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Dean’s Different Shirts

Supernatural Dean Winchester ls Dickies work shirt

Dean’s main style of shirts on Supernatural are the Dickies and Carhartt long sleeve button up work shirts, but that’s not all he wears. You’ll often see him wearing different styles of henleys, thermals, and T-shirts throughout the series.

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Dean's shirts style overview:

  • Solid earth-tone colored t-shirts
  • Dickies & Carhartt work shirts

Dean's T-Shirts

Supernatural Dean Winchester black tshirt

Thankfully his T-shirts are extremely simple.

Dean wears both crew neck and V-neck T-shirts, and the colors are generally black, white, and dark/military green. If you’re in decent shape, you’ll want to get shirts that fit your frame well, IE not baggy, sleeves are a bit shorter, and not extremely tight either.

​Where to Buy Dean's T-Shirts

If you already have a brand of T-shirt that you know fits well, then stick with that.

​Otherwise, I would suggest most of American Apparel’s products, like this American Apparel T-shirt. Or if you want a V-neck, they have those too - American Apparel V-neck. Obviously you can get them in any color or size.

Despite how they look on the models, those shirts actually fit really well. They “hug” the arms/shoulders/chest area well and the torso part isn’t baggy. Perfect athletic fit.

Dean's Henley Style Shirts

Supernatural Dean Winchester gray henley

Dean seems to wear different styles of henley shirts, some thicker than others (unless my eyes are deceiving me).

The henleys are kind of like the T-shirts since it doesn’t really matter what you get. And I don’t think the brand of them is known. I’ve spent countless hours looking for as many details as possible in Dean’s clothing, and I’ve never seen anyone who knows what brand his henleys are.

​You want the shirt to fit well, and the colors will be similar to the T-shirt colors Dean wears.

Where to Buy Henley Shirts

I’m going to recommend American Apparel again here. Just like their T-shirts, their henleys fit really well too. Here are their henleys, and they offer all the colors and sizes you’d need.

I also really like this henley by Match KG. Carhartt sells them as well, and they offer a lot of different styles, like this one for example - Carhartt lightweight thermal knit henley.

​The Button Up Dickies & Carhartt Shirts

Supernatural Dean Winchester Dickies work shirt

And of course we have Dean’s classics, the work shirts. Since these are all either Carhartt or Dickies brand shirts, they’re really easy to get.

You may not be able to buy the exact shirts that Dean wears since styles for any clothes do change every so often, but the look doesn’t change too much. 

If you’re more interested in a “classic” Dean Winchester look, definitely go for one of the solid colored work shirts. The typical colors he wears are:

  • black
  • gray
  • dark blue
  • red
  • denim
  • khaki

Dickies is definitely the most popular brand of work shirt that Dean wears, with Carhartt being second.

From what I could find online, and just from my own memory of the show, the red long sleeve button up work shirt that Dean wears isn’t made by Dickies (I don’t think they make their long sleeve work shirts in red). There are a few different brands that he wears, but the most common and easiest to find is his Carhartt one.

Where to Buy the Button Up Work Shirts

Dickies has their work shirts available on Amazon in every color and size. Speaking of size, their shirts are pretty standard – IE if you normally wear a medium sized shirt, order your Dickies in a medium too. I personally own this shirt in black, charcoal and navy.

​Are you most interested in Carhartt? Dean does wear a red Carhartt work shirt and a green one. You can find them both on Amazon.

Be careful here though, Carhartt’s clothing all tends to run pretty big. Your best bet is buying a size smaller than you normally wear. I bought the red Carhartt work shirt in a medium originally, but I had to return it for a small. Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and about 170 pounds, and normally wear a medium.


Dean does sometimes wear just a T-shirt and jeans, but the show takes place during the fall/winter. So of course the characters are usually wearing layers.

​That’s actually one of the things I like the most about Dean’s style (and most people in Supernatural), the layers. It’s comfortable, keeps you warm when it’s cold out, and you can shed a layer (or more) when you’re inside. So convenient and useful.

Stylish and functional, that seems to sum up Dean’s wardrobe well.​

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I'm a huge fan of sci-fi/supernatural/monster type shows. After putting together some of my own custom costumes and outfits from TV characters, I decided to start writing my own guides.

Kevin - November 23, 2014

Hey I have gone through the website a bit and from what I have seen, this website is awesome. I noticed, at least in the more recent season 10, Dean wears sort of a high V-neck undershirt. Just wanted to get your opinion on it and possibly if you know where I could find it.
Thank you!

