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Dean’s Different Jackets

By Matt
Last updated: January 26, 2022
Supernatural Dean Winchester Gap military jacket

Obviously Dean Winchester’s leather jacket is the most recognizable piece of outerwear that the older Winchester wears. But he goes through quite a few different jackets too. Dean Winchester’s military jackets are the most common.

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I’m going to try to go over the jackets he uses the most in Supernatural.

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Dean's jackets style overview:

  • Black M-65 military jacket
  • Green & blue Gap military jackets

Dean Winchester’s M-65 Military Field Jacket

Supernatural Dean Winchester Alpha Industries M65 jacket s3e2

He wears this jacket a lot in the show. I would have to say this Dean Winchester jacket is his second most recognizable one, and the first is his leather jacket.

I actually bought this jacket, and I get compliments on it all the time. Apparently its made in a slim-fit version now. When I bought mine, it was the standard military sizing, which means it was made baggy enough to fit a whole lot of layers underneath.

The Alpha Industries Slim Fit M-65 field coat is what I would recommend. Or you could always just get the original (non-slim fit), Alpha Industries Men’s M-65 jacket.

If you do go with the non-slim fit version of the M-65, be careful on what size you get, they run really big. To give you a reference, I usually wear a medium (in both jackets and shirts). I bought this jacket (again, the non-slim version) in a size small, and it was still a bit too big until after the first wash/dry. It fits perfectly now, but just be aware of the sizing before you automatically choose your normal size.

Alpha Industries is the same brand jacket that Dean wears, although in almost every episode he has a slightly modified version.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Alpha Industries M65 jacket back collar

The costume designers removed the epaulets and also cut out the hood. The zipper on the back of the collar (used to store the hood when you don’t need it) was stitched over with a piece of black cloth.

I removed the epaulets from my M-65 field jacket too, but left the hood alone. Keep in mind, if you do plan on removing the epaulets yourself, make sure that you’re doing it by removing the stitching. Don’t just cut or tear the whole thing off. You don’t want the seams on your nice new jacket to start coming apart.

Dean's Gap Military Jacket

The exact name of this jacket is the Gap Commander Slub Twill jacket, style number #405575. Unfortunately they don’t make this exact jacket anymore. I was lucky enough to find one on Ebay. I just searched for “Gap military jacket” and refined it to men’s clothing only. It took a while (a couple of months), but I finally found one.

If you don’t want to bother with Ebay, you can find something that looks almost identical. This JYG military jacket is one of the jackets I was thinking about buying before I found the Gap jacket.

The Commander Slub is definitely one of Dean Winchester’s most popular/commonly used jackets. He starts wearing it at the beginning of season three, then continues to wear it throughout the seasons of Supernatural. And it’s not just one or two episodes, he sports it in quite a few episodes in seasons three through the last season.

Green Military Jacket

Supernatural Dean Winchester green Gap military jacket

This jacket is made by Gap too. As with most of the actual clothing used on Supernatural, you won’t find this one new in stores.

Just like the other Gap Commander Slub jacket above, I found this Dean Winchester jacket on Ebay. It seems to be a lot more common than the Commander Slub, but it still took me over a month of searching Ebay (click here for Gap military jacket search results on Ebay) almost every single day to find one.

Just as a side note, Dean does have a blue version of this military jacket too. So if you happen to find one in blue instead of green, you’re still screen accurate.

Like Dean’s M-65, the epaulets have been removed from this jacket (I removed mine as well). And just like the M-65, if you remove them, do it properly (cut the stitching holding the epaulet to the shoulder), or you could just take it to a tailor and pay to have it done.

Fortunately you can find quite a few similar jackets. I came across this Match Men's military jacket. I haven’t personally bought it, but I started to get the feeling that a guy should really only have so many jackets…Unless you’re Dean Winchester, of course.

