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How to Dress Like Eric Cartman

By John
Last updated: February 25, 2020
South Park Eric Cartman blue beanie red jacket

Eric Cartman, aka “Bulrog,” “The Grand Wizard King,” and “The Coon” is the chubby little foul-mouthed sociopath from South Park, Colorado.

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​Cartman is the only confirmed offspring of the promiscuous Liane Cartman.  Being an only child to a single mother has made Cartman spoiled and manipulative. He is seldom punished or disciplined and whines to get his way.

Cartman is one of four main characters on South Park along with: Stan, Kyle and Kenny.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the fashion and style of Eric Cartman. Either for the purpose of creating an accurate Cartman cosplay or just adding a specific item to your inventory, you’ve gotta see this!​

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Normal Clothes

Wizard Outfit

Ninja Outfit

Police Officer Outfit

Cartman's style overview:

  • Beanie hat, wizard hat
  • Red jacket, wizard robe
  • Brown pants
  • Black shoes

Do They Sell Cartman's Hat?

South Park Eric Cartman blue yellow beanie redskins shirt

As a matter of fact I have managed to find a hat from an online retailer that’s an exact match to the blue and yellow beanie that Cartman is known for.

​Not only does he wear this beanie as part of his everyday wear, but he also wears it with his police uniform when he commands South Park’s citizens to “respect my authority!” He also has been noted to wear this hat as the brave ninja warrior “Bulrog.”

In addition I have also found a wizard hat that is very similar to the one worn by Cartman as “The Grand Wizard King.”

This blue and yellow snowboarding beanie is a perfect match to the hat worn by Eric Cartman and many of his alias’.​

Here is a wizard’s cap that is nearly identical to the type of hat Cartman is noted to wear as “The Grand Wizard King.” It is worth noting that in order to achieve an even more accurate look you may wish to sew a yellow star patch to this particular hat as it has no decoration.​

This yellow star patch would make an appropriate addition to the hat listed above in order to complete a costume hat of “The Grand Wizard King.”​

The Jackets of Eric Cartman

South Park Eric Cartman red jacket

For the majority of his appearances, Cartman is known to wear one jacket in particular. His bright red, button down jacket. He has also been noted to wear a similar jacket in blue as part of his police uniform.

​Cartman has also been noted to wear a burgundy colored bathrobe as “The Grand Wizard King.” He wears it in his appearances both in the show on Comedy Central as well as the acclaimed video game “South Park - The Stick of Truth.”

Here is a red button down windbreaker jacket that is a great match to the jacket of Eric Cartman.​

You can get the same jacket listed above only in navy blue color to match that of Cartman’s police uniform.​

​Here is a cotton bathrobe in burgundy color that is a perfect match to the robe worn by “The Grand Wizard King.”

​Shirts Worn by Cartman

Because Cartman is most often seen wearing his signature red button down jacket, it is very seldom that he is seen to wear any notable shirts.

That being said, I have managed to track one down, though admittedly it is at best; controversial. This shirt happens to be the “Token’s life matters” black t-shirt that Cartman has been noted to wear in a recent episode of the hit television series.

This “Token’s Life Matters” t-shirt in black is an exact match to the one Cartman was noted to wear on Comedy Central’s South Park.

Squeezing into Cartman's Pants

South Park Eric Cartman black shoes brown pants

Much like his jacket, Cartman’s pants change very infrequently from episode to episode. He is noted to wear the same brown casual pants most of the time along with his standard red jacket and beanie.

​As far as I can tell he also wears these same slacks as part of his wardrobe for his police uniform and “The Grand Wizard King.”

When it comes to Bulrog, Cartman appears to be wearing traditional Samurai Harem pants in solid red, with gold ribbon accents.​

These brown casual pants are an excellent match to the style of Eric Cartman.​

Here is a set of solid red athletic pants that are an acceptable alternative to the samurai pants worn by Cartman as “Bulrog.”​

This satin ribbon in yellow gold color would make an excellent addition to the athletic pants listed above in order to portray “Bulrog” more accurately.​

Where to Get Cartman's Shoes

Because Cartman is an animated character, he doesn’t necessarily have a certain brand or style of shoe. The most that is known about Cartman’s footwear is that it is solid black.

​The rest is really up to your own imagination. Personally I found that solid black Vans skate shoes make a fine selection, but really any black sneaker or tennis shoe would suffice.

These black skate shoes by Vans are very similar to the color and style of shoe Cartman is known to wear on South Park.​

How to Accessorize Like Cartman Does

South Park Eric Cartman grand wizard

Throughout the course of the series, Cartman has been noted to make use of several different articles of clothing, weaponry, and other miscellaneous items as accessories.

​Some notable examples include: “Bulrog’s” sais, the staff of “The Grand Wizard King,” and the sunglasses and billy club used by Cartman to make South Park respect his authority.

Here is a set of yellow mittens that are nearly identical to the mittens Cartman is known to wear as part of his everyday clothing.​

This purple superhero cape would make a great match to the purple cape worn by Cartman as “The Grand Wizard King.”​

Here is a pair of authentic martial arts Sais that are an excellent match to the ones carried by Cartman as the might ninja warrior “Bulrog.”​

This natural wood carved walking stick is a near perfect match to the staff used by Cartman as the master of Kupa Keep; “The Grand Wizard King.”

Here is a Billy Club that is a great match to the one used by police officer Cartman.​

These mirrored lens aviator sunglasses are a perfect match to the ones officer Cartman is known for.​

These fanny packs in turquoise are nearly identical to the pouch worn on the belt of Cartman as “The Grand Wizard King.”​

In conclusion I found that matching Cartman’s basic style isn’t too difficult, and he has some of the most interesting accessories that I’ve come across.​

If you plan to do your own Cartman cosplay, you are in for a pleasant experience.​

Screw you guys, I’m going home.​

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