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How to Dress Like Ezekiel

The Walking Dead King Ezekiel

“King Ezekiel” is the leader of a settlement of survivors known simply as “The Kingdom.” Much like the name implies, The Kingdom has all the makings of a medieval renaissance fair (including the axes and spears). This is likely due to their leader's penchant for theatrical performance.

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Ezekiel (which is his real name by the way), seldom speaks out of character. Although he doesn’t necessarily consider himself a leader, he has taken on the persona of royalty. Complete with throne and exotic pet, his tiger - Shiva.

Ezekiel has a unique style all his own that is at times both casual and tactical.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the fashion and style of King Ezekiel, or complete an accurate Ezekiel cosplay from The Walking Dead.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Jackets & Shirts

Pants, Belt, & Boots

Body Armor & Weapons


Ezekiel's style overview:

  • Dreadlocks
  • Trench coats
  • Tactical pants & combat boots
  • Body armor
  • Tiger! 

The Royal Dreads

The Walking Dead Ezekiel

Arguably one of the most noticeable things about Ezekiel are his glorious, silver dreadlocks. One of the most unique and difficult to maintain hairstyles of all time, dreadlocks convey a message of determination if nothing else.

Assuming you weren’t blessed with the correct consistency or type of hair, you likely may not have the time, ability, or even desire to grow your own.

Fear not dear readers, because we here at TV Style Guide have taken the time to procure information regarding an acceptable alternative to maintaining dreads of your own.

This black dreadlocks wig are very similar to the hair of Ezekiel and would be made to be even more so with quick spritz of some gray temporary hair spray. (For that signature salt and pepper look.)

As I mentioned previously, this gray hair spray creates a favorable shade to match the hair of King Ezekiel.

Rounding out the hair department, we have this brown quill that is a perfect match to the one Ezekiel has braided into his hair.

The King's Royal Jacket Selection

The Walking Dead King Ezekiel

Ezekiel is seldom seen without a jacket in his early appearances on TWD. Two jackets in particular that he favors seem to be his brown fur lined jacket and his gray, button-up, knee length topcoat.

Similar to many of his fashion choices, his jackets seem to determined by what he will be doing and where he plans to be. For example, he is most often seen wearing his fur-lined brown jacket while keeping court in his throne room with his loyal pet tiger, Shiva.

Here is a fur lined jacket in brown color that is quite similar to the jacket worn by the leader of The Kingdom.

This charcoal topcoat is another great match to the jackets worn by Ezekiel on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Ezekiel's Signature Shirts

Ezekiel is known for his questionable attire when it comes to his shirts. Likely the most recognizable shirt he is known for is his short sleeve, button-down, star pattern shirt. While many could argue that it is hideous and in poor taste, it’s basically his signature uniform.

This star pattern shirt I found is a perfect match to the shirt of Ezekiel. Likely because it is modeled after his comic appearance, it is worth mentioning that the one he is seen wearing on the show is much more aged and faded.  Here is a link to purchase this item if you’re just dying to get one for yourself, or maybe as a hilarious gag gift for that Walking Dead fan in your life.

Although it is not his signature look, Ezekiel has been noted to wear a black t-shirt under the chest protector that he wears outside the walls of The Kingdom.  Here's a good black t-shirt on Amazon.

The Pants & Boots of King Ezekiel

The Walking Dead King Ezekiel

Ezekiel has been noted to wear at least two different pairs of pants on TWD. Both appear to be tactical in design with no obvious pockets or other decorative or functional features.

While The King may prefer to lounge around on his throne while wearing his stone colored tactical leg wear, he switches to a set of olive drab green whenever he leaves the sanctuary of The Kingdom.

These stone colored tactical pants are nearly identical to the khaki pants worn by Ezekiel.

Here is another set of tactical pants that are an excellent match to the green pants worn by Ezekiel.

Kicking It Like the King

Ezekiel has been noted to wear black leather, lace-up combat boots during his appearance on AMC’s hit drama The Walking Dead.

It may seem unusual for “royalty” to wear the footwear of the working man, but as you have likely surmised by now, Ezekiel is no ordinary king.

These combat boots in black leather are an excellent match to the boots worn by Ezekiel. They are genuine U.S. Military issue and feature vulcanized rubber soles.

Ezekiel's Weapons & Accessories Stockpile

The Walking Dead King Ezekiel

King Ezekiel is noted to wield a multitude of different accessories ranging from jewelry and protective padding to his signature weapon: a traditional “Shikomizue”, or sword-cane.

Ahead you will find a list of the accessories required to complete an accurate Ezekiel costume.

This beaded tribal necklace is nearly identical to the necklace worn by Ezekiel.

These tactical knee pads by Valken are a great match to the ones worn by Ezekiel when he and his men deliver the Kingdom's offering to Negan’s Saviors.

Here is a simple brown belt by Timberland that is incredibly similar to the belt worn by King Ezekiel.

These fingerless, hard knuckle gloves in black are a perfect match to the protective hand gear of the leader of The Kingdom.

This hard chest armor is quite similar to the chest protector worn by Ezekiel whenever he ventures outside the safety of the Kingdom.

Here are some kneepads by Valken that are quite similar if not a perfect match to the ones used by Ezekiel on TWD.

This shikomizue (sword-cane) is designed to be a replica of the weapon from the popular video game series “Assassin's Creed.” It’s also quite similar to the one wielded by Ezekiel. As well as being much more affordable than an authentic shikomizue.

Here is a holster that’s nearly the same in appearance as the one worn by Ezekiel. Click here to take a closer look at this particular item.

This airsoft gun by Smith & Wesson is modeled to resemble the Smith and Wesson M&P, which is the very same pistol holstered on Ezekiel’s side whenever he must meet with the Saviors to deliver supplies.

In the event you find yourself unable to acquire a live tiger, fear not. This plush tiger is very life-like and would make a great replacement for Ezekiel’s loyal pet Shiva.

This plastic chain is a perfect match to the real thing and an excellent choice to restrain your plush Shiva.

In my opinion, Ezekiel is a very interesting character. Before his introduction to the series it was difficult to imagine just how they might translate the character from the pages of the comic to the screen of your television.

His positive demeanor and dramatic behavior is a nice contrast to the gloom and doom of the walker-infested, post-apocalyptic nightmare that has become ordinary for Rick and the group.

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