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How to Accessorize Like Carl Grimes

By John / March 16, 2016
Last updated: October 11, 2017
The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Pudding

Carl Grimes is the child who had no childhood on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Carl was very unlucky to grow up in a time when the whole world is basically going to hell - and he had no other choice but to mature at an incredible rate.

​The violence that Carl has witnessed and partaken in has made him who he is. Although he was only an adolescent when the series began, he is now in his teens. He is undoubtedly the most lethal minor on the show, most likely due to his expertise in the proper care and use of at least seven (and counting) different firearms.

​Before you is a guide to help accessorize and arm yourself like Carl. Whether your goal is to track down a certain item or weapon used by him, or you’re trying to complete an accurate Carl Grimes costume, you’ve come to the right place.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Handguns & Rifles

Knives, Holster & Flashlight

Eye Patch, Diaper Bag & Pudding

Carl's accessories overview:

  • Eye patch
  • Gerber tool set
  • Pistols, rifles & knives

​Carl's Miscellaneous Accessories

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes

Carl has been known to carry or use a couple of different items that didn’t necessarily fit into any other category. So I thought it best to get those out of the way first.

He is often seen carrying a brown diaper bag, which obviously is for transporting all of the supplies needed to take care of his little sister Judith properly while traveling.​

The other thing isn’t necessarily something Carl carries or uses frequently, but he does in fact eat from an over sized novelty can of chocolate pudding in season four, if I’m not mistaken.​

One of the most recent items that Carl has begun to accessorize with in season six, is gauze. In the form of an eyepatch. That’s right. After seasons of speculation, Carl’s gunshot to the eye socket has become a reality on AMC’s The Walking Dead.​

Ron Anderson, after watching the remnants of his family being devoured by walkers before his eyes, pulls a gun on Carl. Firing one round before he is impaled by Michonne, he blinds Carl’s right eye, prompting Carl to wear an eye patch made of gauze (comprised of what I can only surmise is one gauze pad over the socket and held in place with a strip of rolled gauze).

Here is a roll of gauze that is a great match to the gauze used by Carl grimes.​  These gauze pads are also a fine match to the one used by Carl as a makeshift eye patch.

Here is a brown diaper bag that is a great match to the one often times carried by Carl.​

This giant can of chocolate pudding will serve twenty-four people or one Carl Grimes. It is as close a match as you’ll find to the pudding Carl devours on TWD.

​Carl Grimes' General Survival Equipment

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes

Throughout the series, Carl is known to wander off on his own exploring. it is during these solitary moments that his general survival equipment comes in handy most.

​One of the most important tools a survivor can carry is a flashlight which Carl does use while exploring the blackness of “the tombs” at the prison, and leading Tyreese and his group back to the safety of the cell block.

The other most important item Carl has at his disposal (besides a cache of weapons), is his trusty holster, which he uses to store his Beretta. His holster is black with attachments for the belt and leg.​

It is also worth mentioning that if you intend to build an accurate Carl Grimes cosplay, you’ll want to make sure and get the holster for a right hand draw.​

Here is a Maglite flashlight that is a fantastic match to the one used by Carl to illuminate the pitch black corridors of” the tombs”.​

This nylon black Beretta holster for a right hand draw, is nearly identical to the one used by Carl Grimes.​

The Knives & Cutting Tools of Carl Grimes

Carl isn’t known for using too many different knives, but he has been noted to have used at least one.  And it was Carl who found the Gerber cutting tool set that has served the group ever since.

​The knife Carl uses is a simple fixed blade knife with a symmetrical silver blade and straight handle.

The Gerber tool set Carl finds in an abandoned vehicle in season two is noted to include: three knives, two machetes, a parang and an axe.

Here is a Coleman knife that is similar in design to the one Carl used, but it is worth noting that this particular knife is only available in an all black color scheme.​

This Gerber tool set is exactly identical to the one Carl finds during season two of The Walking Dead.​

Carl's Preferred Pistols & Rifles

The Walking Dead Carl Grimes

As I mentioned previously, Carl has been noted to use at least seven different firearms since the series began! Carl’s training began at a very young age on the Greene family farm and has come in handy numerous times.

​He has been seen using the following weapons:

  • Bruni Olympic 6
  • Browning BDA
  • his dad’s Colt Python
  • M4A1 assault rifle (in seasons four and six)
  • Martin model 1983
  • Remington 700
  • Uzi

For obvious reasons I will list only non-lethal airsoft rifles for our purposes.

This TSD airsoft revolver matches the style of Carl’s Bruni Olympic 6 completely!​

​Here is Crosman P311 airsoft pistol that is a great match to Carl’s Browning BDA.

This TSD chrome airsoft revolver in silver is quite similar to the Colt Python used by Carl and Rick Grimes.​

This BBTac M16 assault rifle airsoft is nearly identical to the M4A1 Carl has used on multiple different occasions.

Here is a shotgun airsoft that completely resembles the Martin model 1983 used by Carl.

This Crosman airsoft rifle is indistinguishable from the Remington 700 Carl fires on The Walking Dead.​

Finally, this last airsoft gun by Umarex is a perfect match to the Uzi Carl likes to use.​

That completes another accessory guide for our ever expanding television character library. If you haven’t already be sure to check out my guide on “How to dress like Carl Grimes!”​

Keep checking back often for even more fresh content and character guides.​

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