Who We Are | TV Style Guide

Who We Are

The idea for TV Style Guide actually came after I helped a friend of mine set up a site on how to dress like the characters from the show, Supernatural.  It only took a couple of months before the site started getting pretty popular – way more popular than I thought it would get.

I told some close friends and family about the website, and they all kept suggesting that I do different TV shows, and then someone suggested that I just have one large site that had a bunch of different guides on dressing like different TV show characters.

So that’s exactly what we’ve done here with TV Style Guide.  A couple of close friends and I, who collectively have a pretty wide variety of TV show genres we enjoy.

How We Get Our Information

A lot of the information we have in our guides is available throughout the internet, the problem is, is that it’s so spread out, and mainly on places like forums, that it takes a long time to get it all yourself.

Any information we can’t find on the internet, we’ll research and take screenshots of ourselves to try and find the exact item that television character is wearing.  If we can’t find an exact match, or if that item isn’t sold anymore, we’ll try to find something that looks as identical as possible.