Dean's...Other Military Jacket

Supernatural Dean Winchester Old navy military jacket

This jacket is actually made by Old Navy, and it was only used in about half of the pilot episode. When Dean jumps off the bridge, he’s wearing this jacket, but when he gets back out of the water, he’s wearing an entirely different jacket.

With a lot of this clothing from Supernatural, the only reason we don’t know for sure is because you can’t see the brands of the clothing on the show. But if you happen to own the same exact piece of clothing, you’d be able to tell.

Anyway, this Tru-Spec jacket looks pretty close. Just like with any of these clothes that aren’t made any more, don’t forget you can always search through Ebay. Instead of searching “Gap military jacket” like above, search for “Old Navy military jacket” (again, you can click the link and it’ll take you to the search result on Ebay).

Dean Winchester Jacket: The Carhartt Duck

Supernatural Dean Winchester Carhartt Duck jacket

Although this jacket isn’t worn very often, I still feel like this Dean Winchester jacket is worth mentioning because of the episodes it does show up in. Dean only wears this jacket in episodes one and two of season six.

This is when Dean is still living with Ben and Lisa after Sam is thrown into the cage with Michael and Lucifer. The style of this jacket is a lot different than most jackets Dean wears, and he even has his hair parted to one side (driving home the “domesticated Dean” look).

Where most of his jackets have some sort of military style, this Carhartt is clean, has normal pockets (most of his jackets have flaps over the pockets), and no epaulets (the shoulder things). The combination of Dean living with Ben and Lisa, not hunting, and just looking “normal” all contribute to this jacket’s significance. At least in my opinion.

Amazon sells this jacket, it’s the Carhartt Men’s Duck Detroit jacket. The only modification I could tell that was done to this particular jacket is the removal of the Carhartt logo underneath the left chest pocket.


Both of the brothers in Supernatural wear quite a few different jackets. Dean’s almost always seem to have some military styling though, but that’s to be expected. His father is an ex-marine.

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Stu - November 2, 2015


I am interested in the “Black Alpha Industries M65 Jacket” as worn by Dean Winchester.

I am from the United Kingdom, I’m about 5 foot 6, and a 38 chest.

I usually get a medium in both jackets and shirts, well not with Carhartt shirts I get a small as the shirts run longer than the size tag.

I heard that the sizing for the Alpha Industries Jacket is quite confusing. Was told to not get a Medium and go for a Small or an X Small.

Was wondering if anyone here had this coat and had the same sort of confusion with the sizing? As I don’t want to buy the wrong size.



    Scott harper - November 2, 2015

    I have the alpha industries m65 in a black slim fit xs. I am 5’10” and it fits nearly perfect for me, so I would make sure you get the same size because you are smaller.

    Matt - November 24, 2015

    Hey Stu, sorry I missed your comment. I’m 5’8″ about 170lbs and I have the regular (non slim fit) version of the jacket in a small, and it fits perfectly.

John - November 24, 2015

I’ve got a question regarding the black m65 Alpha jacket. When Dean wears his jacket, how does he fix his collar? It seems folded but it could very well be popped up. I’m asking for a cosplay I’m putting together, and I’d like to be as screen accurate as possible. Thanks for any help.

    Matt - November 24, 2015

    Hey John, Dean wears his collar popped in almost the same way on all the jackets he wears. I messed around with this more than I should have when I dressed up as Dean, but I found the perfect way to do it was to only flip up the back of the collar.

    To be more specific, what I do is right behind my neck, with both hands a few inches apart, flip the back of the collar up. The front will pop up a little bit, but not fully. What you’ll end up with is the back of the collar almost fully flipped up (not completely, you want the very back of the collar to be slightly curled at the top), and then about a quarter to a half of the way to the front of the collar, it’ll start to fold down. I hope that makes sense.

    Also keep in mind that Dean’s M65 has the hood removed, which will affect the way the collar looks when popped.

    I don’t think Dean ever “fully” pops the whole collar on his jackets.

