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How to Dress Like Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is the grainy voiced, pistol slinging Sheriff’s deputy who reluctantly leads our favorite group against hordes of “Walkers”, as well as the increasingly threatening remnants of the human population on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Whether you simply would like to incorporate Rick’s style into your own fashion or you’re considering doing some Walking Dead cosplay, this guide may offer some assistance.

And if you're looking for a bit more detail (blood stains, dirt, rips/tears etc.) in your survivor cosplay, check out my guide on it here.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Pants & Boots

Sheriff Accessories

Rick's style overview:

  • Sheriff's hat
  • Dark jeans & boots
  • Revolver

Rick's Sheriff Hat

Rick Grimes Walking

Rick Grimes is known to wear a “Chocolate Stetson Roper 4X”, accessorized with gold campaign cords and a King County Sheriff Badge.

Unfortunately this particular hat has been out of production for some time. So unless you posses one or know where to track one down (they can be pricey), I would suggest finding an alternative.

Pertaining to this specific Rick Grimes outfit or Rick Grimes costume you are putting together, you will more than likely choose to include his signature King County sheriff hat.

While this item is a staple for an early appearance Rick Grimes cosplay, in the later seasons Rick doesn’t wear the hat, as he passes it on to his son and protege’ Carl.

Also it is worth noting that an accurate representation of Rick’s hat must be customized from a few separate existing items.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to complete Rick’s classic look, Rick Grimes’ headgear is an absolute necessity.

This Brown Felt Cowboy hat would make a perfect base for a custom King County sheriff's hat.

This Brown Studded Cowboy hat is a decent match and somewhat more affordable, it’s just not my first choice.

As I stated above, in order to complete your accurate King County sheriff hat you will need a few additional items, including:

Rick Grimes' Coats

Rick Grimes Jacket & Gun

Rick Grimes jackets usually stick around for a while considering he really only has three memorable coats. I think this is due in part to the fact that Rick is either wearing a jacket all the time or not at all.

As I was saying, Rick has three main jackets that he favors. His standard issue brown, King County sheriff dept. jacket from season one, his brown denim jacket from season 3 and his fur lined black suede jacket from season 4.

Do They Sell Officer Rick Grimes' Jacket?

I haven’t been able to track down any police surplus deals on that particular jacket, but they do have a very similar jacket on Amazon, check it out here.

If you’re planning on making your own version of Officer Rick Grimes jacket you will need two additional King County Sheriff dept. patches. One for each shoulder.

These patches on Amazon are reasonably priced and surprisingly accurate.

Where to Buy His Other Jackets

Rick’s other jackets are probably the easiest items to obtain so far as you can find nearly identical matches for both pretty easily.

This Carhartt sandstone jacket is almost identical to the jacket worn by Rick Grimes in season 3.

This fur lined black suede jacket looks exactly like the one he wears in season 4 of The Walking Dead.

Rick's Shirts

Rick Grimes Torso

Rick is almost always wearing a solid colored t-shirt, frequently with his police uniform or one of his many cowboy shirts on over that. Rick’s shirts are some of the most fashionable pieces in his wardrobe, even when they’re caked in mud, blood and walker guts.

Rick’s shirts (other than his uniform) are generally long sleeve button down western style.

Usually he sticks to one solid color - black, tan and brown are most prominent - but on occasion he is seen in a dark plaid shirt of the same style.

Sheriff Shirt

Rick Grimes’ Sheriff Deputy uniform shirt is a simple basic piece that is relatively affordable and fairly simple to acquire. But like a few other pieces from Rick’s Officer uniform, it will need to be slightly customized to be screen accurate.

To begin of course you will need a tan and brown policeman’s uniform shirt, like this one on Amazon that’s nearly an exact match to Rick’s.

To complete your accurate Rick Grimes Deputy shirt you will need six additional items:

  • King County Sheriff badge
  • “Grimes” name badge
  • 2 King County Sheriff shoulder patches (left & right)
  • 2 Eagle collar pins (left & right)

Where can I find all of these accessories?

If you have the financial means, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Many, if not all of the items listed here are available on Amazon.

