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How to Dress Like Glenn Rhee

By John
Last updated: February 15, 2022
Glenn Rhee Clothing

Glenn Rhee is a former pizza delivery boy and prison-council member. He is the loveable Korean-American supply runner of the group and currently, all of Alexandria on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Glenn is one of very few characters left who has been around since the show’s first season aired.

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Through five seasons and counting, we have seen a great deal of Glenn’s style showcased. While his choice of style has changed over time, his fashion-sense has remained unaltered.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Glenn's style overview:

  • Baseball caps
  • Baseball jerseys/shirts
  • Levi's jeans
  • Boots or Adidas Sambas

Glenn Rhee's Hats

Glenn Rhee Fullbody Hat

If you are considering putting together a Glenn Rhee outfit then the first place to start is your head, because for much of his screen time early on Glenn was seldom without his signature baseball cap.

Glenn has a few different hats that he has favored and darn-near never took off for the first couple of seasons. His favorite style of hat is baseball caps and he he seems to usually have a two-toned one.

A couple of good examples of these would be his white cap with navy bill or his burgundy hat with yellow bill. Either would be a good choice, but my personal favorite is the white with navy bill ballcap.

Do They Sell Glenn's Hats?

As a matter of fact, they do. At least very similar ones. This plain baseball cap matches Glenn’s navy colored baseball cap perfectly.

Glenn Rhee's Coat

Glenn Rhee Carhartt Coat

Glenn isn’t seen wearing a coat too much throughout the series. Other than after the prison battle when the group splits up and scatters. While on his personal crusade to locate and rescue his beloved wife Maggie. That is when Glenn has to fend for himself alone in the wilderness.

Knowing well the dangers and harshness of the savageland that is nature, Glenn equipped correctly when he threw on one of the most reliable and resilient brands of coat available: Carhartt.

What Kind of Carhartt Does Glenn Wear?

Glenn’s jacket is a Carhartt Sandstone Ridge jacket, and you can buy it on Amazon. 

Glenn's Baseball Jersey

Glenn is either a huge fan of baseball or he raided a sporting goods store, because much of his early attire consists of baseball hats and shirts. One shirt that is particularly memorable for me is Glenn’s baseball jersey.

This can be a tricky item to track down, but I did manage to find the exact (navy, gray and red) jersey worn by Glenn.  I found it on Ebay, so they may or may not still be available.  I just searched for "champion t1394 baseball jersey" and found some pretty close (if not exact) matches.

Baseball Shirts

As I discussed earlier, Glenn’s wardrobe includes many baseball related articles of clothing. One of the more recognizable and stylish offerings is his baseball shirt with ¾ sleeves.

Glenn Rhee Baseball Jersey

His most popular baseball shirt has to be the one that is white with navy blue sleeves (seen during season 2). That’s just the image that pops in my mind when I think of his baseball shirts.

This white and navy baseball shirt is a perfect match to the ones worn by Glenn on The Walking Dead!


During the time that the group is within the confines of the prison, Glenn dons a flannel shirt from time to time. His flannel shirt is your basic red and black plaid pattern and he wears it unbuttoned over a dark undershirt.

This flannel shirt is almost identical to the flannel shirt worn by Glenn.

Glenn's Button-Collar T-Shirt

His button-collar shirt is a very unique item in my personal opinion. It has a simple, unspoken characteristic of class and civility in a world where those things no longer exist.

The shirt that Glenn wears is a t-shirt with a buttonable collar and it is a faded black or charcoal gray color.  This men's henley shirt I was able to find comes in the perfect color to match the shirt worn by Glenn, and it also has a similar button-collar!


Glenn is known to wear multiple different shades of t-shirt as an undershirt or just by itself. An example that comes to mind would be: his light blue t-shirt that he wears with his white and navy hat. Another good example is the deep brown shirt he wears under his baseball jersey.

This Russell Athletic t-shirt is available in many different color options to match the specific Glenn appearance you are imitating.

Glenn Rhee's Pants

Glenn Rhee Sitting Pants and Boots

When it comes to pants, Glenn has one preference: Levi’s. According to a trusted source, every single pair of pants worn by Glenn ever, has been Levi’s brand.

While Glenn has worn many different shades from dark blue denim, to black, green, gray and khaki, one constant remained. They were all Levi’s model 511 or model 513 straight cut jeans.

These Levi's 511 jeans are an exact match to the ones worn by Glenn, and so are these Levi's 513 jeans.  

Glenn's Footwear

If you are interested in putting together a detailed, accurate and realistic Glenn cosplay, then you cannot skimp on small details such as the footwear!  Especially because many of Glenn’s shoes and boots make and model have been identified, making it easier than ever to put together a Glenn Rhee costume.

Glenn’s boots have been identified as Frye Company Thurman boots in black. I have also seen other images that suggest he has them in brown as well.

Glenn favors two easily identifiable pairs of shoes in the series.  The first is his Onitsuka Tiger Rotation shoes by Asics (worn with his baseball jersey). Secondly, Glenn favors his classic black Adidas Sambas.

