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How to Dress Like Jim Halpert

The Office Jim Halpert Blue Tie and Dress Shirt

Jim Halpert is the charismatic, wise-cracking, prankster of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. He is the rival and reluctant friend of fellow salesman, Dwight Schrute. Additionally, he is best friends with his (not-so-secret) romantic interest of the office: receptionist Pam Beesly.

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Jim’s wardrobe ranges from business casual to precision professional. Depending upon his position within the company, he adjusts his level of professionalism accordingly.

Were it your goal to create a screen accurate representation of the fashion and wardrobe styles of Jim Halpert from The Office, Please continue ahead for our guide focusing on this subject.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Jackets & Shirts

Pants, Shorts, & Shoes

Ties, Watch, & Shoulder Bag

Hats & Name Tags

Jim's style overview:

  • Various hats
  • Top coats & trench coats
  • 2-piece suits
  • Gym shorts & tennis shoes

Halpert's Headgear

The Office Jim Halpert Black hat

Jim Halpert has been known to model a sporting ball cap or other type of hat from time to time.

​Jim’s decorative headgear has even reached into the holiday realm with a red and white Santa Claus plush cap.

He has donned the questionable pink baseball cap reading: “DM does GB” (Dunder Mifflin does Gettysburg) while on a company field trip.​

When engaging in athletic activity, he sometimes has been known to wear a plain black baseball cap as well as a solid black Callaway Golf brand cap.​

In order to complete an accurate Jim Halpert cosplay, one of these hats could add an extra bit of authenticity.

This solid black baseball cap is nearly identical to the one worn by Jim on The Office.​

Here is a Santa Claus hat that is a perfect match to the holiday themed headgear Jim celebrates the season with.​

The Jackets of Jim

The Office Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute

Jim Halpert has been noted to wear a number of different styles, colors and other distinctions of jackets throughout the course of the series.

​Jim’s most recognizable jackets include his charcoal colored top coat as well as an array of differently colored blazers and sport coats. With colors including but not limited to: navy blue, brown, gray and black.

It’s worth mentioning that Jim typically doesn’t wear a blazer regularly in his early appearances. It isn’t until he reinvents himself at the Stamford branch and subsequently gets promoted to “Assistant Regional Manager” and later Office Co-Manager that he includes these in his daily wardrobe.​

This charcoal colored topcoat by London Fog is an excellent match to the one worn by Jim when he is assaulted with a barrage of snowballs by co-worker, Dwight Schrute.​

Here is a gray sport coat by Perry Ellis that is quite similar to the ones worn by Jim Halpert.​

Shirts Worn by Jim "Big Tuna" Halpert

The Office Jim Halpert funny face

When it comes to the unofficial uniform of Jim Halpert, his solid button down dress shirts define his style throughout his career with Dunder Mifflin and beyond.

​Jim’s dress shirts are most often white or light blue in color, usually paired with a darker blue or black necktie. (See accessories below)

In case you didn’t know, Jim gained his nickname from co-worker Andy Bernard (“The Nard Dog”), when he brought a tuna sandwich for lunch. Andy also came up with the gem of a nickname for Jim: “Big Haircut”, when Jim... you guessed it, got a haircut.​

Here is a light blue colored dress shirt by Marquis, that embodies the style of Jim Halpert completely.​

This white dress shirt by Van Heusen has a fitted collar and is a great match to the white shirts worn many times by Jim on The Office.​

This “Fun-Run” t-shirt is an exact match to the t-shirts worn by Jim Halpert and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton gang. It’s also officially licensed.

​The Pants of a Paper Salesman

The styles and colors of Jim’s slacks doesn’t change frequently, if ever, throughout the course of the show’s entirety.

​Much like his jackets and neckties, Jim’s prefers his pants in (mostly) the same color palette. Ranging from navy blue and charcoal gray to brown and black.

Jim has also been noted to wear navy blue colored athletic shorts during the basketball game held in the warehouse of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, as well as during the “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure.”​

Here are some black dress slacks by Haggar with an expandable waist that are a fine match to the pants worn by Mr. Halpert.​

These navy blue slacks are almost indistinguishable from the pants Jim has been noted to wear on the set of The Office.​

Here are some navy blue athletic shorts by Russell athletic that are a great match to the shorts Jim wears while shooting hoops with Michael, Dwight and the rest of the office.​

The Fancy Footwear of Jim Halpert

The Office Jim Halpert Puma Tennis Shoes

Jim’s shoes are fairly basic and not too flashy in nature. He has been noted to wear black, brown and tan dress shoes as part of his usual work apparel.

​While he is engaging in physical activity (such as the “Fun-Run” for example), he is noted to have worn gray colored Puma tennis shoes (I believe the exact style isn't available anymore).

Here is a pair of gray running shoes by New Balance that are very similar to the shoes worn by Jim while casually and effortlessly engaging in a leisurely stroll for charity.​

These tan colored dress shoes by Dockers are an excellent match to the style of shoes Jim has been known to wear frequently.​

Accessing Jim's Accessories

The Office Jim Halpert Dave Costume

The articles of clothing worn by Jim on The Office are not the only items used to accentuate his character, personality and appearance. Jim is also known to make use of several items beyond that semi-frequently.

​For instance, Jim is known to wear a wristwatch regularly, and also he has been noted to carry a brown shoulder bag, which I can only assume contains his personal possessions or a Macgyver-esque prank pulling essentials kit.

Here are some of the items we felt would add the finishing touches to any Jim Halpert costume.

These name labels are an inexpensive solution to coming up with your next Halloween costume. You can do as Jim has done and go as “Dave.”​

Jim’s wristwatch has been identified as the “Swiss Army Men’s Infantry.” Unfortunately that particular model has gone out of production.

This wristwatch by Victorinox is nearly identical to the watch worn by Jim Halpert.​

This brown canvas shoulder bag is very similar to the shoulder bag oftentimes carried by Jim.​

Here is a navy colored necktie that is incredibly similar to the ones worn by Jim as part of his work wardrobe.​

This blue patterned necktie is another great match to the neckties of Jim.​

If you plan to put together an accurate Jim Halpert costume, you can do so for a reasonable investment. Perhaps more than Jim spent on his Dwight Schrute costume, but inexpensive nonetheless.​

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