Where to Get His Other Shirts

This Calvin Klein dark plaid shirt matches the one worn by Rick in the prison.

These Wrangler cowboy shirts match Rick’s style perfectly and they’re available in all the main colors Rick wears (black, brown and tan).

Additionally, he wears a basic t-shirt under his cowboy shirts and by itself at times. Usually white as an undershirt and black or brown alone. Rick’s shirts are nearly identical to these undershirts, and they’re available in all the correct colors.


Rick Grimes Pants

Rick has two main trousers that he is known to wear.

The first are your basic police officer uniform slacks. They are chocolate brown with tan piping down the side. If you have access to some sort of police uniform surplus then these might not be difficult to obtain for you.

Otherwise, like pretty much the rest of this outfit, It’s time to find a good matching base item to customize.

What Pants Best Match Rick's?

My first instinct was to check for military surplus, and while I did find the correct color, the military pants had extra cargo pockets not present on Rick’s slacks.

I ended up getting these basic mens brown slacks off of Amazon.

* Side note - you will need to pick up some tan colored ribbon for the vertical piping on Rick’s slacks. You can have it professionally tailored, diy or just do what I did and ask your Grandma to do it 😉

Secondly, all I can say is in a post apocalyptic, zombie infested world there must be an abundance of black jeans, because other than his standard issue police slacks, that is all Rick wears.

Rick’s jeans have to be black denim, boot-cut and zipper fly I’m certain. There are no survivors in button fly jeans.

Where to Purchase Rick's Jeans

So you just saw the new episode of The Walking Dead and you’re like “Man , Rick is really kicking-ass in those black jeans. I think I’d like to get a pair, but wait. Where do I even start?"

These black Levi's 517 jeans available from Amazon are a perfect match to Rick’s style.

Rick Grimes' Boots

Between the pages of an official costume list from the Walking Dead set, Rick Grimes’ boots are identified as: Justin Style 2222, Bullhide, Chocolate.

These boots, much like Rick’s hat, are also no longer in production.

Where Can I get The Boots?

So basically you have two options at this point. Either spend a great deal of time and money to track down the exact boots (good luck), or find a suitable replacement. Personally I chose an alternative boot to keep more money in the budget for Rick’s guns!

These Justin Western Boots are incredibly similar to the boots worn by Rick Grimes.

Update: According to Johnny in the comments below, Tony Lama brand of boots are a subsidiary of Justin, and the closest match to rick's boots are the Tony Lama CT2032 western boots.

In conclusion, dressing to match the style of Officer Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead can be a fun and involved project. As always hopefully you have found this guide helpful and informative.

Please feel free to let us know what you think below.

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Paxton - September 29, 2015

hey i just want to tell you guys that i found a very close match to the jacket that rick grimes wears in season 2-3

    Matt - September 29, 2015

    Nice find – once again 🙂

Steffen - November 24, 2015

Time to Update it soon? ;D

    Matt - November 24, 2015

    Haha yeah, I figured we’d wait until the mid-season finale 🙂

Steffen - January 8, 2016

Hey, so i was about to order a shirt, then i saw that they DONT ship to EU. You dont know any anyone else who ships them or something like the shirts above? Tnx ;D

Steffen - February 7, 2016

This is known to be the most accurate replica of ricks jacket

Me my self i have this jacket and its pretty close Here is a picture of the jacket itself

    Matt - February 10, 2016

    Yeah, that is a great match. It’d be really cool if all of these replica clothing/costume makers would send us samples so we could go through them all and pick the absolute best 😀

      Steffen - February 11, 2016

      Going to order the First one soon, A friend of me has it and it pretty much the same jacket as in the show, only thing is the outside pockets look a bit diffrent and the collar stitching could be a bit better but its nice 🙂

Brandon - September 4, 2016
I found a replica of the King County shirt.

