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How to Accessorize Like Andy Bernard

The Office Andy Bernard Sumo Costume

Andy Bernard was born Walter Bernard Jr. and later renamed at the age of six because his parents felt his younger brother better exemplified the name. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that he has a reputation for overcompensating and being a bit of a show-off.

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Although he was arguably overlooked by his parents all of his life, his family’s wealth has afforded him a great many opportunities. He is well versed in a number of skills including: acapella singing, playing the banjo, and guitar.

He even graduated from Cornell University (which he doesn’t fail to mention at any given opportunity).

Whether for the purpose of completing an accurate Andy Bernard costume or just to obtain an interesting conversation piece, please continue ahead for our guide focusing on the miscellaneous accessories of Andy “The Nard Dog” Bernard.

Accessories Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Costumes (Construction Worker, Mechanic, Scientist, Santa, Sumo Wrestler)

Hat, Laptop, Air Mattress

Banjo & Acoustic Guitar

Andy's accessories overview:

  • Hats
  • Costumes & disguises
  • Musical instruments 

The Hats Worn by Andrew Bernard

The Office Andy Bernard mechanic outfit

Andy has been noted to wear several different hats throughout the course of the series, most notably his straw sun hat, red Cornell University hat and his DM does GB pink baseball cap. Which he had made for everyone in the office to commemorate an office field trip to Gettysburg.

Andy’s hats are usually worn for a specific purpose or occasion and aren’t generally a part of his everyday wardrobe.

Here is a red Cornell University baseball cap that is very similar to the hat Andy wears as a part of his mechanic disguise (while accompanying Michael to a meeting with an insurance salesman who Dwight and Andy believe to be affiliated with organized crime).

This men’s sun hat is a great match to the one worn by Andy while pitching sales with Jim and Kevin during a friendly meeting on the golf course.

The Costumes & Disguises of Mr. Bernard

The Office Andy Bernard construction worker costume

Throughout the course of the series, Andy has been noted to wear a number of different disguises as well as costumes (even when it isn’t completely necessary). Including: an inflatable sumo wrestler suit, a Santa Claus costume, a construction worker costume, and even an unconvincing auto-mechanic disguise.

So without further ado, let’s go over some of the items that Andy’s costumes are comprised of.

Here is a yellow construction worker’s hard hat that is a perfect match to the hard hat Andy wears as part of his day laborer Halloween costume.

Here is a plaid shirt in red and black color pattern that is very similar to the shirt worn by Andy, as part of his Halloween costume of a Laborer that he wore to the party attended by his supervisor: Robert California.

This set of Wrangler denim jeans in stonewash color is an excellent match to the jeans worn by “The Nard Dog” as part of his All Hallow’s Eve get-up.

Rounding out Andy’s construction worker costume, we have this custom Leathercraft tool belt that is a great match to the one worn by Andy.

Here is a fisher stripe pattern mechanic’s jumpsuit that is nearly identical to the one worn by Andy as a disguise, so that he could carry a tire iron without raising suspicions of the public.

This Santa Claus costume is a perfect match to the one Andy wears to an office Christmas party where he must face the awkwardness of his new girlfriend meeting his ex: Erin the office receptionist.

Lastly in the costume department, we have this inflatable Sumo Wrestler suit that Andy is noted to wear (among others) during an office sanctioned trip to the beach. Andy is most notable for wearing it because he finds himself helplessly adrift in the water floating in the large rubber suit.

Andy's Instruments

The Office Andy Bernard banjo Country Road

As I mentioned previously, Andy is a talented musician who is proficient at vocals, guitar, and even banjo.

As he has stated many times - he sang in an Acapella group in college “Here Comes Treble.” Along with his friend and rival “Broccoli-Rob.”

Here is a vintage sunburst acoustic guitar that is a perfect match to the one played by Andy several times throughout the course of the series. Most notably during his impersonation of George Michael.

This five string banjo is another great match to the instruments of Andy Bernard. Likely most recognizable from the impromptu duel/duet with co-worker Dwight Schrute while both attempted to gain the favor of the new receptionist: Erin.

Electronics & Other Accessories

The Office Andy Bernard air mattress

Andy has been known to make use of at least a few other miscellaneous items from time to time. Ranging from an Apple computer to jumper cables, and even offering to share his inflatable mattress with Jim Halpert stating that “it’s a roomy twin.”

This Macbook by Apple is very similar to the laptop computer Andy keeps at his desk as Branch Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton/Sabre.

These jumper cables are a perfect match to the ones used by Andy to help a stranded motorist while he was disguised as an auto-mechanic. Though he was unable to get her back on the road due to “a leaky spark tube.”

Rounding out our list of Andy’s accessories is his inflatable twin size mattress, which he keeps with him at the office for just such the occasion that he becomes intoxicated and needs to sleep at work.  Here is a link to purchase this item for your convenience. 

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