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How to Dress Like Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon is the tough-talking: hunter, outdoorsman, and resident bad-ass of the group. Daryl’s rough exterior (much like the clothing he wears) is just the first layer of many. Because behind the veil of indifference lies a caring, compassionate, gentle person with undying loyalty to the group.

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Daryl Dixon exemplifies a style all his own that is fairly basic in appearance, but obviously focuses more on functionality than aesthetics.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Jacket, Poncho & Vest




Daryl's style overview:

  • Poncho
  • Vest
  • Jacket
  • Work boots

Daryl Dixon's Poncho

Daryl Dixon Poncho

Daryl’s poncho is probably the most surprising article you will find in his clothing arsenal. It’s a stylish and versatile piece that serves a specific purpose as well as creates a unique look.

Much like many of the items I will be describing, his poncho was a custom-made piece fabricated specifically for The Walking Dead. The one worn by Daryl on set is actually made from an old repurposed saddle blanket.

Do They Sell Daryl's Poncho?

Unfortunately they do not offer an official reproduction of his poncho. Lucky for you if you still need it to complete your Daryl Dixon costume, there are still a couple of options.

Here’s an affordable costume type poncho similar to the one worn by Daryl.

If you want a more authentic look, you can put together your own custom poncho using a saddle blanket like this one on Amazon.

Daryl's Vest

Daryl Dixon Vest

Daryl’s leather “angel wings” vest is probably one of the more recognizable articles of clothing to date on the show.

It’s been around just about as long as Daryl has, and hopefully it won’t be going away anytime soon.

His signature vest is made of black leather and features a pair of feathery angel wings stitched onto the back.

Where to Buy The Vest

The leather vest is another custom piece and therefore not obtainable at your local clothing merchant most likely. Don’t worry though, there are still options for those of us dedicated enough to complete an accurate Daryl Dixon outfit.

A very talented super-fan of The Walking Dead has these custom Daryl vests for sale.

If you would rather try your hand at customizing your own vest, this leather vest would make a great base!

Daryl Dixon's Jacket

Regarding the earlier part of the series, he doesn’t wear a jacket predominantly, until that point he mostly goes with no outerwear or just his trusty vest. As the story progresses to about "the prison era” he is seen wearing his jacket more frequently.

Daryl Dixon’s jacket appears to be faded blue or gray denim with leather sleeves. Typically he is seen also wearing his “angel wings” leather vest over this jacket.

Where Can I Buy His Jacket?

As I mentioned earlier, much of the attire that makes up Daryl’s wardrobe was custom-made and therefore an exact match would be near impossible to find. Recently I took a look around researching for myself and I did find one very similar jacket.

This denim jacket on Amazon is almost completely the same as the jacket worn by Norman Reedus while portraying the tough-talking bad-ass.


Daryl Dixon Sitting in a Truck

Besides having the most colorful language on the show, Daryl also has arguably the most colorful options when it comes to his shirts. Having worn black, charcoal, navy, olive, tan and plaid, just to name a few.

What Kind of Shirts Does Daryl Wear?

He is known to wear a vast array of different types of shirts, mostly they are all button down, and they typically have either long sleeves or cut-off sleeves.

This sleeveless biker shirt is a perfect match to many of the shirts he wears, and the sleeves have already been removed. 

This brown plaid Carhartt shirt is very similar to the one worn by Daryl Dixon.

*You will need to remove the sleeves yourself for complete accuracy.

This Dickies shirt is available in many different color options to match whatever shade of Daryl you are trying to replicate.

This thermal shirt is nearly identical to Daryl's, but just like with the Carhartt above, you'll have to remove the sleeves for screen accuracy.

Daryl Dixon's Pants

Daryl Dixon Full Body

His pants are basically pretty straight forward. He favors work pants and jeans mostly. He has showcased a few different colors, but the color range of his pants pales in comparison to that of his shirts.

Still he has been known to wear black, brown, charcoal, and blue pants and that’s not all, his wardrobe increases with every episode!

How to Get His Pants

Daryl’s pants are probably the most painless item to procure for an accurate and complete cosplay. They are widely available and easy to obtain!

These Dickies work pants come in a variety of colors to match whichever specific version of Daryl you’re going for.

These Wrangler jeans match his to a T and they’re also available in many different color options.

Daryl Dixon's Boots

The boots worn by Norman Reedus on the set of The Walking Dead are rumored to be Reedus’ own personal pair of Red Wing Heritage boots.

While I haven’t been able to track down a reliable source to confirm this, they do seem to be a close match by comparison.

Where Can I Buy the Boots?

These Red Wing Heritage boots are a perfect match to Daryl's.  The only downside is that Red Wings can be a bit pricey, so looking on Ebay is always a good choice if you're determined to own the same Red Wings he does.  

If you're looking for an alternative, these Red Wing Irish Setter boots look pretty close to Daryl's as well, and are a lot cheaper.

In conclusion, I found dressing like Daryl Dixon to be a great experience. His style drives the ladies wild and that’s not a bad thing.  Interested in Daryl's weapons and other accessories?  Check out my article on his accessories here.

As always, stay tuned to TVSG for even more in-depth information on dressing like your favorite television characters.

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Rick Grimes - June 1, 2015

The boots Daryl wears in the series are actually Red Wing 877s, though they look as though they may have been re-soled in the latter part of 5b. They go too high in the ankle to be the Heritage.

Also, the vest he wears is a modified version of Wilson’s Leather’s Street Legal leather laced up vest. The wings are the only custom part.

Crane - September 10, 2015

Daryl wears the red wing 8″ 877. Not the 6″ 1907 that you have in the picture or the boots you have the link to. A better alternative choice would be the Irish setter boots made by red wing. They are the cheaper import version but have the same style.

    Matt - September 10, 2015

    Thanks guys for correcting this, and you’re right Crane, those Irish Setters are great alternatives.

    I went ahead and updated the links above.

David - December 16, 2015

What are the boots he is wearing in end half of season 5 and season 6, as they have changed from the ones he started off with prior to then??

    Matt - December 16, 2015

    David, do you have a screenshot of the boots you’re talking about? From what I’ve seen it looks like he’s still wearing the same (Red Wing) boots.

Steffen - April 3, 2016

Heyo! I need a jacket! Like the one Daryl uses while on his bike in the start of season 6, You guys got any tips?

Jodon Welch - November 2, 2016

Well, you have the, “How to look like, Daryl Dixon” almost perfect. Mabey now you could do a “How to act like, Daryl Dixon” I know how to look like but If you could tell me how to act just like him, that would be amazing, and mabey how to get his style of hair. I know he pretty much grew it out, but there are some things done to it. Thanks!

    steffen - November 4, 2016

    Hey! i agree with the hair part but the acting would be really hard. Just watch the show and you will get it right! If you are looking for a video on daryl’s hair this one is good 🙂

Ray - April 4, 2017

Please do season 7 daryl dixon look…

    Matt - April 5, 2017

    Sure thing, I’ll talk to John about it today 🙂

Johnny - April 9, 2018

From the end of season 5- season 6 Daryl did not change his boots. They are the same pair but with new soles. Red Wing offers a few different types to replace old worn treads. They also replace the laces and clean/ shine them like new. It looks like Reedus decided to switch up the white vibram soles for black, which was an excellent choice for the areas and props he’ll be around.

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