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How to Dress Like Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore Hoodie, Jacket and Ring

Is Paul Wesley actually a vampire in real life? As soon as I saw Stefan Salvatore on the first episode of the first season of Vampire Diaries, I immediately thought, “that guy actually looks like a vampire”. And I’ll be honest, I thought that the costume designers were going to have him always walking around in black clothing (or dark grey), but I quickly learned that wasn’t the case.

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Stefan’s usually wearing darker colors, but if you pay attention, they do a pretty good job of not having him wear black and grey all the time.

Stefan's style overview:

  • Brown leather jacket/black coat
  • Dark short/long sleeve v-neck shirt
  • Straight/boot cut jeans
  • Black biker boots
  • Lapis lazuli ring

Stefan Salvatore's Jackets

Stefan Salvatore Black Denim Jacket

Stefan has quite a few different jackets that he wears throughout Vampire Diaries, but the style overall is pretty consistent.

One of my favorite jackets of Stefan’s is his black denim jacket. I’m not sure what brand it is, and I’ve read things like it’s Levi’s, Guess, H&M, etc.

This Levi’s denim trucker jacket looks almost identical to the one Stefan likes to wear.

I own a few Levi’s jackets, and while they’re a little on the expensive side, I think they’re worth it, they fit and look great.

Stefan's Leather Jacket

Just like with Damon, Vampire Diaries’ costume designer Jennifer Bryan mentioned Stefan’s leather jacket in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Stefan’s jacket is a Boss, a washed leather so it has that distressed, worn-in process built-in, like he’s had it forever.”

The exact Hugo Boss leather jacket that Stefan wears isn’t made anymore, so if you want the exact jacket, you’d have to find it used somewhere like Ebay or a local thrift store.

That being said, I was able to find a couple leather jackets that I think look a lot like the one he wears. The first one I found is this vintage stand collar leather jacket, which keeps the same general style as Stefan’s jacket, and it fits really well too.

Stefan Salvatore Hugo Boss Leather Jacket

Hugo Boss jackets tend to be pretty expensive ($400+), but this jacket is under $100, which is especially good if you’re only planning on using it for Halloween and/or cosplay.

Another awesome jacket I found is this Levi’s 2 pocket leather jacket. I don’t think it looks quite as close to Stefan’s actual leather jacket as the vintage stand collar one, but the style is still the same, and I think it looks even better.

Hoodies Everywhere

Anyone that watches Vampire Diaries knows that Stefan wears hoodies. A lot…and with almost everything.

To own the same exact hoodies that Stefan wears, then you’ll want to go with a John Varvatos hoodie. While their clothing looks great, it tends to run a bit on the expensive side.

If you plan on wearing the hoodie under a jacket like Stefan does a lot, or just don’t care about having a designer hoodie, then I’d suggest going with a Hanes hoodie. They may not fit quite as well as a designer hoodie would, but most people won’t notice, especially if you’re wearing it in layers.

What color hoodies should you get? If you want to go with the “classic” vampire look, get a black or dark grey hoodie. Grey also goes with pretty much everything, so if you plan on layering with your hoodie, that’s something to keep in mind.

Like I mentioned earlier, the costume designers don’t have him just wearing black and grey…Stefan wears brown hoodies sometimes too. It may not be a big difference, but its better than only black and grey like Damon’s wardrobe.

Stefan's Shirts

Stefan’s t-shirts in particular are usually v-necks. We already know from the costumer designer that brands like John Varvatos and Diesel are what they prefer to dress the brothers in, so if you want the closest match to the t-shirts Stefan wears, I’d go with this John Varvatos v-neck t-shirt.

I know Diesel is a pretty popular brand, and if you’re a fan, I’d definitely go with their v-neck t-shirt, it definitely looks like a shirt Stefan would wear.

If you’re looking for a non-designer, cheaper alternative to t-shirts, then I recommend an American Apparel v-neck t-shirt. They fit really well, and cost less than the John Varvatos or Diesel shirts above.

Long Sleeve Shirts

The style of his long-sleeve shirts is pretty much the same as the style of his short sleeve shirts…v-necks! Again, if you’re looking for authentic, you’ll want something like this John Varvatos long sleeve v-neck. It’s a great match for not only Stefan’s style, but colors too.

Stefan also wears henley style long sleeve shirts, and even a button up dress shirt every once in a while. John Varvatos does make henleys too, but the only ones I could find didn’t look anything like what Stefan wears on Vampire Diaries.

So what henleys do I suggest? Well, I still really like American Apparel for henleys too. And if you’re looking for a nice button up collared shirt, this H2H slim-fit dress shirt would look great, and it’s the same one I recommend on my Damon Salvatore style guide too.

Stefan Salvatore Style Jeans

Both Stefan and Damon mostly wear jeans. But where Damon sometimes wears leather pants and dress pants, Stefan almost always has jeans on. Since he’s supposed to be in high school, that makes sense.

And once again, Damon is confined to his dark blue and black pants, while Stefan gets a few more colors. He still sticks to traditional jean colors, other than light colored jeans, so you can get from a normal, medium-wash blue, dark, or even black jeans.

As for the exact style of Jeans he wears, they usually look like straight leg style to me. A slim-fit or skinny leg jean is tight around the calves, while Stefan’s jeans are never tight around his calves.

Which Brand of Jeans?

According to the Vampire Diaries’ costume designer, “We do Diesel jeans and Levi’s.”

Personally, I’m a fan of most Levi’s clothing. I would go with the same Levi’s I recommended on Damon’s page, the Levi’s 513 Straight jeans. They come in a pretty big variety as far as color/wash goes, and the look and fit of these jeans matches Stefan’s style.

If you’re more of a Guess fan, or just want other options, I really like this pair of Guess regular bootcut jeans. They look a lot like the jeans Stefan wears, and could be a pair he’s worn. I looked around pretty thoroughly, but I couldn’t find any information on the exact style of jeans the Salvatore brothers wear.

What Shoes Does Stefan Wear?

Stefan Salvatore Boots

Stefan seems to wear the same boots that Damon wears. As far as I can tell, from the very few times we ever really get a good look at Stefan’s boots, they look identical to his older brother’s.

The Frye Harness 8R boots look exactly the same as the boots both Stefan and Damon Salvatore wear on the Vampire Diaries.

In the picture on the right, you can see the silvery belt buckles on the sides of Stefan’s boots. I also went through and double checked the actual episodes myself. I went through a few episodes of each season, checking Stefan’s shoes.

Every time it looked like he was wearing the same pair of boots. Of course it wasn’t a clear picture every time I saw his boots, but they always look very similar.

These boots basically look like stereotypical/classic biker boots to me, but both Stefan and Damon pull them off really well. They’re simple black boots with simple straps, and one thin, silver colored buckle.

If you really love the look of these boots, but don’t want to spend a lot, I’d recommend these Dingo biker boots. They look almost identical to the Frye boots.

Stefan's Daylight Ring

Stefan's daylight/lapis ring was actually kind of a pain to find.  You'd think that with such a relatively simple item that there would be a lot of replicas out there.  As I'm sure anyone who watches Vampire Diaries knows, this ring allows Stefan to walk around in the sunlight.  In the middle of the ring is an "S", and his brother Damon has the same ring, but with the letter "D".

I ended up ordering these rings.  They're made in China, and obviously not the most intricately detailed, but I think they look pretty good, especially for less than $5 shipped.  The only real downside was the shipping time, it took almost four weeks for mine to arrive.

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