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How to Accessorize Like The Governor

The Governor Firing a Gun

The Governor is an evil mastermind with a taste for vengeance and a sharpshooting cyclops on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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For more than an entire season of the show, The Governor stalked and terrorized Rick and the rest of the group at the prison, ultimately forcing them back out into the wild. The Governor is as dangerous as he is charming, due in part to the weapons and accessories that he carries to survive.

Weapons & Accessories Purchasing Guide

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Eye Patch & Watch

The Governor's accessories overview:

  • Eye protection
  • Pistol & knife
  • Michonne's katana

The Governor's Eye Protection

If you are intending on assembling an accurate Governor costume, then you have a few different options to choose from when it comes to eye protection.

The Governor with Eye Patch Holding Beretta

As you already know (or at least I’m assuming you do considering you’re putting together The Governor cosplay), he has a pretty wicked gash to his right eye courtesy of Michonne.

There are basically three options to consider when it comes to the Governor’s eyewear, and they are:

  • No eye wound
  • Bandages
  • Patch

These gauze bandages are a perfect match to the ones worn by The Governor.  This eye patch is also a great match.  This custom handmade eyepatch was inspired by the Governor’s signature eyepatch!

Phillip's Wristwatch

The Governor’s wristwatch is a tasteful elegant timepiece. He wears it on his left wrist. Which is good considering his left eye is his good eye.

The Governor’s watch has been identified as a Timex men’s expedition field watch. It has brown leather straps and a white face with number hour markers.


The Governor’s first belt (as you may have guessed), is used to hold his pants up. It is dark leather with a smooth texture. It’s pretty basic and simple in design.

The Governor Leaning Against a Truck

The Governor’s secondary belt, his gun belt, is also smooth textured black leather. It has been identified as an old repurposed police officer’s duty belt. It has a double notch buckle and it’s where the Governor holsters his Beretta.

This black leather Carhartt belt is nearly identical to the belt worn by The Governor on The Walking Dead.  This Aker police officer duty belt is an exact match to the belt that The Governor stores his holster and knife on.


The Governor’s holster, like his gun belt, is also black leather with a smooth texture and has been identified as a repurposed police duty holster.  The holster he carries is right handed but he wears it on his left side because he is a cross-draw.

The holster employed by the Governor has a thumbsnap and it is where he stores his Beretta as I may have already mentioned.

This Bianchi 19L thumbsnap holster for a Beretta is an identical model but the color is isn’t a match.  This thumbsnap Beretta holster is nearly identical to the one used by The Governor on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Governor's Knife

The Governor’s knife has been identified as the KA-BAR 1221. It is a serrated, hard-sheath, next-generation fighting knife. He stores it on the right side of his gun belt.  On AMC’s The Walking Dead, The Governor uses his knife infrequently, but he always keeps it sheathed at his side.

This KA-BAR knife is an exact match to the one used by The Governor.


The Governor Holding a Rifle

Considering just how many deaths that The Governor is responsible for, it is very surprising to find out that he only really uses two firearms: his trusty sidearm pistol and a high powered rifle.

The Governor’s pistol has been identified as a Beretta 92SB with a nickel finish.

The Governor’s semi-automatic rifle has been identified as the Steyr AUG A1 (note this is the weapon he fired at the Woodbury citizens who fled the prison).

This Beretta airsoft is a perfect match to the Governor’s Beretta.  This Steyr AUG training model is very a close match to the rifle the Governor uses.

Michonne's Katana

The Governor Holding Michonne Katana

Finally we have one of the most memorable weapons wielded by the Governor of Woodbury: Michonne’s katana.

The Governor acquired Michonne’s katana when he took both Michonne and Hershel hostage outside the prison.  Shortly after he uses it to decapitate our dear resident farmer and veterinarian- Hershel.

This katana is screen-accurate, officially licensed and it is an exact match to the sword used to murder Hershel.

That is going to wrap-up another exciting installment in our The Walking Dead guides here on TVSG. If learning to match The Governor’s style has taught me anything, it’s that I didn’t know being bad could feel so good.

Anyhow, let us know what you think in the comments and check back often for new content!

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