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How to Dress Like Darryl Philbin

Darryl Philbin The Office

Darryl Philbin is introduced as the warehouse foreman for Dunder Mifflin Scranton. He is later appointed to the position of Assistant Regional Manager by Andy Bernard. Overall he has a jolly attitude, but he has no patience for the antics of branch manager Michael Scott.

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Darryl becomes easily annoyed with Michael (who he often refers to as “Mike”) because of his lack of regard for safety and organization within the warehouse.

Darryl’s professional style ranges from blue collar worker to white collar depending on his position within the company.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the style and wardrobe of Darryl Philbin from The Office.

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Darryl's style overview:

  • Work & dress jackets
  • Warehouse clothing
  • Office clothing

What Kind of Jackets Does Darryl Wear?

Darryl Philbin The Office black leather jacket

Darryl has been noted to wear several different jackets during his time appearing on the show. Ranging from casual to work, and even a sharp leather jacket during an impromptu dance number he took part in as his way of bidding his fellow co-workers farewell (when he leaves Dunder Mifflin to join Athlead - later re-named Athleap).

Here is a gray twill work jacket by Carhartt that is nearly identical to the jacket worn by Darryl frequently during his time with Dunder Mifflin. It is worth noting that in order to make this jacket screen accurate you would need to attach a “Dunder Mifflin” and “Darryl” name patch.

This Dickies jacket in black is also a great match to the casual jacket Darryl is noted to wear on The Office.

This charcoal gray blazer is an excellent match to the one worn by Darryl when he travels with Pam to Philadelphia to interview with Athlead.

Here is a black leather trucker jacket that is a perfect match to the one worn by Darryl when the office requests that he dance with them one last time as a proper goodbye.

Darryl Philbin's Shirts

Darryl has been noted to wear several different types of shirts, but the one he is likely most recognizable in, is his Dunder Mifflin button down work shirt.

Other shirts Darryl has worn include: a light blue button down dress shirt, an almond or cream colored button down dress shirt, a bright green number ninety-four football jersey, and a plain white basketball jersey, just to name a few.

This gray work shirt by Dickies is an excellent to the work uniform worn by Darryl and the rest of the workers from the Dunder Mifflin warehouse.

Here is a light blue colored button down dress shirt by Van Heusen that is nearly identical to the dress shirt worn by Darryl after he is moved upstairs into Jim’s old office by Sabre CEO, Jo Bennett.

This almond colored button down dress shirt by Geoffrey Beene is very similar to the more professional “white collar” Darryl.

This white basketball jersey is a perfect match to the jersey worn by Darryl while playing a game of basketball to decide who would have to work on a Saturday.

Darryl's Luxurious Leg & Foot Wear

Darryl Philbin The Office athletic shorts shoes shirt

Throughout the course of the series, Darryl has been seen wearing numerous different sets of slacks, jeans, shorts, and just about any other kind of legwear that one could imagine.

Some of the most recognizable articles of clothing that Darryl is known to wear include his black denim jeans as a part of his warehouse uniform. Then when he is moved upstairs, often times he generally wears khaki slacks.

These black athletic shorts by Augusta are similar to the shorts Darryl wears to play against Michael and the other office workers in a not so friendly game of B-ball.

Here is a set of black denim jeans by Levi’s that are a perfect match to the jeans Darryl wears as part of his Dunder Mifflin warehouse foreman uniform.

These khaki slacks by Dockers are a great match to the khakis Darryl is known to wear once he is offered an upstairs office.

Darryl Philbin's Shoes

Darryl has been noted to wear at least a couple of different types of shoes in his time on The Office. Often times he wears black loafers as part of his uniform, but he has also been seen in a clean set of white basketball shoes as well.

These black loafers by Dockers are a nice match to the shoes of Darryl Philbin.

Here is a pair of white basketball shoes by Reebok that are very similar to the shoes worn by Darryl while playing basketball in the warehouse.

Accessories Used By Darryl

Darryl Philbin The Office Threat Level Midnight

Normally Darryl’s best accessory is his dry sense of humor, but at times he has been known to use a few other items of interest, such as: his synthesizer keyboard, his digital wristwatch, crutches (from when he was injured by Michael kicking a ladder out from under him), and a Heckler and Koch MP5K-PDW machine gun while playing “the president” in Michael's homemade action thriller “Threat Level Midnight.”

This airsoft rifle is a perfect match to the Heckler and Koch Darryl uses in the film “Threat Level Midnight.”

Here is a musical keyboard by Casio that is definitely similar to the one frequently used by Darryl, either to bring joy to the office Christmas party, or just to jam with Kevin and Andy whom he is in a band with. Click here for pricing information and other specifications.

This digital display wristwatch by Timex is a fine match to the one worn by Darryl in promotional photos for The Office.

Lastly we have these crutches which are a great match to the ones Darryl needed to use during the time he was injured in the warehouse.

To conclude, we have found that many of Darryl’s articles of clothing are appropriate for just about any occasion. He has a perfect blend of style and functionality to match any situation.

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