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How to Dress Like Stan Marsh

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Stan Marsh is an average fourth grader from South Park Colorado. He is one of four main characters along with best friend Kyle, Kenny and Eric Cartman. Stan has several notable aliases including: Stan the Ranger; Warrior of the Drow Elves, and Shadow Hachi - ninja warrior.

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Stan is the most rational and level-headed of the group and often speaks out against issues that he disagrees with.

Stan’s style is fairly basic and unassuming in nature, although there are exceptions of course.​ Should you wish to create a screen accurate Stan Marsh costume, please continue reading ahead.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Normal Outfit

Drow Elf Ranger Outfit

Ninja Outfit

Stan's style overview:

  • Blue & red beanie
  • Brown jacket
  • Blue jeans
  • Black shoes

The Red Poofball Hat of Mr. Marsh

South Park Stan Marsh normal clothes s17e2

Stan’s hat is arguably one of the most recognizable articles that he is known to wear. It is blue with red piping around the edges and a red ball of poof at the top. Stan is known to wear his hat not only as part of his regular wardrobe, but also as a part of his “Shadow Hachi - Ninja Warrior" costume as well.

​Here is an officially licensed hat that is a perfect match to the hat of Stan Marsh and subsequently, Shadow Hachi.

Stan Marsh is not only a secret ninja Warrior, but also a Ranger and warrior of “The Drow Elves.” While in his Ranger outfit, Stan wears a similar color scheme but his clothing is slightly altered with the inclusion of his knight helmet.​

This knight’s helmet is a great match to the style of Ranger Stan.​

Seeking Stan's Signature Jacket

The jacket that Stan is seen wearing most often is quite simple and basic. It is solid brown with no distinguishing markings or designs.

This brown waterproof jacket by Gioberti is a fine match to the solid brown jacket worn by Stan Marsh on Comedy Central’s South Park.

Stan's Shirt Selection

Stan isn’t known particularly well for wearing any shirt very often. In fact, much of what the boys wear underneath their signature jackets is sometimes a mystery.

​However, Stan’s imaginary characters: Shadow Hachi and Stan the Ranger, Warrior of the Drow Elves both wear something very similar to his normal appearance.

While Shadow Hachi is known to wear a brown sleeveless karate gi, Ranger Stan has been noted to wear a sleeveless jacket. Both come in brown and are fairly similar.

Here is a men’s brown sleeveless vest that is a perfect match to the armor of Ranger Stan, Warrior of the Drow Elves. It is also a close match to the brown karate gi worn by Shadow Hachi.​

Stan Marsh's Pants

South Park Stan Marsh sitting on couch

Given the fact that Stan Marsh is an animated, fictional character, finding the correct pants or any item really is left mostly to your own imagination.

​Because there is no way of saying ultimately what he is canonically wearing, I would suggest using your best judgement - as I have done to find these relevant items.

Having stated this, Stan has been noted to wear blue pants of some description, I have chosen to interpret this as simple blue jeans. These dark stonewash jeans by Levi’s are a perfect match to the blue pants of Mr. Stan Marsh.​

​Shopping for Stan Marsh's Shoes

Stan’s shoes are as basic as they come, solid black color sneakers with no apparent logos or markings.

​Because of this, I have chosen a set of shoes that best fits this description with the character of Stan in mind.

Here we have a set of black on black Puma Formstrip sneakers that are an excellent match to the solid black shoes of Stan Marsh from South Park.​

Stan's Accessory Guide

South Park Stan Marsh Drow elf ranger costume

Throughout the course of the long-running Comedy Central animated series, Stan has used numerous different items and accessories. Ahead we will discuss some of the most relevant items pertaining to his wardrobe and that of his aliases.

This costume sword by Rubies is quite similar to the sword wielded by Ranger Stan - Warrior of the Drow Elves.

Here is a set of rubber foam practice Tonfa that are a very similar match to Shadow Hachi’s Tonfa of Takanawa.​

This set of red men’s mittens are a great match to the red mittens worn by Stan since his introduction on Comedy Central’s South Park.​

Here is a blue karate belt that is a perfect match to the belt worn with the brown karate gi of Shadow Hachi (Stan’s ninja alter-ego)​.

This brown belt with a large metal buckle is a great match to the belt worn as part of Ranger Stan’s costume.​

Here is a gray cape that is nearly identical to the cape worn by Ranger Stan.​

This set of gray wristbands are a perfect match to the ones worn by Ranger Stan - Warrior of the Drow Elves.​

Here is a red feather that no Ranger Stan’s knight helmet would be complete without.​

This concludes another guide on the style of your favorite television characters. Be sure to check back soon for our take on the rest of the gang from South Park and much more!​

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