Steffen - September 12, 2016

Hey! would you guys please do Nick Clark from Fear The Walking Dead?:)

    Matt - September 13, 2016

    We are definitely planning on adding Fear the Walking Dead soon, and Nick will be one of the first ones 🙂

Steffen - September 18, 2016

Heyo! i just wonder if you guys know of anything like this shirt? 🙂

Matt - September 26, 2016

So for Rick Grimes, he definitely wears Levi’s brand jeans…but not the 517 boot cut. If you look very closely in series 2, the jeans fit rather slimming to his legs. Plus, at the bottom it doesn’t flare out, but tapers straight throughout the thighs and lower legs.

The tan western shirt is a CarHartt shirt. Still available if one digs deep. The jeans, I’d go with the Levi’s 511. It looks real accurate. I tried on a pair, an felt like the sheriff indeed

    Matt - September 29, 2016

    Thanks for the detailed info, Matt 🙂

    Steffen - September 29, 2016

    Hey matt! You should also look into the Levis 514. Some people say it is the one he uses. Think the 511 and 514 are both great options

Johnny - April 9, 2017

Still looking for Rick’s boots? Try out Tony Lama ct2032. They’re a subsidiary brand of Justin boots. I own the Justin 2222, 2252, 2253, and Tony CT2032. They are the closest match. The Tony Lama have an 11 inch shoulder and more of a roper style heel which I find much more comfortable when spending hours walking around conventions. Along with the price difference. They have the same chocolate color leather and black shoulder with an almost exact pattern. They are great for people who aren’t used to a traditional tall heel and shoulder.

    Matt - April 12, 2017

    Nice detailed info there, Johnny, thanks a lot 🙂

    Steffen - August 11, 2017

    Hey! just thought i would say that the denim shirt rick actually wears is the “Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Denim Western” but with the small pocket tag removed, you can even see the place where it was in the show. As of now i do not know of any retailers who have them. Here is a picture of the shirt

Brandon - August 7, 2017

I’m not sure what happened but my extensive comment with a few shirt links did get posted but I’ll add links to the 2 main jackets he had in the series so far

This is to replace the link to the one you have currently as the link is broken

This is his Season 2-3 Jacket

    Matt - August 9, 2017

    Hey Brandon, thanks for the great info and links. I’ll probably end up adding all of it to the list/images at the top 🙂

Brandon - September 7, 2017

Hey again I want to mention the fact that Rick’s pants may not be completely black jeans but instead a different color as it has a blue tint and it might be 514 instead.

    Matt - January 5, 2018

    Sorry I missed this comment, I’ll look into the jeans along with his shirt this weekend 🙂

Brandon - December 23, 2017

Hey it’s been awhile, I wanted to ask if you can update this to have the shirt he’s been wearing for Season 8. It’s his grey button up.

    Matt - January 5, 2018

    Sure thing, I’ll try to remember to get it done this weekend.

    Nicholas - January 7, 2018

    Hi, the gray shirt is a Levi’s barstow shirt. We have yet to ID the right color but we think it might be a blue one but dyed to be darker.

Johnny - April 8, 2018

Rick’s season 2-3 jacket is a levi’s trucker in tobacco field. They are kind of rare now so I decided to make my own. Levi’s has plenty of sales on the trucker jackets so bought the lightest tan, it’s just about the same shade. I spent about 45 USD on mine and wore it for almost a year to get the most natural weathered look. I removed the flap from the right side pocket and placed a rivet in the top corners where the flap was removed, I found fabric wholesaler and checked for the right shade of corduroy, just a few shades darker than the rest of the jacket and got enough to fill the front yoke like on Rick’s. (From the seam at the shoulders to above the chest pockets. It looks exactly like the one Andy Lincoln wore. All for about 110 USD. After the break-in period the rest took about a week. I suggest if you want the season 2-3 jacket don’t waste good money for a poor replica. You could even just get the light tan Levi trucker jacket and do away with all the extra stuff. I only made it screen accurate because im a tailor and had the equipment and experience. Next comes the brown suede Ugg Australia Bremont bomber jacket. But Rick wears that one just as it was when bought. Plus it’s discontinued and usually very expensive.

    Matt - April 8, 2018

    Nice info Johnny, thanks. Do you have any pictures of the jacket you made? Sounds like it looks pretty cool.

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