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How to Dress Like Michonne


Michonne is the badass, Katana-sword wearing character on The Walking Dead.  We were first introduced to her at the very end of season 2. At first, all we see is her wearing a hooded shawl (no face is shown), with two walkers on leashes (missing their jaws and arms) by her side. We see immediately how tough of a character she is going to be.

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Michonne's style overview:

  • Colorful (but dirty) headband
  • Katana
  • Vest & tanktops
  • Cargo pants
  • Combat boots

Michonne's Leather Vest

Michonne with Walkers

Throughout the majority of the show, we see Michonne wearing a leather vest over her shirts. This one was hard to find, I think it is custom made for her on the show.

So it depends on how much you want to spend, but I did find this replica vest.  It is obviously the more expensive route, but it is also the more genuine route, too.

For a more affordable look I did find this one.  I think this option is actually black, instead of brown, but it has the zipper like Michonne’s.

I found another option, that would definitely be the most affordable out of all three, this faux leather vest on Amazon.  But it also looks the least authentic.  

Whichever way you decide to go, the vest is a very essential piece for this character. If you have the vest, people will definitely know who you are.

Michonne's Pants

Michonne wears tight cargo pants that are usually a dark blue or an olive green color. Although tight, they should be somewhat comfortable and stretchy, since she is slaying zombies all day, after all.

These are pretty basic and can be found in most clothing stores and online. The ones I found were these Skinny Combat Cargo pants.  

These come in three different colors, which would all work for her look.


Michonne Purple Shirt

It looks like she wears tanks or camis, in a variety of colors. I think the color that comes to mind first is purple, but again, any color could work.

I found some ribbed tanks here, and some other ones here.  

I also think any basic cami that you find could work, too. Her shirts are mostly covered up by the vest, so it is not as important to the outfit, especially if you have a good vest.

Michonne's Boots

Her boots have to be durable and comfortable. She runs and walks constantly in these, so they need to last. Here is what I found, women's combat boots.  

They come in several different colors, but the black or brown would definitely work the best for this character. I call these combat boots, where they are looser up top. They actually tend to be pretty in style lately, so should be fairly easy to find and can be worn day-to-day.


Michonne has a few accessories that she wears regularly. She has her headband, which helps keep her hair out of her face.

The one she wears is actually quite colorful, with oranges and blues mostly. You could probably go with several options, but it was hard for me to find one that I thought was a good replica.

The one I found was at Hobby Lobby when I was there looking for something else. I got pretty excited when I saw this colorful headband.

I would definitely wear this with my regular outfits, but for an authentic look, you should definitely “dirty” it up a bit 🙂


She also wears a belt regularly, which would definitely help her carry things around, like any guns or other weapons she may find. The belt is black with metal holes and rivets.

This type of belt can be found in some clothing stores, but tends to not be very common, as I found out. I found this studded belt that looks really close.


She also wears leather, fingerless gloves. These seem pretty essential so she doesn’t get blisters from using the katana all day 🙂 Her gloves are brown, but I think black or brown would work just fine. I found a black pair here that would work great.

I also found these fingerless gloves, which have a better selection for a good price.  They also say they are genuine leather, which would be a bonus if you want to use them for actual driving.

The last pair I found were these WARMEN fingerless gloves, which also say they are genuine leather, for a good price. Mainly with the gloves, it probably depends on your own personal preference.


Last, but certainly not least, is Michonne’s Katana. There’s really no complete Michonne outfit or costume without this essential piece.


It is the ultimate part of her character and wardrobe that makes her so awesome. If you are looking for just a cheap one, mostly for a Halloween costume, I think this wood Katana would work great.  It says on the reviews it definitely looks cheap when taken out of the sheath, but like I said, for just a costume it would work just fine. 

Now, if you want the real deal, I found this replica Katana. Like it says in the title, it is the official replica of the one on the show. It is more expensive, but for something you could keep forever and display (and show off to all your friends), I think it is a very good price. And just think of how jealous everyone will be when they see that over your fireplace!

That’s it for Michonne today, folks. She has pretty basic clothes, but as we all know, is anything but when it comes to slaying zombies and just participating in badassery on a daily basis.

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