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How to Dress Like Castiel

Supernatural Castiel suit trench coat

Castiel’s clothing style is pretty obvious – a trench coat and two piece suit. Almost the exact opposite of Sam and Dean, Castiel’s clothing doesn't change much throughout Supernatural.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Trench Coat, Suit, & Shirt

Boots, Belt, & Ties

Castiel's style overview:

  • Khaki full length & hip length trench coat
  • Charcoal gray suit & black suit
  • Solid blue and blue/white striped tie
  • Black Blundstone slip-on boots

Castiel's Wardrobe Tag

Supernatural Castiel wardrobe tag s6e22

Luckily for me (and everyone else who’s interested in what clothes Cas wears), one of the costume designers from Supernatural tweeted out a picture of Castiel’s wardrobe tag from season six, episode 22.

​The Angelic Trench Coat

Castiel’s original trench coat was made by Stafford and sold by JC Penney.

Don’t get your hopes too high though, just like with a lot of Sam and Dean’s clothes, Cas’ trench coat isn’t sold anymore.

​You've still got a few options though:

Interested in the last option? I found two trench coats on Amazon that look pretty close I think.

This classic trench coat is probably the safest one to buy, it looks the closest to Castiel’s out of the two I found.

If you’re not too worried about being as screen accurate as possible, I really like this modern-looking full-length trench coat.

Castiel's Suit

Supernatural Castiel suit trench coat angel wings

In case you didn’t read the wardrobe tag up above, Castiel’s suit is a charcoal gray two piece with a three button jacket. As usual, the exact suit isn’t sold anymore. But thankfully you hardly ever see Cas just wearing the suit (without his trench coat), so you can get away with a lot here.

​Personally, I’d probably go to a local brick and mortar store like JC Penney to find and try on a suit for a Castiel costume. But if you’re comfortable buying it online and know your measurements, Amazon has an awesome selection.

My personal favorite after doing some searching is this charcoal gray, three button, two piece suit. If that’s not your taste, I’m sure you can find something on Amazon’s site, that was just the suit I liked the most.

Cas' Boots, Belt, Dress Shirt & Tie

Thankfully Castiel’s boots are still sold brand new.

These black Blundstone slip on boots are still sold on Amazon. The wardrobe tag doesn’t give the exact model of Blundstones that he wears, but just by comparing screen captures with these boots, they look identical to me.

The wardrobe tag’s description of Castiel’s boots and the look and description of the Amazon page for these boots also seem identical, so it’s a safe bet they’re the same exact boots.


​If you don’t already own a black dress belt with a silver buckle, this Nautica dress belt would fit perfectly (and it’s reversible too!).

Dress Shirt & Tie

I’m not sure if Cas’ exact tie and dress shirt are still made, but this dark blue tie by Dan Smith is pretty close to the same one he wears. And this dress shirt from Calvin Klein would work well too.​

Cas' New Look

Supernatural Castiel new suit shorter trench coat angel blade

In the newer seasons, Castiel’s clothing has changed just a bit. Instead of a full length trench coat, he now wears a hip length trench coat. His suit has also changed a bit too, it’s black now instead of charcoal grey.

​Unlike his original clothing, I wasn’t able to find anything official about what brand his new clothes are. As far as his suit goes, you can go with the same one I recommended before, but just go with black instead.

As for Cas’ new trench coat, this BSGD hip length trench coat looks pretty close.​

If you find a better match, please share it with everyone in the comments below.

​Last we have Cas’ new tie, which is now a blue and white striped tie instead of a solid blue. I found a couple of really close matches, the first being this Retreez blue and white striped tie, and the second is this Baxbo blue and white striped tie.

Even with all of the details about Cas’ costume, it’s still difficult (and sometimes impossible) to find the exact clothing worn on Supernatural.​

​To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t able to find more trench coats that matched Castiel’s…but at least we got exact matches on his shoes.

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I'm a huge fan of sci-fi/supernatural/monster type shows. After putting together some of my own custom costumes and outfits from TV characters, I decided to start writing my own guides.

Jim - November 23, 2014

Thank you for this information. I am planning to use this for a cosplay costume in February

    Matt - November 23, 2014

    Hi Jim, glad I could help you in your cosplay efforts 🙂

      Mia - March 28, 2016

      Two years later and i find this. Thanks for the advice though.:)

Aspen - December 7, 2014

Are you going to SLC FanX? It’s at the beginning of February, end of January, and I’m going, as Castiel, hence why I was here. Thanks!

    Matt - December 8, 2014

    Hi Aspen, hope you found the info helpful 🙂

    And no, I’m not planning on going, can’t really afford the time away from work. I hope you have fun though, you should be the best dressed Castiel there 🙂

maya - December 29, 2014

Even though they don’t sell it anymore, is there any way I could still purchase the exact coat made by Stafford?

    Matt - December 29, 2014

    Maya, you’d have to find it used somewhere like Ebay, thrift stores, etc.