Matt - November 23, 2014

Hi Kevin, thanks for the compliment 🙂 I tried to find a good screen cap of Dean wearing one of those undershirts, but couldn’t find one. Not that it’s needed, I just like to have comparison shots. But I did some searches on Amazon and found some undershirts that look the same. I just searched “men’s high vneck” and found this, I’m not the biggest fan of how Hanes tshirts fit, but if you’re only wearing it as an undershirt it shouldn’t matter too much. My favorite undershirt/tshirts for fit are the Target brand Mossimo and American Apparel, but I couldn’t find any high vneck’s made by American Apparel on Amazon. The vnecks made by Mossimo are actually pretty high, I own a few. Here’s a link to them on Target’s website:

Hope that helped 🙂

StEp23 - December 12, 2014

wonderful website!!
it’s very usefull 🙂
what about dean’s plaid shirts? do you have any idea where found them?

    Matt - December 12, 2014

    Hi StEp23, thanks for the kind words 🙂

    You have a good point…and if you can’t tell from the rest of the site, I generally enjoy/enjoyed the first five seasons of Supernatural more than from six to current, and Dean didn’t wear much plaid in the first five seasons. But you are right, he’s been wearing a lot more plaid lately, and I really should add that to this page.

    Just like most of the clothing, I’m not 100% sure on the brand, but just browsing through Carhartt and Dickies flannel/plaid shirts on Amazon I can see quite a few that look really similar.

    I’ll be sure to add a section on this page in the near future dedicated to his plaid shirts though 🙂

Kxdzy - October 26, 2015

Hey! Do you know if Dean would wear a graphic tee under his flannel?
I.e. Does this sound like a dean outfit: red&black flannel, short sleeved graphic tee, blank skinny jeans and converse?

    Matt - October 29, 2015

    Hey Kxdzy, Dean does occasionally wear a graphic tee. The time that sticks out in my head is pre-season 6 though, I can’t recall him wearing them in the newer seasons. Either way though, I’d probably stick with a rock band t-shirt if you can find one.
    As for the full outfit, you could do the skinny jeans and converse, but Dean doesn’t wear skinny jeans (he used to wear boot-cut, but more recently they’re straight-leg jeans) or converse shoes. I’d go with straight-leg jeans and brown boots – I just can’t see Dean wearing converse :p

Matheus Benz - January 3, 2016

do u know how can i buy these work shirts?,i am from Brazil,so thats the problem

thanks,have a good week!

    Matt - January 3, 2016

    Hi Matheus, you would know better than I would 🙂 I have no idea what stores do and don’t sell to which countries, you’ll just have to look up the shirts you’re looking for on sites you know ship to Brazil.

I want the red shirt! - February 12, 2016

Hey Allen! Great work! I just wanted to ask! The red shirt that dean has been wearing for the last seasons, (the red shirt one) Is definitely my favorite one, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere..or any shirt that has the same color or looks like it! It seems as if carhartt made it specially for the supernatural cast, and it makes me sad kinda! Any ideas where to find the exact one or a similar one?

    Matt - April 15, 2016

    Hey, sorry I missed this! No, it’s not a custom shirt, it’s just a certain style/line of Carhartt work shirts that’s been out of production for quite a few years. They used to be available, but for whatever reason they stopped making them. And now it seems like they’re not carrying any long sleeve button down red shirts 🙁 Even if you go to the official Carhartt website, you can’t find a shirt like that.

Grace Motley - April 2, 2016

Hi! The red button-down shirt on the last panel says 404 when I click on it, I think the product has been removed. Do you know where I could find a similar one, like the one in this image?

    Matt - April 15, 2016

    Hi Grace, sorry for the late reply. But my response is basically the same as to the comment above yours. For whatever reason, Carhartt isn’t carrying a long sleeve button down red shirt anymore. The only other place to look would be Ebay, or local thrift stores I would think.

Nelle - April 23, 2016

Awesome website, I’m agender and Dean is sort of my style spirit animal lol, your website has really helped me find a bit more detail on developing the style.

skyler - April 25, 2016

I managed to find a shirt similar to the red Carhartt shirt!! in red oxide isn’t exact, but it’s hella close

    Matt - June 7, 2016

    Hey Skyler, thanks for the info! I’ll add it as an option…I still don’t understand why Carhartt is getting rid of their long sleeve red work shirts…such a shame.

Jasmine Brown - May 2, 2016

Hey, its not really dean related but i think he wears a similar shirt in season one. Do you know where i could get a similar colour shirt to John Winchester/Lucifer?
btw great web, its been really helpful!!
Thanks in advance.

    Matt - June 7, 2016

    Hey Jasmine, gotta be a bit more specific on which shirt you’re talking about 🙂

Gee - May 28, 2016

I just wanted to say how helpful this website has been. I’m cosplaying Deanmon soon for a convention and I’ve been looking for his Carhartt shirt for forever. This page really helped me out, thank you 🙂

    Matt - June 7, 2016

    Glad to hear it, Gee 🙂 I really liked demon Dean, I wish they had fleshed it out a bit more 😀

Warwick - January 12, 2017

This is what I believe to be the exact blue shirt worn by Dean, not actually Dickies. I also believe the logo was removed.

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