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How to Dress Like The Man in Black

Westworld Man in Black William

The Man in Black is Westworld's mysterious "black hat" character.  When the show starts out, the audience has no idea who he is or what his real name is.

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Its not until the very end of the first season that we find out he's actually the older version of William.  The show throws many clues to the audience, but their personalities are so different, most found it hard to believe they could be the same person.

A lot of his clothing and accessories are custom made, but western costumes are pretty common, so even without doing your own custom work, you can put together a pretty close costume.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Jacket, Vest, & Shirt

Jeans, Belt, & Boots

Hat, Weapons, & Accessories

Man in Black's style overview:

  • Black flattened U.S. Cavalry hat
  • Black blazer & vest
  • Black jeans
  • Black cowboy boots

The Man in Black's Black Hat

Westworld William Man in Black black hat black jacket neck tie s1e5

The first custom piece is William's black hat.  The original was made by Baron Hats, which you can find here.  

It's actually a U.S. cavalry hat that's been flattened out.  You'll also notice that there is a thin black stripe at the base of the crown of the hat.  Other than those two things, there's not much to his western cowboy hat.

Getting the genuine hat from Baron Hats is ideal, but since they're custom made, and bit on the expensive side, I'd go for something like this black stetson cowboy hat

You'll have to flatten out the brim of the hat yourself, but it even has the black stripe around the base of the crown, just like William/The Man in Black's hat.

The MiB's Western Corduroy Jacket

The next custom item is William's black western jacket.  Unfortunately you can't actually buy the jacket, only the material, and the material was made by Thistle Hill Weavers.  If you've got sewing skills of your own, or want to hire someone to make it for you, you can buy the fabric and have the jacket custom made.

If you're not that concerned about being 100% screen accurate, I found quite a few black corduroy jackets that look a lot like the MiB's.

The jacket is hip-length with two buttons.  It also has two flapped pockets on each side.  You don't have to go with corduroy of course, but William's blazer is highly textured, and I just don't think you'll get a close enough look with a flat material.

As I said, there are a lot of options here, but I really like this U.S. Polo sport coat in black.  It matches William's pretty well with the two buttons, two pockets, and hip-length.

Black Pinstripe Vest & Western Gambler Shirt

Westworld William Man in Black black striped vest grey neck tie s1e2

William's vest is black with what looks like black pinstripes.  I'm not sure on the fabric or maker here, but we can assume again that it was custom made for the show.

Just like with the jacket, you'll find a lot of good looking close matches here.  My personal choice would be something like this black pinstriped vest

Another thing to watch for here are the amount of buttons, to be as close as possible, you'll want a vest with at least five buttons.

Gambler Shirt

The shirt The Man in Black wears is a grey gambler style western shirt.  This is one item where I feel there's a lot of wiggle room, since we don't see him with just the shirt and no jacket/vest very often.

Going with the "gambler" style shirt is most important for the sleeve cuffs, but otherwise you won't see much of it, even with just the vest on.  I did find this western gambler style shirt on Amazon, but it doesn't come in grey like William's, so you'd have to dye it.

Otherwise, I think just going with a long sleeve grey colored button up shirt would work.  Going for a chambray would work well to give it a textured look, and I think this shirt in grey would work well.

Black Jeans & Boots

The Man in Black's pants are the easiest to come by.  As far as I can tell after looking over some hi-res screenshots, he's wearing black jeans.

I think these Levi's 569 jeans in levine look like a great match.

Black Cowboy Boots

William's black boots are pretty simple, no fancy designs or stitching on them.  I wasn't able to find any concrete info on an exact match, but thankfully cowboy boots are plentiful.

I think these Ariat western roper boots look very close to his.  Similar to his shirt, we don't get a lot of great shots of his boots, so you can get away with a lot here.  I think the biggest thing to look for are the boot bottoms without any designs or crazy stitching.

The Man in Black's Accessories

Westworld William Man in Black LeMat revolver s1e2

Older William has a few accessories he wears and keeps with him during his adventures in Westworld.  We're looking at a lot of custom pieces here for screen accuracy, but I found some great alternatives that look really close.

The MiB's Neck Tie/Scarf

The pattern on his tie is called a diamond dobby print.  If you don't mind doing a bit of cutting, you can find a similar printed fabric here

Considering how he has it tied around his neck, and that the jacket and vest cover most of it, it wouldn't be difficult to do.

LeMat 1861 Revolver

The exact gun The MiB uses is an 1861 LeMat revolver.  

You could of course search around and get the real thing, although that'd be pretty expensive.  I would personally go for a western style fake revolver, like this replica single action revolver.

It won't be screen accurate of course, but for that you'd need to do a lot of custom work, or buy the real thing.

Cartridge Belt & Holster

The belt itself is a cartridge belt, which makes sense because his custom revolver can also shoot shotgun shells.  This black leather cartridge belt would work really well.  

The holster for his revolver is a slim jim style holster on his right side, and this western style one looks pretty similar (its a fairly plain looking holster in the show).

Bowie Knife

The Man in Black's knife is a slightly customized Bowie Knife.  

According to some of the people over on, this is the Bowie knife used on the show, and it looks like an exact match to me too.

If you'd like more of a prop knife, I did find this knife on Amazon.  The hilt and handle look the same, but the blade is different.

Black Leather Gloves

Last, but not least, we've got Older William's black leather gloves.  Similar to his boots, his gloves are simple in design.  They're longer than normal wrist length gloves, but we don't see that too often in the show.

These gauntlet style gloves on Amazon look like an almost exact match, and are perfect to finish your Man in Black costume.

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