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How to Accessorize Like Eugene Porter

The Walking Dead Eugene Porter Accessories

Eugene Porter may not be a doctor, or a scientist for that matter, but he is a skilled engineer and overall an asset to the group.  Eugene is not battle ready out in the field, but he has used at least a few different weapons and has even successfully subdued a walker.

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His most proficient area of expertise has got to be his vast technical knowledge. Teamed with his incredible ability to maintain his hair in the zombie apocalypse, and his off-beat sense of humor, it makes for one of the most interesting characters we have been introduced to, to date.

Beyond this paragraph, you will find a guide to help you accessorize and arm yourself like Eugene Porter. For the purpose of creating a screen accurate The Walking Dead costume or just tracking down a certain item from the show.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Riot Gear

Guns & Knife


Eugene's accessories overview:

  • Backpack & riot gear
  • Knife, pistol & assault rifle

Eugene Porter's Bulky Backpack & Borrowed Riot Gear

The Walking Dead Eugene Porter

Eugene is known to carry a backpack through seasons four and five while traveling with various members of the group. Eugenes backpack is navy and gray in color with black accents. Often times he is seen carrying it slung over only his right shoulder.

This item is basically a must-have for anyone attempting to complete a Eugene Porter costume.

This backpack in navy and charcoal is nearly identical to the backpack worn by Eugene on The Walking Dead.

Riot Gear

Eugene acquires Glenn’s riot gear as part of a deal made between Glenn and Sgt. Abraham Ford. Glenn offers his gear to Eugene for protection in exchange for Abraham’s accompaniment to Terminus.

Shortly after they reach this bargain however, they come to a dark, walker infested tunnel that Abraham refuses to risk taking Eugene through. So Abraham, Eugene and Rosita go their own separate way, because Glenn having seen two separate messages from Maggie, trudges ahead with his loyal companion, Tara.

This riot shield/bulletproof helmet is a great match to the one Eugene receives from Glenn.

This chest protector is nearly identical the one used by both Glenn and Eugene.

Here is a set of black, fingerless, hard-knuckle gloves that are nearly indiscernible from the ones worn by Eugene Porter on AMC’s TWD.

This set of elbow/forearm protectors by Hatch is quite similar to the ones seen on The Walking Dead.

Arguably the most important piece of the set to any man, this thigh and groin protector by Hatch is a great match to that of Eugene's.

Finally, if you wish to complete the set, you will need these shell protection shin guards that match the style of Eugene’s riot gear entirely.

Eugene's Survival Necessities

The Walking Dead Eugene Porter

There are a few pieces of general survival equipment that Eugene is noted to carry and use at times.

One item he has been identified carrying is a two-way radio - or walkie-talkie. The one he has appears to be black, rectangular, and most likely military-grade.

Eugene has also been spotted using a simple flashlight. His is black in color and smaller than the standard size.

This set of two-way radios is quite similar to the one seen held by Eugene Porter.

Here is a black mini-flashlight by Maglite that is nearly identical the one used by Eugene.

Eugene's Nimble Knife

Eugene isn’t exactly talented when it comes to armed or unarmed combat. That being said, he can and has been deadly with his trusty pocket knife, which was given to him by Tara for self-defense.

This Kershaw 1830 hunting knife is an excellent match to the knife given to Eugene.

Mr. Porter's Fierce Firearms

The Walking Dead Eugene Porter

Eugene may have a rocking head of hair and be a borderline genius, but there are still other areas where he does not excel, such as marksmanship.

While Eugene has been known to fire off a round or two from a couple of different firearms, I can’t say with any certainty that he has hit anything but the fuel tank of the truck that was the group's only means of conveyance.

The firearms that Eugene is noted to wield include:

  • suppressed Heckler & Koch P2000 Pistol
  • M4A1 assault rifle

This suppressed airsoft pistol is completely similar to the Heckler and Koch used by Eugene on The Walking Dead.

Finally we have this airsoft assault rifle made to resemble the M4A1, and nearly identical to the one fired by Mr. Porter.

In conclusion, I have found that for being a supporting character, Eugene has a surprising selection of different accessories.  His weapon selection is about what you would expect from the least violent member of the group since Father Gabriel.

Conceivably this guide has aided you in creating a more complete The Walking Dead cosplay or outfit.  Check back often for all of the latest updates and guides to your favorite character's styles and accessories.

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