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How to Look Like The Walking Dead Part II – Walking Dead Costume Details

How to Dress Like The Walking Dead (Zombies)

With a long list of endearing, memorable characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead, it can sometimes be easy to lose focus on arguably the most important characters: the walkers.

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If what Rick learned at The C.D.C. is true, all characters eventually will become walkers. So when you really think about it, every single walker has a backstory somehow. For example: some died of natural causes, some were bitten, some may have met their fate arguing over something that had been “claimed” or some could have unsuccessfully stood against The Wolves, Etc. The possibilities for a walker character are unlimited!

Here you will find a guide to help you create your own accurate, existing walker costume, unique walker costume, or maybe even create a custom walker version of a known character using one of our other how-to-guides.

Walker style overview:

  • Poor hygiene 
  • Pale, rotting flesh, wounds, blood
  • Scary eyes

Walker Theme

What makes walkers or zombies in general so interesting to me is their diversity. Walkers can be anyone from any walk of life. Any career, age, race, gender or just about any other definition that you could fathom. There is potentially a walker out there to match that description.

The Walking Dead Zombies

So if you are planning to create your own walker costume then the first thing you will need to consider will be your walker’s theme.

Ideas for walker themes -

  • Military officer
  • Firefighter
  • Construction worker
  • Businessman
  • Punk rocker
  • Police officer in full riot gear

Many great themes I have seen were put together using an old work uniform or thrift store find, but some people also like to go all out and buy something specifically for the purpose of building a walker cosplay.

Your theme options are really only limited by your imagination (unless your goal is to match an existing walker from a specific instance, like the policeman in full riot gear for example).

Can I buy Police riot gear like the prison walkers have?

This tactical riot gear is the exact gear that the prison guard/policeman walkers are wearing when Rick and the group take the prison.

Weeping Walker Wounds

In order to complete an accurate zombie costume you will more than likely want to have a few disgusting wounds and/or injuries.

The Walking Dead Zombies

In a way this also goes along with your walker’s theme because by deciding where and how you want to appear wounded, you’re basically writing that walker's backstory.

Was your specific walker bitten? Shot? Stabbed? Deciding how your walker became a walker is half the fun! For example a firefighter-walker may be severely burned, or a construction worker walker could have been impaled by his own tool. Just be creative!

Do they sell novelty wounds (other than Halloween?)

This novelty bite wound is almost a necessity for any walker costume! Take a look right here.

This exposed brain could really make a walker costume realistic and disgusting! Click here to check it out.

These bloody zombie scars are perfect for adding a few random lacerations!

This disgusting hand wound comes complete with exposed tendons and it will bring your walker costume to another level!

This eye socket wound special effect will really add the gross factor you’re looking for in a walker cosplay. You can get one here (if you can stand to look at it.)

The Poor Hygiene of a Walker

Considering the decay a person’s teeth can sustain while still living, it comes as no surprise that walkers have particularly rotten chompers.

So naturally if you plan to portray a walker accurately you will most likely need a set of decaying zombie teeth (that is unless your particular walker happens to have a fresh set of dentures).

Where to get zombie/walker teeth

These zombie teeth are perfect for a walker costume. Click here to get some for yourself.

The Pale, Rotting Flesh of a Walker

No accurate walker representation would be complete without gray, wrinkled, rotten flesh.

Luckily thanks to the advancements of modern special effects make-up, disguising your healthy, vibrant epidermis has never been easier.

In just a few simple steps you can make an unbelievable transformation into something your own mother wouldn’t recognize.

Quick start guide:

1. Create wrinkles and textures using liquid latex

2. Apply zombie makeup for desired effect

3. Coat in baby powder for added paleness and depth.

Where can I purchase special effects makeup and supplies?

This liquid latex should be adequate for your purposes.  Next, this zombie makeup set comes with just about everything you might need to transform yourself into an undead nightmare. Click here to take a closer look.

This one’s pretty basic, all you need is everyday baby powder like this to blend your makeup and hide any skin pigment that might be showing through it. You can find it right here if you don’ t already have some.

A Walker's Signature Scary Eyes

The only time I’m ever completely certain whether or not a character in question has in fact been turned into a walker, is when I can clearly see their eyes.

The Walking Dead Zombie Eating Flesh

A walker’s eyes are alternately colored with a hazy film and dilated pupils.

Having a set of scary walker eyes is a surefire way to bring your walker get-up to life!

Where to get “the eye of the walker”

These spooky white contact lenses are a perfect compliment to any walker disguise.

Walker Blood

Finally, depending on the severity of your novelty injuries, you may need a little bit or a lot of stage blood.

Stain your clothes, poor it all over your body, or just apply a tiny amount to any small crevice created with the liquid latex from above to create a fresh deep wound.

Do they sell fake blood?

This stage blood is unbelievably life-like and accurate!  Note that you can mix some stage blood with a small amount of petroleum jelly for a thicker blood effect that will last all night long.

This vaseline petroleum jelly is perfect for thickening up your stage blood and adding a greasy or wet shine to complete your walker costume. 

That’s going to complete another how-to here at TVSG. Hopefully this guide has been informative and helpful in completing your desired walker costume.

And please feel free to share any other helpful hints and tips for other users within the TVSG community.

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