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How to Dress Like Carol Peletier

Carol Peletier The Walking Dead

Carol Peletier has always been a personal favorite of mine. She started from a humble, scared and vulnerable mother trying to keep her physical and mental abuse a secret from the rest of the group. She was a strong character from day one for many many reasons.

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Carol’s strength has grown and morphed from a momma tiger staying strong despite her abusive husband, to the hard as stone justified killer we see in the current season.

She has proven time and time again she will do whatever it takes to save herself and those she cares most about.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Cardigan, Jacket & Shirt

Pants & Boots

Weapons & Bandana

Carol's style overview:

  • Cardigans
  • Khakis/cargo pants
  • Guns & knives
Carol Peletier The Walking Dead

Over the seasons Carol has become a fan favorite not due to her soft motherly features, but her extreme strength and durability. She has made some questionable decisions but they've always been for the betterment of the group as a whole.

She never acts on a whim and always thinks through what she does.. but she never balks once her decision is made, and that to me is so epic.

There is so much more going on with Carol, both outside and inside, that we are seeing develop over the seasons. We see throughout the seasons her strength grow and morph into something truly spectacular.

How exactly do you dress like Carol? She's such a complex character with many different faces, so let's see what we can find for the most recent season.

The Cardigans

Carol has gone through such a transformation, but in just the last two seasons her wardrobe has stayed pretty much the same. She's cleaned up her act since being welcomed into Alexandria.

I don't think you can really pull off the current Carol look without a cardigan.  This flower print cardigan is a pretty close match to season 6 episode 2’s outfit. The bold flower print really hides the blood splatter.  This other flower cardigan is also a really good match to Carol's.

I personally love Carol’s new look and have a few cardigans myself. I like how comfortable they are in Fall and Spring when it’s warm during the days but cool in the evenings. They really help to repel walkers too!

Carol Peletier The Walking Dead

The Undershirts

Carol always seems to be wearing button down shirts under her cardigans to pull off the homely and unthreatening vibe. They also add to the “I'm such a nice lady I don't know how to blow your head off” vibe she is going for.

The undershirts are as much a part of Carol’s new look as the cardigans, and without them could cost her in her goal to appear conservative.

Carol seems to favor print shirts under her cardigans. Sometimes they're stripes, sometimes they are flowered, but usually not a solid color.  This IZOD blue striped shirt is a pretty close match. If you really want to dress like Carol and make sure you sell the look, these are wonderful finds.

Pants & Shoes

No mom jeans for this gal. Carol likes to wear colored khaki pants to pull together her look. Khakis are lightweight and functional for holding knives and guns and whatnot right?

These stretch cotton twill pants scream “I won't hurt you I promise” and provide Carol a good base for her undercover operations.

Carol Peletier The Walking Dead

I would say if you want to pull off your Carol look perfectly to go for grey or tan khaki pants.


What girl doesn't love shoes? Carol can be seen wearing practical yet amazingly stylish boots throughout out many of the seasons.

These Phina knee high boots are an almost identical match (if not an actual match) to boots she's worn in seasons past and are adorable for any day!

If she's not wearing boots over her pants, she can be seen wearing boots under them and these Madden Girl Women's Elsie motorcycle boots in cognac look close to what she killed the wolves in.. stylish and deadly.

These ECCO Women's Abelone Cross Buckle boots are an actual match if you're looking for the same boots that Carol wears on The Walking Dead.

Carol's Wolf Disguise

To pull off the Carol “wolf” look, all you'll need is a Military Anorak jacket in navy with a bandana in grey over your navy blue Ralph Lauren khakis and your ECCO Women's Abelone boots. Add in this long sleeve sweater and the look is almost complete.

To complete the Carol-wolf-in-sheep's-clothing-look, you will definitely need a knife like this triple-edged shark knife with knuckle grips, and you'll want to invest in an airsoft pistol like this one to tie everything together.

Don’t forget the W! You'll want to invest in some fake blood to make a "W" on your forehead.

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