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How to Dress Like Dwight

Dwight The Walking Dead

Dwight, also known simply as “D,” is a high ranking member of the Saviors and basically Negan’s second in command. Dwight is first introduced as he and his wife Sherry are fleeing the Saviors and stumble into Daryl.

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After some time getting to know the two, Daryl makes the decision to invite them back to Alexandria, to which they agree. At the last moment however, Dwight holds Daryl at gunpoint, apologizes, steals Daryl’s crossbow, and Dwight and Sherry ride away on Daryl’s bike.

When they return to an infuriated Negan, Sherry offers herself to Negan in exchange for Dwight’s life. To which Negan agrees but Dwight is punished by burning his face with a hot iron.

Should you wish to create a screen accurate Dwight cosplay, please continue ahead for our guide.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Vests & Shirts

Jeans & Boots

Crossbow, Guns, & Holster

Dwight's style overview:

  • Vests
  • Flannel & plaid shirts
  • Jeans & combat boots
  • Guns, knives, & Darryl's crossbow

Where Can I Get Dwight's Vests?

Dwight Vest The Walking Dead

Dwight has been noted to wear at least two separate vests in his appearances on The Walking Dead. He is first seen wearing a simple black denim vest. Later after Daryl is taken captive by the Saviors, Dwight swipes his vest as he already had taken Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle.

Here is a replica vest that is a perfect match to the winged vest worn by Daryl Dixon and Dwight. Here is a link to this item on Amazon, should you be interested in purchasing.

This denim vest in black is also a great match to the vest worn by Dwight before he hijacks Daryl’s signature vest. Click here to take a closer look.

D's Shirts & Where to Get Them

Dwight’s style is fairly basic in nature and mostly consists of his vests, jeans, one of several different plaid or checker patterned button down shirts, both long and short sleeve. He has these shirts in many colors such as: beige, red and blue just to name a few.

This beige plaid shirt by Wrangler is an excellent match to the shirt worn by Dwight during his introduction in season six of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Click here for more information regarding this product.

Here is a red checker patterned shirt that is quite similar to the shirt worn by Dwight.

This blue plaid shirt by Gioberti is nearly identical to the shirt Dwight Wears on The Walking Dead. Click here for more in-depth specifications.

Here is a white tank-top by Russell Athletic that is a fine match to the white undershirts that Dwight has been noted to wear.

The Legwear & Footwear of Dwight

Dwight pants boots The Walking Dead

Dwight’s pants are very basic - as I stated earlier. He is known to simply wear blue jeans, a couple different styles in fact. One that appears to be the average style you might expect from Levi’s and the other with noticeable button back pockets.

These button pocket blue jeans are a very close match to the ones worn by Dwight. Click here to get a pair for yourself or someone that you care about.

Here is a set of blue jeans by Levi’s (style 501) that are an excellent match to the ones worn by Dwight. Who by the way is known for cuffing his jeans at the bottom.

Stomping Around in Dwight's Boots

Dwight’s boots are pretty simple and similar to many of his counterparts. He has been noted to wear black, lace up combat style boots.

Thanks to Johnny in the comments below, we know that Dwight wears black Timberland work boots.  After comparing some close up screenshots, these Timberland boots in "black nubuck" look like an exact match to me.

Dwight's Weapons & Accessories

Dwight Pistol The Walking Dead

Dwight has been noted to carry several different weapons in his time serving as one of The Saviors. He has been noted to make use of the following:

  • SIG-Sauer P226 pistol
  • Colt M16A4 assault rifle
  • Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun
  • Daryl Dixon's signature crossbow

Here is a commando belt holster by UTG that is similar to the one Dwight uses to house his pistol. Click here to take a closer look.

This Daisy Powerline airsoft pistol is very similar to the SIG-Sauer P226 pistol that Dwight is known to carry.

Here is an assault rifle airsoft by Crosman that is quite similar to the Colt M16A4 assault rifle that Dwight is noted to carry at times.

This shotgun airsoft is similar in design to the Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun that Dwight is known to make use of on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Finally we have this Bowtech Stryker Solution Crossbow A12404 that is most notably carried by Daryl Dixon, but later stolen by “D.”

At first glance you might assume that Dwight basically carries all of the same equipment as Daryl Dixon, which he does.

He also has some weapons and clothing however that are all his own. Hopefully by this point you’ll have everything you’d need to assemble your own Dwight costume. If you think there’s something that we might have missed, please let us know.

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Johnny - April 8, 2017

Dwight is seen wearing plain ol’ high top (maybe 7 – 9 inch) solid black Timberland’s. You can clearly see the tree logo in a close-up in season 8 when he is stepping through his old home looking for Sherri.
Hope this helps and happy hunting!

    Matt - April 8, 2017

    Awesome, thanks for the info, Johnny 🙂

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