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How to Dress Like Andy Bernard

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Last updated: February 8, 2022
The Office Andy Bernard

Andrew Baines Bernard is introduced as the “Regional Director in charge of sales” first at the Stamford branch, but later relocated when Stamford is shut-down and merged with Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch.

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He is assigned to sales for a period of time, but isn’t particularly successful. When Robert California is initially hired as branch manager, he somehow convinces Jo Bennett (Sabre CEO) to appoint himself to her own position and assigns Andy to the position of branch manager.

Andy is goofy and fun-loving most often, but he does have his own personal issues with anger management - which becomes very apparent when he becomes so frustrated by a prank Pam and Jim play on him, that he punches a hole in a wall of the office.

Andy’s style is preppy in nature, consisting of many bold colored sweater vests, ties and khaki pants or dress slacks in general. His style could be described as flashy or even fancy at times.

Ahead you will find our guide to help you match the style and fashion of Andy Bernard.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Andy's style overview:

  • Sweaters & sweater vests
  • Gray suits
  • Bright colored ties

Andy's Coats and Jackets

The Office Andy Bernard elevator

Andy has been known to wear several different coats, jackets blazers, etc. throughout his many appearances on NBC’s The Office. Possibly the coat he is most recognized for is his beige jacket with a brown collar that he is noted to wear during his early days in Scranton.

This beige jacket by Carhartt is visually very similar to the jacket worn by Andrew Bernard, but it’s worth mentioning it isn’t quite exact.

Here is a khaki colored blazer that is nearly identical to the jackets typically worn by Andy on The Office.

Another near-exact match to the jackets of Andy is this light gray patterned blazer that is quite similar to the one worn by Andrew Bernard. Click here to check availability.

A Vested Interest in Andy's Vests

Some of the flashiest articles of clothing Andy has been known to wear are his bright sweater vests. No Andy Bernard cosplay would be complete without one. He has been noted to wear them in various patterns and colors most notably: light blue, mustard yellow and brown argyle, just to name a few.

Let’s have a look at some of the closest matches we were able to track down.

This sky blue sweater vest is nearly a perfect match to the one Andy has been noted to wear on the show.

This mustard colored sweater vest is a very close match to the one worn by Andy when he tears his scrotum on his car keys during a dance-off (YIKES!). Click here to find out if your size is in-stock.

Here is an argyle sweater vest in shades of brown that’s a very near match to the ones worn by Andy in his appearances on the show.

The Nard Dog's Shirts

The Office Andy Bernard yellow tie blue pants

Andy’s preppy dress shirts are so vibrant they’re nearly as loud as his acapella singing. He is known to model many different patterns, colors and styles that at times seem so bold that they’re nearly a mis-match.

Some of the most recognizable shirts in Andy’s closet are: his vibrant red pull-over sweater, a barrage of checkered pattern shirts and even some multi-colored plaid dress shirts.

This red pull-over sweater is a perfect match to the sweater of Andrew Baines Bernard. It’s available for purchase on Amazon right now, here’s the link if you’re interested.

Here is a simple white checkered dress shirt that is very fitting to the style of “The Nard Dog.”

This plaid dress shirt is quite similar to the ones worn by Andy during his later appearances in the series. Click here to see for yourself.

The Legwear of Sir Andrew Bernard

Andrew Bernard has without a doubt the most noticeable and unique legwear of any character appearing on The Office. While he is often seen in pants and slacks not outside the norm such as his khaki or navy slacks, Andy will likely be remembered for his more unusual legwear choices, such as: his salmon or bright blue slacks.

These salmon colored pants are a bold choice for anyone, but Andy somehow manages to pull the look off with great aplomb.

These light blue colored slacks by Haggar are an excellent match to the brightly colored pants belonging to Andy.

These men’s khaki slacks by Haggar are a very close match to the style of color of Andy’s most basic go-to legwear choice.

We get a glimpse of Andy’s most personal garments when he loses a bet and gets a tattoo of his co-workers choosing a “Nard Dog.” These striped boxers by Ralph Lauren are very similar to the ones worn by Andy Bernard while receiving his fresh ink.

The Kicks of a Cornell Alum

Much like the rest of his wardrobe, Andy’s shoes are no simple affair. Andy has been noted to wear several styles of loafers ranging in color from beige to black.

Arguably the most recognizable set of shoes owned by “The Nard Dog” are his brown leather textured, buckle loafers.

These brown dress shoes are a very near match to the loafers of Mr. Bernard, though it is worth noting that the texture of these particular shoes comes from the perforations and not particularly the design as Andy’s specific shoes appear to incorporate.

Andy's Flashy Neck Ties

The Office Andy Bernard pink tie blue blazer

When it comes to Andy’s neckties and bow ties, his flashy taste in color and pattern comes in full force. Andy is known to have worn several different colors and patterns of necktie including: yellow, blue, green,pink. striped, checkered and even plaid.

This pink striped necktie is an excellent match to the style of Mr. Bernard. Click here to take a closer look.

Finally we have this blue and orange plaid pattern bow tie that is nearly identical to the style of bow ties worn by Andy on The Office.

Hopefully you’ve found this information helpful, but we’re not finished yet. Be sure to check out our guide focusing on the subject of the many accessories utilized by “The Nard Dog.”

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