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How to Accessorize Like Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones The Walking Dead

Morgan Jones is a survivor and ally of Rick Grimes.

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Rick and Morgan develop a mutual respect during their intermittent encounters and basically always part ways as friends.

It isn’t until season five’s finale that the two are reunited yet again (on a more permanent basis hopefully).

Here you will find a guide to help you accessorize and arm yourself like Morgan Jones.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Bo Staff, Holster, Guns & Machete

Mask, Gloves & Riot Gear

Bags, Map & Walkie Talkie

Morgan's accessories overview:

  • Riot gear & face mask
  • Bo staff
  • Walkie talkie

The Headgear of Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones The Walking Dead

At the end of season four, when the mysterious figure who has been one step behind Rick and the group is revealed to be Morgan, he is disguised and or equipped with a couple different pieces of headgear.

The first which he is wearing is a black, neoprene face mask with built in goggles and a nose slit.

The other piece of headgear Morgan is seen carrying in a bungee net on his backpack. It is a riot shield bulletproof helmet. Not unlike the one Glenn acquired from the prison guard walkers.

This black neoprene face mask is an exact match to the one worn by Morgan near the end of season four.

This riot face shield is quite similar to the one seen on the backpack of Morgan Jones in the season five finale.

Morgan's Backpack & Shoulder Bag

Like nearly all survivors, Morgan usually carries some type of shoulder bag or backpack presumably containing essential survival equipment.

Morgan’s shoulder bag is khaki in color with a brown shoulder strap. He is seen carrying it during season six of The Walking Dead.

His backpack is black and gray and equipped with just about anything you could think of for survival. He keeps a riot face shield stored on the face of his backpack using a black bungee cord net.

This khaki shoulder bag is an excellent match to the one Morgan uses, after his arrival at Alexandria.

This black bungee cord net is nearly identical to the one securing Morgan’s riot shield to his backpack.

This black and gray backpack is surprisingly similar to the one used by Morgan Jones.

Morgan Jones' Protective Equipment

Since seeing Morgan in season three he has upgraded his own personal security considerably.

Realizing the dangers of even the slightest injury, Morgan now comes prepared for any situation with his fingerless tactical gloves and combination shin guard/knee pads.

These black fingerless gloves are nearly an exact match to the ones worn by Morgan.

These combination shin guard/knee pads are an excellent match to the style of shin guards worn by Morgan.

Morgan's Miscellaneous Items

Morgan Jones The Walking Dead

Morgan is also known to carry a few other miscellaneous items.

First would be the 2-way radio given to him by Rick Grimes so that they could stay in contact after they separated in season one.

The other important item Morgan is known to carry is the map dropped by the group that had a familiar name written on it.

This set of 2-way radios are great to match the walkie talkie given to Morgan by Rick.

This map of the United States may not have a personalized message on it from Abraham Ford, but it’s still a good match to the map found by Morgan.

Morgan's Melee Weapons & Tools of Survival

Morgan has the ability to be as deadly as any walker, but he has adopted a zen like mantra while out on the road alone and refuses to kill even those who pose a fatal threat.

That doesn’t mean he won’t use his wooden staff to smack the living crap out of anyone or anything that approaches him with ill intent.

Morgan has used a multitude of different weapons throughout the series including: shovels, pistols, rifles, his trusty bo staff. Also during season three he was in possession of a cache of weapons that he stockpiled including: assault rifles, grenades and a crossbow that Michonne took for Daryl.

This wooden staff is nearly identical to the one Morgan uses for kicking undead ass.

Morgan’s machete is more of a tool than a weapon, but in Morgan’s hands it’s as deadly as a heart attack. This machete is a great match to the one Morgan keeps on his back pack.

Morgan's Pistols & Rifles

Morgan Jones The Walking Dead

Beginning with the Taurus model 85 he wields in the episode Days Gone Bye, Morgan uses many different firearms throughout the series.

The most significant of which probably has to be the Remington 700 BDL he uses with the intent of putting his walker-wife to rest, but it is later revealed that he could not summon the courage to shoot his own wife, walker or no.

He is also known to carry a Sig Sauer and a Colt Law Enforcement model 6920 carbine.

Here is a black airsoft sniper rifle that is a great match to Morgan’s Remington, but this is a much safer alternative.

This black leather holster is quite similar to the one used by Morgan for storing his Sig Sauer.

This airsoft pistol greatly resembles Morgan’s Sig Sauer and it’s much less lethal!

Finally we have arguably the deadliest weapon in Morgan’s arsenal. This tactical airsoft rifle is a pretty close match to Morgan’s Colt Law Enforcement Carbine.

In conclusion, I’m excited to have Morgan as a more permanent member of the group for now…

His clothing and accessories are unique, even among similar counterparts, and he has been a blast to cover.

As always check back here often for all of the latest news and updates!

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