    Hope that helps 🙂

      John - November 27, 2015

      Thanks Allen, that’s an extremely helpful reply!

        Alexander - December 5, 2015

        I also own an M-65 (mine is an ’80s Woodland BDU Propper jacket from an army surplus store). I also have the liner for it and wear it as a winter jacket. I know from my M-65 that the collar, while not stiff, holds whatever shape you leave it in very well due to the hood inside the collar. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but know that unless you don’t zip it all the way up the collar can be annoying when popped. I generally wear mine down if I zip the coat, as it still looks decent and is more comfortable.

        I’ve always wondered what jackets Dean wore. I noticed the similarity between Dean’s black jacket and my M-65, but the lack of epaulets confused me, and I figured it must have been a civilian ripoff (which it sort of is, but not as bad as I thought). My coat still has epaulets (and will keep them).

        Also, the author’s warning about sizes is very accurate – I wear on the larger end of an XL, and my large-size M-65 can easily accommodate its liner, a fleece jacket, and a couple shirts with room to spare (winter gets really cold in Michigan).

        Finally, not Dean-related, but I got a knockoff hooded Carhart from my grandfather that looks a lot like Sam’s early-seasons coat. Mine is labelled “Zero Zone by Walls”. The other labels are too faded to read, the coat is like 20 years old. Anyhow, might be helpful to someone.

          Matt - December 9, 2015

          Alexander – thanks for all of the information 🙂

Bill - December 9, 2015

Thanks, I have looked everywhere for this info before coming across your page. The same day I was actually able to find a green Gap Commander Slub on eBay in my size so I just now bought it! Of course I plan on cutting of the epaulets off as well. Any problem with sizing in this jacket running too big? I hope not because I normally wear medium and that’s what I found and purchased on eBay.

    Matt - December 9, 2015

    Hi Bill, I don’t own the Commander Slub, I own the green Gap military jacket, and normally I wear a medium or large in jackets, but my Gap jacket is a small. I’m not sure how the sizing is on the Commander Slub, but it’s relatively rare, so I would’ve bought it at almost any size myself 😀

Dean S. - February 21, 2016

Hey, this page has been a lifesaver for knowing what brands to pick, but I’m having trouble finding anything that looks like it’s gonna fit me as a shorter guy. I’m about 5’3-5’4 and on the wiry side, so would the slim-fit M-65 in an x-small even fit me? I’m looking for a cosplay jacket, and the pickings are awful slim when you’re this short.

    SooperNatural - February 22, 2016

    Unfortunately I would say that m65 would not fit. I am 5’11” and have the alpha industries m65 in slim fit xs and it is still a little bit baggy on me. Remember, it was designed for use with body armor under. I would suggest trying a rothco brand or going to your local army surplus store to try on a brand’s sizes before buying or ordering online. Hope this helps!

      Dean S. - February 23, 2016

      Thanks, regardless of the news! Can’t say I wasn’t expecting that, but luckily I’ve got a surplus store nearby, and a place that should sell Rotcho jackets.

John - February 22, 2016

Hey Allen, got another question for you. The leather jacket you have linked on Amazon is rapidly selling out (sadly the largest size is a large) and the eBay link is no longer in stock. So I’ve been looking around and found this one, which I THINK is pretty close to Dean’s, with the exception of the zipper instead of buttons.

Let me know what you think:

John - February 24, 2016

Sorry Allen, didn’t see your Rey when I made that follow up comment. One problem, I can’t find the hip length jacket in Brown, only black. Anything on your end?

    Matt - February 24, 2016

    It looks like only the black is available right now, if you check Wilson’s official site, that’s the only color they have too. I’d assume they’re either waiting for more to come in, or not making more of them.

    You could also try searching “Winchester jacket” on ebay, and you should find some replicas, and even some original Wilson’s for sale.

John - March 4, 2016

Hey Allen, what do you think of this jacket in black? Look Dean Winchester-ish to you?