Jared - January 15, 2015

I found a trench coat at a thrift store, which oddly looks A LOT like Cas’ trench coat and it was 32 dollars but it was 50% off! It only came out to be around fifteen bucks and I was pretty surprised. I’m glad I found this website afterwards to see the similarities. 😀

    Matt - August 10, 2015

    Haha, that’s awesome Jared 🙂 I think with most of the clothing from SPN that thrift stores and army surplus are where you should check first.

Jeffrey Spender - April 29, 2015

Dear people here who are fans of the trenchcoat.
I am from Holland, so i can shop here:

I found this the coat that comes really close to the original coat.
Of course there will always be some small things, like the button on the shoulders that should not be there.

But i bought this one recently and i think it comes really close.
Kind regards, Jeffrey Spender.

    Matt - August 10, 2015

    Nice find, Jeffrey, thanks for sharing 🙂

Nathan - July 21, 2015

This will be my first ever cosplay i love Castiel it will be a while before i gather all the pieces together but this article was extremely helpful for me so thank you very much

    Matt - August 10, 2015

    Hi Nathan, glad I could help, and good luck with your cosplay 🙂

Jenne - August 27, 2015

Thanks so much for posting this – my 9 year old daughter is on her way thanks to you. We found the perfect coat at Goodwill today and I just ordered some more pieces on Amazon. So great to have people like you out there to help out 🙂

    Matt - August 30, 2015

    Hi Jenne, happy to have helped 🙂

Abby - September 24, 2015

For the first time in a long time, I decided to do something for Halloween, and I finally decided on Cass. I’m female (obviously), so I want to do something that’s pretty close to his outfit, but with a girly side. This article was super helpful! I’m trying to track down the trench, I’ve got the tie lined up, and the rest should be simple. Do you think I can get away with a black suit instead of charcoal? Thanks!

    Matt - October 16, 2015

    Hi Abby,
    I’m sure you’ve decided by now, but it’s really personal preference. For “screen accuracy”, we know his suit is the color charcoal. But since you can’t really get the EXACT suit he has anyway, it really is up to you.
    Personally I’d say it doesn’t matter a whole lot, as long as it’s a dark suit and you’ve got the trenchcoat, you’re good to go 🙂

    Jarpad - September 12, 2016


Matt - September 24, 2015

Hi. Long time Supernatural fan, and I was wondering if you could research on the new clothes Cas wears for season 9 to 10. Thank you

    Matt - October 16, 2015

    Hi Matt, is there a particular outfit you’re looking for? Cas wears quite a few different things throughout a lot of the seasons, but he still generally sticks with his charcoal suit and trenchcoat.

      Matt - October 16, 2015

      The clothes Cas wears in season 9 in the episode “Road Trip. He weas a new suit, plus a shorter version of his Trenc coat. This is also the clothes he will now wear as of Season 9 onwards

Penelope - October 25, 2015

We just found shoes, white Tommy Hilfiger shirt, blue tie, black pants, and a trench coat at our local Goodwill store. The trench coat looks amazingly like Castiel’s except the buttons are light tan. It was $15.00. Everything else was less. Thanks for this detailed information. We still have to find a charcoal jacket. Thanks for this helpful site. My daughter wants to dress as Castiel for Halloween. We got really lucky this afternoon! Your site is very helpful!

    Matt - October 29, 2015

    Awesome! Yeah I definitely recommend used clothing stores for a lot of the styles on Supernatural. You’re more likely to find exact matches, and it’s cheap 🙂

Max - October 30, 2015

I’m being Cas for Halloween and I was wondering if Cas has any special, distinct marks? Like how Dean has Cas’ hand print from Hell.

    Matt - October 31, 2015

    Not that I can think of, I’m pretty sure Cas is scar/mark free. There might be episodes/times after being tortured or something, but he always (as far as I recall) ends up getting healed or healing himself.

    Happy Halloween 🙂

Wade - November 19, 2015

Heyo, would you be able to do a guide on Castiel’s new look? With the single breasted trench coat and stripey tie.

    Matt - November 24, 2015

    Hi Wade, I actually meant to do just that a while ago, but it slipped my mind.

    I added a new section above to cover Cas’ new look 🙂

Wade - December 8, 2015

Hiya, I’ve found a Season 9 – onward trench coat on Amazon, it’s a little more on the expensive side though.

    Matt - December 9, 2015

    Nice find Wade, thanks! I’ll add it to the guide 🙂

Matt - January 2, 2016

It looks like Cas wears a different suit this time around. It’s 2 buttons instead of 3, and it appears black and not charcoal. Maybe eBay can help us with the tie. As for the Trench Coat…still no luck. It’s hard to find a 4 button, hip-length coat

    Matt - January 3, 2016

    Hey Matt, I did update the article above with the best matches I could find to Cas’ new look. If you find some better stuff though, definitely let me know 🙂

Matt - January 5, 2016

I found something interesting about the tie Cas was now. His tie is navy blue. With light blue stripes. Around the light blue stripes are white lines. Here’s a picture

I’ll keep looking for the coat. It’s harder to find than Dean’s Twill Military Jacket from GAP

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