member. Releasing from within him an explosive rage that burned as red as his hair. His family left the group after he retaliated for the egregious offense that was committed.

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In a tragic twist, he later was able to track them down, but they were dead. Grief stricken, Abe was contemplating suicide when he met Eugene Porter and vowed to escort him safely to D.C.

Given his military background paired with his personal mission to protect Eugene and save the world, it should come as no surprise that Abraham relies on several different weapons and accessories to carry out his mission.

Here you will find a guide to help you arm yourself and accessorize like Sgt. Abraham Ford.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Guns & Knives

Belts & Holster

Bags, Gloves & Dog Tags

Abraham's accessories overview:

  • Backpack & shoulder bag
  • Dog tags
  • Tactical gloves
  • Belts & holsters
  • Knives & guns

The Backpack & Shoulder Bag of Abraham Ford

Abraham Ford The Walking Dead

Abraham has at least two pieces of luggage that he is known to carry for a time. The first of which is his army green tactical back pack. The other piece worth mentioning is Abraham Ford’s black shoulder bag.

He is seen carrying these both when the group is wandering around out on the road.

This heavy-duty tactical backpack in army green is nearly identical to the one carried by Sgt. Abraham Ford.

This black shoulder bag matches the style of Abraham Ford without question.

Sgt. Ford's ID Tags & Handgear

Being a former military man, Abraham must have just become accustomed to keeping his I.D. tags on him at all times considering there isn’t much reason for him to anymore. Regardless, he has them at all times whether around his neck or fashioned into a wrist band.

This survival set of dog tags is a near match to the ones worn by Abraham Ford.

Because they are arguably the most lethal weapons Abraham Ford possesses, he must take special care of his hands. Which he does.

The way he protects his fists of fury is with a set of military, fingerless, hard-knuckle, tactical gloves.

These hard-knuckle, half finger tactical gloves in beige are an exact match to the ones worn by Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead.

Abraham Ford's Belts & Holsters

Abraham Ford The Walking Dead

Considering how many separate weapons that Abraham has been known to use, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise just how many belts and holsters he needs to store them in and hang them from.

Sgt. Ford has been noted to use at least two separate belts and two separate holsters, as well as a sheath for his knife. Sometimes even all at once!

This feather stitch detail belt in cognac is nearly identical to the belt that Abraham holsters his Magnum in.

This black Dickies belt is a great match to the belt that holds up Abe’s pants and also carries his Beretta holster.

This brown leather knife sheath is quite similar to the one Sgt. Abraham Ford comes equipped with on The Walking Dead.

Here we have a Galco magnum holster that is an excellent match to the one Abraham carries.

This nylon beretta holster (left hand draw) is a fine match to the one carried by Abraham.

Abraham's Knife & Firearms

Abraham Ford has been noted using several firearms and other equipment to fend off the ever advancing threat of the undead. However, he has only been known to use a single knife: his military-grade, straight blade fighting knife.  And this KA-BAR straight knife matches perfectly.

This Funworld costume knife is a much safer alternative to the real thing and it is also a great match to the knife used by Abraham Ford.

Abraham Ford's Furious Firearms

Abraham has been known to use several different pistols and rifles throughout the series. He has been noted to use: a Norinco Type 56, M16A1, Remington 870 Wingmaster and an HK 51 custom shortened Heckler and Koch G3.

Abraham Ford The Walking Dead

The weapons he is most often equipped with are probably his Magnum, Beretta and M16 assault rifle.

If you are planning to put together an accurate The Walking Dead costume, accurate accessories like these can really put you over the top. (For obvious reasons we have chosen matches for Abraham’s firearms in the form of non-lethal Airsoft guns.)

This Magnum Research Desert Eagle airsoft pistol is an exact match to the pistol Abraham keeps holstered on his right hand side.

Here we have a Beretta airsoft pistol that is also an exact match to the pistol carried by Abraham Ford.

Lastly we have this M16 airsoft assault rifle. This is once again an exact match to the weapon used by Sgt. Ford on The Walking Dead.

That concludes another guide on how to dress like The Walking Dead.

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