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How to Dress Like Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes The Walking Dead

Carl is the son of Rick and Lori and brother to Judith Grimes. He is a courageous ally and expert marksman like his father. Also like his father, Carl has a great capacity for good and will always lend a helping hand to someone in need.

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Carl’s style is pretty casual with a focus on functionality. His wardrobe mainly consists of his dad’s signature King County sheriff’s hat, his vest and jackets, plaid shirts, t-shirts and jeans.

Henceforth you will find a guide to help you match the style and fashion of Carl Grimes. Whether for the purpose of completing an accurate Carl Grimes costume or just to add some of Carl’s style to your own.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Hat & Outerwear


Pants & Footwear

Carl's style overview:

  • King County Sheriff's hat
  • Vest & denim jacket
  • Levi's jeans
  • Boots & Converse sneakers

Carl's Hat & Outerwear

Carl wears a brown King County sheriff's hat with gold campaign cord. It was given to him by his father after Carl is accidentally shot by Otis. Carl’s hat has been identified as the Stetson Roper Chocolate.

Carl Grimes The Walking Dead

It is worth noting that Carl’s hat is missing the Gold King County Sheriff’s badge.

This brown cowboy hat with cavalry cord is nearly identical to the hat given to Carl by his dad in season two of The Walking Dead.

Carl's Various Vests & Jackets

Arguably the most important part of survival in the brutal walker filled wilderness is being ready for anything. Carl has proven time and again that he is able to adapt and keep his cool under pressure (even better than some of his older more mature fellow survivors).

Being ready for anything is more than just a mental challenge, but a physical one too. That is why Carl never comes equipped with more than he needs.

He often times dresses in layers, which is an intelligent decision for a couple different reasons. First of all the extra layers provide warmth and comfort when the group must travel, and secondly that extra layer of fabric just might be the difference between life and death should he ever find himself compromised.

Carl’s vest is quite possibly his most recognizable item of clothing. (I know it’s my personal favorite.) His vest is beige in color with multiple pockets for storage. He has also been noted to own a fur lined denim jacket and a navy colored zip-up hoodie.

This H2H beige utility vest is nearly identical to the vest worn by Carl Grimes.

This Wrangler denim jacket with fur lined collar is an excellent match to the style of Carl.

Here’s a Hanes zip-up hoodie in navy blue that is nearly identical to the one Carl is seen wearing on The Walking Dead.

Carl's Sharpshooting Shirts

Carl Grimes The Walking Dead

Carl has been noted to wear several different shirts throughout the run of the series. He seems to prefer solid or plaid patterned button-up shirts, three quarter sleeve baseball shirts and of course his famous atomic paw shirt.

Carl’s shirt collection is probably the most casual group of items in all of his wardrobe.  Although he had to mature at a very young age, he still wears the types of shirts you might expect a young man to wear.

This denim Wrangler shirt in chambray color is a great match to Carl's shirts.

This plaid shirt by Gioberti in blue and gold color is nearly identical the shirt worn by Carl on TWD.

Here is a three quarter sleeve baseball shirt by Champion that is an exact match to the one worn by Carl.

Finally we have this atomic paw t-shirt that is nearly identical to the shirt worn by Carl, but it is worth noting that it isn’t quite an exact match because this specific version is missing the red rings around the collar and sleeves.

Carl Grimes' Paramount Pants

Carl’s pants are simple in nature and pretty straightforward overall. Carl most often is spotted in straight-leg, slim fit, denim jeans.

Considering that he has been a regular cast member since the beginning of the show’s run, Carl has displayed quite a few different looks as far as his style goes.

Let’s take a gander at some of his favorite legwear.

These Levi's 511 jeans may come in the color of green splash, but don’t worry they’re a perfect match to the ones worn by Carl.

Carl Grimes The Walking Dead

Carl's Fantastic Footwear

The transformation of Carl’s character from a naive little boy into a battle hardened soldier is probably best expressed through his shoes.

As a kid on the Greene family farm, Carl is known to have worn black low-top converse all star sneakers. Carl has suffered through more than a few traumatic events in his life (including being the one to have to blast his own mother in the head so that she wouldn't turn after she died giving birth to Judith).

This is very apparent both in his demeanor and also his clothing - specifically his sneakers - which he replaces with brown boots (more for survival than anything else I would imagine).

These black Converse shoes are an exact match to the ones worn by Carl in season two of The Walking Dead.

Here we have a set of brown steel toe Timberland boots that are a perfect match to the more mature style of young adult Carl.

In conclusion I have found that Carl’s wardrobe is slightly more complex than you might think at first glance, but it’s still surprisingly easy to put together a screen accurate Carl Grimes cosplay if that is your motivation.

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