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How to Dress Like Bubbles

Bubbles Trailer Park Boys

Bubbles (played by Mike Smith), Sunnyvale Trailer park resident, and best friend of Ricky and Julian is a fan favorite on the hit Canadian comedy television series, Trailer Park Boys. With his Coke bottle thick glasses, hoarse voice, and big heart and love for kitties, Bubbles is probably the best dressed of all in Sunnyvale.

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And with that he is a great character to choose for Halloween or Cosplay ensemble. How can you get Bubbles’ signature style? Let’s dig in.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Shirt, Pants, & Boots

Glasses & Hockey Helmet

Bubbles' style overview:

  • Coke-bottle glasses
  • Long sleeve button up shirts (usually western style)
  • Chino pants
  • Zip boots

What Kind of Glasses Does Bubbles Wear?

Bubbles Trailer Park Boys Blue Button Shirt

A few things are clear to Trailer Park Boys fans. Bubbles is friggin awesome and his glasses are friggin kick ass.

So how do you get a pair of these epic glasses for you own Bubbles costume? Well that is where many fans trying to make a Bubbles costume run into some trouble. The best option would be to contact an optometrist to get a +6 sph prescription in frames that are similar to what Bubbles wears on the show.

This may be difficult as many optometrists will not write a prescription for glasses that do not match your eyes. If you are able to obtain a conspiring optrician; that would be the best way to go, but for the rest of us there are still a few options to get that bug eyed Bubbles look.

The best non perscription alternative would be to get a pair of novelty magnified nerd glasses. ​These nerd glasses are an okay match. The frames are black, unlike what he wears on the show, but the main point of the glasses is the eyeball magnification aspect and these do work pretty well.

Outside of getting an optometrist to work with you on getting a set of +6 sph lensed glasses, this is your best option. There is also a very small chance you could find some Bubbles like glasses at a goodwill or salvation army store. I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in that option but you will never know unless you go out and look.

​What Shirt is Bubbles Wearing?

Bubbles Trailer Park Boys Western Plaid Shirt

Bubbles wears western plaid and checkered button up shirts. He wears quite a few different ones on Trailer Park Boys.

One thing in common is they are always western style button up shirts with double breasted pockets. The exact brand of Bubble’ shirts is unknown, but there are many options available that are very close to some of the shirts he wears on the show.

My top choice is this Gioberti brand shirt that is available on Amazon. I would not stress on matching patterns or colors for your Bubbles outfit, just get a double breasted western shirt and you are good to go.

​Bubbles' Pants & Boots

One thing that many Bubbles costume creators fail in is getting his pants right. For some reason people seem to think that he wears jeans.

They stand in the mirror looking at themselves knowing something is off but they just can’t quite place it… it’s the pants! Bubbles never wears jeans.

I think most people just get the glasses and button up shirt and think they are good to go, but not having the right pants totally throws off the look in my opinion. Bubbles in most episodes wears dark chinos.

If you don’t have a pair already, I would go with Volcom chinos.  They are pretty close to what he wears on the show and they are also good looking enough that you can even wear them with normal clothes after you are done dressing as Bubbles.

​Bubbles' Footwear

Bubbles wears slightly beat up brown leather zip up boots.

Unfortunately with Trailer Park Boys, nobody is wearing fancy or designer clothing, so there are no interviews with the costume designer explaining who is wearing what brands. For many things we can only guess on what brand is being worn, and with Bubbles’ boots it is no different.

For a close match I recommend going with Clarks brand Zip boots.  They have the zipper in the middle like the boots he wears on the show, which for me is the most important part of his boots.

You could easily get away with wearing any old leather boots. I feel like for Bubbles, his footwear is the least important part of his outfit.

​Accessorize Like Bubbles

Bubbles Trailer Park Boys Sitting on Couch

For accessories we have a few options. We all know how much Bubbles loves his kitties. I would recommend getting a stuffed toy cat like this one (or a real stuffed cat if you have one laying around) and carry it around, petting it here and there when the moment strikes...

Another thing apparent about Bubbles and his pals Ricky and Julian is they love a good game of street hockey. Bubbles wears an old school Jofa hockey helmet on a few episodes, and he wears it sometimes even when he isn’t playing hockey.

If you were wanting the exact same helmet as Bubbles, you may be out of luck. Jofa is no longer in business and they stopped making these helmets in the early 90’s. I would suggest checking out a used sporting goods store for that classic Jofa helmet made famous by Jaromir Jagr.. and Bubbles of course.

Another option for Bubbles’ helmet is a Mylec brand hockey helmet like this.  It has the old school late 80’s/90’s look and is pretty close to the Jofa style helmet.

If you are going to get the helmet, you may as well pick up the official Sunnyvale trailer park street hockey jersey and street hockey stick.

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