It kinda reminds me of a button version of the jacket he wore in the pilot episode.

    Matt - March 17, 2016

    Yeah, I’ve looked at that jacket before and thought the same thing 🙂

      John - March 17, 2016

      Great minds think alike, huh?

Cody - April 14, 2016

Just wanted to keep people informed. There’s a Wilson’s Leather in Gettysburg, PA & I believe they have SEVERAL of the brown leather jackets instock still, if not the same, VERY CLOSE. Price range I believe is $200 or below.

Also, I’ve been checking everywhere online for an EXACT match to the GAP green military jacket & no luck. If someone finds one, or wants to get rid of theirs, like everyone else, let me know.

    Matt - June 7, 2016

    Thanks for the heads up, Cody 🙂

Travis Smith - May 19, 2016

I have a few of Dean’s shirts for sale, if anyone is interested. I also own 15 screen accurate jackets and over 30 of his shirts.

    Matt - June 7, 2016

    Hey Travis, if you have a forum post or ebay link, feel free to share.

Eric - August 21, 2016

Great thread with great information! I am a big fan of Dean’s jackets. I am a little stuck on what size to get regarding the Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket. I am 5’11 – 163lbs. I was thinking maybe a Small, but I am really unsure. I think eventually I may want to purchase a liner for it as well.. so I need to keep that in mind. Any help is appreciated.

    Matt - August 24, 2016

    Hey Eric, I would think you could go with either a small or medium size. I washed mine and it shrunk it just a bit (mine is a small, I’m 5’8″ ~170lbs) and now it fits perfectly. You might be better off with the medium, but without shrinking, the small would probably fit too. If you’re ordering through Amazon, they do offer free returns if the size you choose doesn’t fit well.

Warwick - September 20, 2016

What’s your thoughts on this replica leather jacket?

    Matt - October 12, 2016

    Hey Warwick, I think it looks pretty good, though Dean doesn’t really pop his collar like that 😛
    Soul Revolver is a very well known maker of replica jackets. I’ve never purchased from them myself, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

    Matt - October 12, 2016

    I like that jacket a lot actually, if you think about it, you should let us know how you like it in real life 🙂

    That’s actually one of the jackets I recommended in an article about The Punisher from Netflix’s Daredevil 🙂 (on another website).

Richie - November 19, 2016

Hi Allen, thinking about getting the leather car coat. Do you get any compliments on it? I just wanna make sure it’s stylish before I buy it,lol.

    Matt - December 1, 2016

    I do actually get compliments on it, but I get even more compliments on the Alpha Industries M65 for some reason 🙂

Matt - May 10, 2017

There’s also another M-65 Jacket Dean wears. It’s a standard olive drab green version. The hood plus elpauts are not removed. It was only worn in one episode, but I forgot the name

Tyler - May 24, 2018

Hey Supernatural clothing collectors here’s a list of my shirts & jackets of Dean & Sam Winchester’s I want to sell. If you’re interested my e-mail address is

Dean Winchester

X-Large Green Carhartt Shirt
Large Dark Green Old Navy Pilot Jacket
X-Large Season 8 Stolen American Eagle (stolen from campers when Dean gets out of Purgatory) Red, White, & Blue Plaid Shirt
Large Dark Navy Lucky Brand Triumph T-Shirt
Medium Black Brand New M-65 Alpha Industries Jacket
Large Gap Pilot Denim Shirt
Medium new Dean Winchester Black M-65 Style Military Jacket (he wore his green version in the episode Scoobynatural)
CHUCK’S/GOD’S X-Large Green Banana Republic Military Jacket

Sam Winchester

X-Large & Large Dark Brown American Eagle Shirt
X-Large Beige One Zipper Pocket Old Navy Jacket
X-Large & Large Beige American Eagle Jacket
XXL Brown American Eagle Jacket
XXL Brown Eddie Bauer Jacket

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