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How to Dress Like Tate Langdon

Tate Langdon American Horror Story

Tate Langdon is the son of Constance Langdon, brother of Adelaide and patient to Dr. Ben Harmon. He has a dark, deep and mysterious demeanor.

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Often during his sessions with Dr. Harmon he alludes to twisted fantasies and urges of horrific violence and lewd acts. Also Tate has a forbidden relationship with Ben’s daughter, Violet Harmon.

Tate’s style is somewhat unique as he seems to dress in the fashion of the “Grunge” movement of the 1990’s.

If you have ever felt the urge to build an accurate Tate Langdon costume or want to work on any American Horror Story cosplay you’re in luck!  Here you will find a guide to help you match the style of Tate Langdon or even just add some of Tate’s style to your own wardrobe.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Tate's style overview:

  • Green-striped sweater
  • Torn up jeans
  • Converse sneakers

Tate Langdon's Jacket Selection

Tate’s jackets are some of the most dynamic pieces in his wardrobe. He is seen wearing several different ones throughout the series. We’ll take a look at of few of those now.

Tate Langdon American Horror Story

This slim-fit, black pea coat is a perfect match to the one Tate wears during his flashback to the tragic incident he was involved in at his high school. 

This black zip-up hoodie matches Tate’s style entirely and it is also part of the outfit he is seen wearing in the skull make-up flash-back.

Here is a beige cardigan that is nearly identical to the one Tate is seen wearing when he meets Dr. Harmon for coffee and a therapy session outside of Dr. Harmon’s home/office.

Tate's Tees (and other shirts)

Out of all of the clothing options at Tate’s disposal, his collection of shirts seem to offer the most personality and variety.

While Tate's sweaters may seem and ugly and unfashionable by today’s standards, it is these sweaters along with his ripped up jeans that really convey the 90’s Grunge image.

Tate Langdon Striped Shirt

Anyhow, Love them or Hate them, let's take a look at a few of Tate’s shirts.

This green plaid shirt is quite similar to the one Tate is seen wearing in season one of American Horror Story. Here’s the link if you’d like to see more.  Here is a striped sweater that perfectly matches the stylings of Tate Langdon.

This graphic ”normal people scare me” t-shirt is an exact match to the one worn by Tate when he first introduces Violet and her bully to Thadeus in the basement of “Murder House".

This black long sleeve t-shirt is nearly identical to the one worn by Tate when he is cornered by the S.W.A.T. team in his home, which is coincidentally at the time “Murder House".

This plain gray t-shirt is a great match to the one Tate wears with his beige cardigan.

Tate Langdon's Legwear

Tate is known to wear a few different style of pants during the series, but the ones he is most recognized for have to be his distressed vintage blue jeans.

Tate seems to favor slim-fit, straight leg, light blue, severely distressed (holes ripped in them) vintage jeans.

His other most recognizable set of pants are most likely his slim fit black jeans from the skull face scene.  Here are some great black jeans that are an excellent match to the ones worn by Tate during the skull-face-flashback.

These vintage distressed blue jeans are an exact match to the ones worn by Tate during his sessions with Dr. Ben Harmon.

Tate Langdon's Fabulous Footwear

Tate’s footwear consists of a few sets of shoes and boots. His sneakers are more for everyday wear, while he is seen wearing the boots during the flashback to the “Westfield High incident".

Tate’s boots have been identified as the men's Pleaser Rocky boots. They are 100% authentic, man made and genuine leather.

Finally we have Tate’s everyday kicks. These have been identified as low-top, Converse All Star Chuck Taylors in burgundy.

Tate's Accessories

Tate Langdon

Tate doesn’t really seem to carry many major accessories often, but here are a few items that along with some of the clothing items from this guide will complete a screen accurate portrayal of Tate Langdon.

This Loreal hair gel will slick your hair back just right for that spooky skull-face Tate look.

If the Skull-face flashback Tate is the look you’re going for, you will also need some of this skull makeup to complete the job. Here’s the link if you are in need of some.

Tate's Accessories (Major Spoilers)

Unbeknownst to most characters in the show and a mystery to the audience for a good portion of the series, The Rubber Man is secretly none other than your favorite and mine, Tate Langdon.

(Which makes it Ultra creepy that he is dating Violet Harmon considering it was the Rubber Man who impregnated her mother.)

This Rubber man suit is a great match (while not completely identical) to the one seen on American Horror Story.

These black boots are just about the only thing you need to complete your Rubber Man outfit (in addition to the suit). They are quite similar to the ones worn by the Rubber Man.

Also Tate is a ghost if I haven’t mentioned that.

Anyhow, I think that is going to wrap-up another addition to our “How to dress like” catalog here at

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