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How to Dress Like Maggie Greene

The Walking Dead Maggie Greene

First of all, #TeamGlaggy haha...

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Maggie has been a force since day one. She rode up like a badass and stole Lori away to go to a hurt Carl. She didn't care to ask who anyone else was because nothing else mattered in that moment.

Maggie has been about family since day one, and I applaud her strength with losing all of her blood family and still finding joy each day with her new extended family, even bringing new life into this post apocalyptic world.

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Maggie's style overview:

  • Long sleeve, button up work shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Skinny jeans
  • Lace-up boots

Team Glaggy

The Walking Dead Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee

She's found love when all hope is basically gone - that there are really a good number of good things or people left in the world. I love her dynamic with Glenn, and I feel like she's really grounded him.

He was reckless at the start of the series, just going out to scout without really having to worry about anyone but himself. You can see how Maggie has helped him grow as a character as well.

Maggie has grown and matured over the seasons herself. I've always felt like she hasn't been given enough credit for the things she's capable of. Only in Alexandria has she really been given responsibility, and I feel like it suits her well.

She's a leader even though she started life as a coddled farm girl. She knows what to do in difficult situations and she does what her heart tells her to.

Maggie is clearly loved and looked up to by those in the community and by the others in her group. I definitely feel like she really helps keep the group together and sane. Something about her is both endearing and scary. You know the ones she loves she loves fiercely, but when her line is crossed she will not back down until justice is met.

So how do you dress like Maggie Greene? Maggie seems to like comfort/utility as most people after the world ends would, and especially this season with her growing belly, she likes looser fitting clothes.

We are going to try to find some matches based on the most current season.. whether you want to cosplay or just think her look is as badass as she is.

Maggie Greene's Tops

Maggie seems to prefer tank tops alone or under looser fitting button ups or jackets. Although now she might need to keep on the lookout for some maternity tops. This Dickies long sleeve twill shirt is a pretty close match to the shirt Maggie wears in several episodes of season 6.

Maggie can also be seen in several episodes with a tank top under her jacket or shirt. This layering tank top by Splendid would be a great match. Its comfortable enough to wear everyday or if you want to cosplay, its a great addition to any collection.

You can also add this GUESS sleeveless henley tank to your Maggie wardrobe. It appears to be an exact match to a tank worn under a striped button down - which looks like a good match to this striped shirt.

Maggie seems to have, in the last few episodes anyway, been drawn to looser fitting shirts... maybe a How to Dress Like Walking Dead Maternity section next?

The Walking Dead Maggie Greene

Maggie's Bottoms & Shoes

Maggie likes tight pants...and with her body who wouldn't, right? Jeans and dark khakis seem to be her to go bottoms of choice. Levi's skinny jeans are a great match to the gray jeans she wears frequently.

This pair of dark skinny jeans would also be a great addition to any Maggie Greene wardrobe. Add a tight tank top and a loose open shirt on top and you're almost done!


Knee high military style flat boots are what Maggie appears to prefer. They're super stylish, but also extremely kick ass.

To me it seems like they are always lace up, which is a good thing. They are easier to keep on when you're running if they're laced tight! FRYE Women's Jenna Cap toe boots in black look like an exact match.

But if you're wanting something a little more wallet friendly, these Wild Diva boots are a close match too.

Add some red laces, and voila!

Ms. Green's Accessories

The Walking Dead Maggie Greene Jacket and Guns

Maggie is almost never seen without her trusty gun belt, and this leather braided western jeans belt would make a great stand in for the custom belt she's got.

You couldn't complete her look without this Bianchi thumb snap holster, and you'll definitely want this AGPTek quick release hip holster.

These aren't exact matches, but from what I've researched it seems like Maggie’s setup is custom, so this will give you a similar, but not exact look. Super bad ass if you ask me.

She also typically wears an actual woven grommet belt (I'm going to assume running for your life you don't want to keep hiking your pants up), and this canvas 2-hole grommet belt is a pretty close match.

Clearly adding a fake gun and knife will only add to this outfit, so I’d suggest this Daisy Powerline 340 BB gun, and this Cold Steel rubber knife.

If you want to dress like Maggie at Comic Con or just day to day, her style is easy to pull off and effortlessly comfortable. Tight pants and tight tanks with flowy tops and boots will allow you to step into Maggie’s persona perfectly. Have fun with it.

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Steffen - May 5, 2016

Heyo! Love it!! But you could add a option for her gun, Its an R8 revolver and i found a BB version for it ( ) It is a bit shorter but you get the idea 😀

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