Mid-Season 6 Updates

Similar to Rick Grimes, while he has made a complete metamorphosis overall to his appearance since the first season, Glenn’s general look has stayed fairly consistent through the past few seasons.

He does however have a few noteworthy new additions to his wardrobe throughout the sixth season of The Walking Dead.

One of Glenn’s new articles of clothing that is probably burned into your memory is his brown flannel jacket-shirt. He is seen wearing this in and around Alexandria.

This brown flannel jacket is an excellent match to the one worn by Glenn.

Another new addition to Glenn’s wardrobe is his beige button down shirt.

I found a beige shirt that is similar, but it is worth mentioning that Glenn’s shirt only has one pocket. I still think it’s a close enough match - but click here to decide for yourself.

Glenn Rhee The Walking Dead

The final mentionable tweak to Glenn’s outerwear is the addition of dark gray t-shirts that he is seen wearing as an undershirt and on it’s own during season six of The Walking Dead.

These gray shirts by Hanes are nearly identical to those shirts.

In conclusion, I have discovered that Glenn is not only a very endearing and complex character on the show, but also one of the most fashion savvy surprisingly! As always keep your stations tuned to TVSG and comment below.

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Steffen - April 19, 2016

Heyo! can confirm that the jacket listed for glenn is NOT the one he uses in season 6, he does use that one in season 4? 🙂

    Matt - April 20, 2016

    Oh OK, do you know which jacket it is?
    And yeah, this article was originally written before season 6 aired, so the Carhartt would be from before then 🙂

      Steffen - April 22, 2016

      Im not quite sure, but im looking for it 🙂

Steffen - July 30, 2016

Anyone know what pants he used in season 5-6? looks like some cargo pants almost

    Matt - August 2, 2016

    I researched for a bit yesterday and couldn’t find any specific info on them. I’ll keep poking around though, and I’ll probably end up taking a few screen shots myself to compare 🙂

Brandon - August 24, 2016

Are you going to update this for his season 6 premiere/finale outfits?

    Matt - August 24, 2016

    I was thinking we’d wait until after season 7 starts, but we probably should update it before then. We did do a mid season 6 update, but I can think of a couple more items (at least one shirt and one pair of pants) that we could add.

    I’ll dig into it and update it soon.

      Brandon - November 19, 2016

      From the reputable source you linked for the jeans they said his Season 5 grey shirt is from Ralph Lauren and his cargo pants from Season 5 and I’m guessing 6 is from J Brand.

        Matt - November 21, 2016

        Nice catch. We definitely need to update this guide 🙂

          Nick - November 21, 2016

          When you do, the jacket from season 4 is the same from season 6. Its just dyed brown, and that might be why it looked different

          Matt - November 22, 2016

          Ah, nice catch, thanks 🙂

Joey - December 1, 2016

Hey so I’m trying to find the flannel that Glenn wears in the season 5 finale but I’m having a lot of trouble. Don’t see it here either so I’m wondering if anyone finds it will let me know. Thank you 🙂

Edward Morrow - July 31, 2017

Any confirmation on what these shoes/pants are? I’m going to be cosplaying this particular look, so I want to be as screen accurate as possible. The shirt is his Ralph Lauren polo.

I’m pretty sure these boots aren’t his Frye ones.

    Matt - August 1, 2017

    Yeah I think you’re right on the boots, they don’t look like the Fryes. They also look a bit short to be 8″ boots, but again its hard to tell. I think these look pretty close –
    Not an exact match of course. I don’t see any brand identifying marks on the picture you posted, so it’d be hard to know what the exact match is unless you own the boots yourself and can compare.

    As for the pants, they look like black cargo/military style pants. These look pretty close –

    Steffen - August 2, 2017

    Hey! just to fill in on some stuff. The boots are the Chippewa as in the article. The pants i have not been able to find yet. Though i have seen other cosplayers use “j Brand cargo pants” (here is a picture) I think This cosplayer is the one using them, here is a picture of him For his knife in that picture he carries the Schrade Knives Uncle Henry Pro Hunter, holster is the M3 holster as in the article.

      Matt - August 4, 2017

      Cool, thanks Steffen. Now that I look at the pics again, it does look like those are the Chippewas, they’re just more worn in and stained than the brand new ones (duh 🙂 )

        Edw - August 9, 2017

        Thanks guys! Now it’s just a matter of FINDING this stuff. I know his shirt is a Ralph Lauren polo ( and you’ve identified his shoes, which I can at least purchase! ), but everything else seems to be sold out. The Ralph Lauren polo I can only find in XL ( I’m a medium, but could settle for a L if I can find it. ) The pants are a PAIN, and I did actually find out that they are the J Brand Trooper Cargo pants in the Midnight ( Navy Blue ) color. I can’t seem to find them anywhere, but I’ll keep checking ebay and poshmark for ’em.

        Thanks again to you both.

Brandon - August 7, 2017

Hey can you confirm what shirt Glenn wore in 6.12 (Knot Untie)–twd-glenn-glenn-rhee.jpg here’s a picture for reference

Brandon - September 9, 2017 I managed to find a shirt similar to the one Glenn wears. The only blue Henley longsleeve I can find

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