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How to Accessorize Like Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee The Walking Dead

On AMC’s The Walking Dead, Glenn is the level headed, courageous, supply runner of the group. He is a devoted husband to Maggie and at times, Rick’s voice of reason. Glenn is never afraid to dive head first into trouble just to help out his friends.

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One of the reasons Glenn has survived for so long (presumably) is that he always seems to have the right tool for the job handy.  Here you will find in-depth information to help you accessorize and equip yourself like Glenn.

Weapons & Accessories Purchasing Guide

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Riot Gear



Holsters, Backpacks & Pocket Watch

Glenn's accessories overview:

  • Pocket watch
  • Backpacks
  • Firearms & holsters
  • Riot gear

Glenn Rhee's Pocket Watch

Glenn’s pocket watch was originally a Greene family heirloom. It was given to him in the episode “Judge, Jury and Executioner” by Hershel as a token of acceptance into the family, since Hershel has no sons to pass it on to.

Glenn’s watch has been a prominent timepiece within the show. It was even seen being used by Rick to fashion a shiv while being held captive in Terminus.

This classic style pocket watch on Amazon is very similar to the one seen on The Walking Dead.


Glenn Rhee Riot Gear and Orange Backpack

Glenn has used a few different backpacks throughout the series. The most recognizable ones would have to be his olive military style backpack from season one and his orange arcteryx backpack from season four.

Glenn’s orange backpack makes it’s first appearance in season three of the show in the episode “Clear”. The backpack is seen being worn by a lone hitchhiker who Rick, Michonne and Carl pass and ignore near the beginning of the episode. Later on their way back to the prison, the hitchhiker's devoured corpse is spotted and they swing by and Carl grabs the backpack.

Glenn doesn’t actually take possession of the pack until season four, episode ten “Inmates".

Glenn’s backpack has been identified as an Arcteryx kata 30 in iron oxide.

This olive drab “Alice” pack is a perfect match to the one glenn sports throughout most of seasons one and two.  This orange backpack is an exact match to Glenn’s from season four.

Glenn Rhee's Holster Situation

For most of the earlier part of the series, Glenn doesn’t carry a firearm regularly. As the show progresses however, he becomes quite adept with pistols, shotguns and high-powered rifles.

Naturally, because he carries more firearms he needs more readily available gun storage. He is seen with at least two separate holsters and has even at times worn both at once.

His first sidearm holster has been identified as the Bianchi 56 Serpent holster in black. Glenn stores his Glock 19 in it.

Glenn’s other main holster has been identified as the Bianachi X15 shoulder holster in tan, and he stores his Colt MK IV in that one.

Glenn's Riot Gear

Glenn acquires his full suit of riot gear in season three, when the group takes control of the prison. He employed it many times during their stay at the prison, and after the Governor's attack on the prison Glenn dresses in his riot gear to escape the prison with Tara.

Glenn Rhee Riot Gear

Glenn's Riot gear has been identified as Bear Tactical Military Ultimate Fully Body Protection Anti-Riot Gear.

Glenn’s exact riot gear can be found sold as a full set online! I must warn you though, it is not inexpensive. If it’s within your budget then that is fantastic! I certainly envy you, I wish I could afford it!  Click here to check it out.

If you aren’t able to spend that kind of money for your Glenn Rhee costume, you can buy a few items piece by piece. They are not perfect matches unfortunately though.

The items you will need to complete your own set of Glenn’s riot gear include:

Glenn Rhee's Knives & Cutting Tools

Glenn has been seen utilizing a few different knives and cutting tools ever since the group scored that Gerber set in season two. Since then we’ve seen Glenn carry the Gerber Gator machete pro in season two. The Gerber lmf infantry knife in season three. We’ve also seen him carrying a Gerber Big Rock in season 4.

Needless to say, Glenn is skilled with a dagger and almost always keeps one on his person. So if you’re trying to complete an accurate representation, your Glenn Rhee costume won’t be complete without one.


Glenn Rhee Holding Pistol

As I discussed previously, Glenn doesn’t use firearms very much - if at all for most of the first season. From season two forward though he gradually becomes quite the marksman. Glenn is noted for having fired or carried at least twelve separate guns! Sometimes three at a once!

It is that kind of careful planning that has kept Glenn alive through the outbreak and beyond.

Like I said above, Glenn has used at least twelve different firearms. Obviously they do sell those exact weapons elsewhere. For our purposes here I will be listing less-lethal airsoft guns to match the ones used by Glenn.

  • This airsoft gun is modeled to match a “Glock 19” just like Glenn uses in season three.
  • This airsoft is modeled after the ”Mossberg 590” shotgun Glenn uses during season two.
  • This airsoft perfectly matches Glenn’s “Remington 700 VLS” from season two.
  • This airsoft is modeled after Glenn’s “M4A1” from season four of the show.
  • This Colt MK IV airsoft is nearly a replica of the one used by Glenn in season five of The Walking Dead.
  • Glenn’s custom “AR-15(PWS diablo)” from season five also has a match of the airsoft variety, check it out here.
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steffen - November 18, 2015

What Hand Orientation is his holster?

    Matt - November 19, 2015

    Hi Steffen – Glenn’s holsters are right handed 🙂

Leroy - November 30, 2015

His shoulder holster is a M3 holster (1 strap). M7 holster has two straps. They look cool, but the shoulder with the weapon tend to get sore due to uneven weight. They’re combat or open carry holsters.

    Steffen - December 21, 2015

    Knew something was wrong with the one they listed, Thank Bud <3

Steffen - February 7, 2016

Heyhey! the shoulder holster glenn has is a M3 Holster, Along the M3 holser he has a colt’s mk iv series 70, a gun that looks close to it is a WE 1911 and here you have a picture of it

Steffen - March 12, 2016

You should prob remove the seiko watch, Got it 2 days ago and it is realllllly small 😛

    Matt - March 12, 2016

    Haha, ok 😀

Steffen - April 3, 2016

Update after the finale? 😀 If you guys are looking for something for any of the TWD char il try to help 🙂

    Matt - April 3, 2016

    Yeah, that’s what I was planning on. If there’s anything worthy of updating, we’ll wait until we see what happens tonight 😀

Steffen - April 3, 2016

Btw i cant seem to comment on dress like glenn, So. You guys know what jacket he uses in episode 15? ( Season 6 ) Also have you guys found a better match for the Glenn’s Beige Button Down Shirt?

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