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How to Dress Like Professor Oak

Professor Oak Pokemon Indigo

Professor Samuel Oak (Yukinari Okido in Japan), is a supporting character in both the Pokemon animated series and video games. As his name implies, he is a well respected scholar in the field of Pokemon research.

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Professor Oak resides at his lab located in Ash’s hometown of Pallet. One of his duties as a Pokemon Professor is to distribute starter pokemon to new trainers once eligible.

Unfortunately, Ash slept in on the morning he was to receive his very own starter Pokemon. Because of this, Professor Oak gave out all of the starters that he had to trainers who were punctual. When Ash arrived, all that was left was a feisty little Pikachu who, once released from his Pokeball, refused to ever return to it.

Professor Oak is a very important and interesting character in the Pokemon series, and his casual-scientific style isn’t too difficult to replicate.

Continue ahead for a guide to help you match the wardrobe and accessories of Professor Oak.

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Professor Oak's style overview:

  • White lab coat
  • Collared long sleeve shirts
  • Hawaiian shirts
  • Khaki pants
  • Slip-on loafers

Professor Oak's Overcoat

Pokemon Professor Oak with Ash

Professor Oak’s most recognizable article of clothing has got to be his white lab coat. As stylish as it is iconic. It sets him apart from all of the plebs of the Kanto region and lets people know right away that he is a professional within the scientific Pokemon community.

The Professor is seldom seen without his signature lab coat. He wears it almost everywhere he goes. His jacket has been noted to feature a notched lapel collar and two pockets at the waist.

This white lab coat by Cherokee is a perfect match to the jacket often times worn by Samuel Oak. Click here to compare prices on Amazon.

The Silky Shirts of Samuel Oak

The Professor’s style is simple and professional the majority of the time he appears in the video game as well as the animated series.

The Pokemon Professor of Pallet town has been noted to wear a few different colors and styles of shirt. He is most often seen in a long sleeve collared shirt in either burgundy or violet color.

Additionally, Professor Oak is known to wear tropical themed Hawaiian shirts while on holiday from time to time. The tropical themed shirts he has been noted to wear came in green and yellow color, both with a simple pineapple design.

While we weren’t able to locate an exact match to the vacation wear of Professor Oak, we have selected relevant matches for all of the shirts worn by Oak.

This violet colored dress shirt is very similar to the violet shirt Professor Oak is known to wear in the third generation Pokemon video games.

Here is a burgundy collared shirt that is nearly identical to the shirt worn most often by Professor Samuel Oak in the Pokemon animated series.

Here’s a yellow Hawaiian style shirt that is quite similar to the one worn by Professor Oak when he takes some much deserved time off. It is worth noting that while Oak’s shirt features a pineapple design, this shirt has instead Hibiscus flowers.

This vibrant green Hawaiian shirt is another very similar one to the one worn by Professor Oak.

Pokemon Professor Oak talking to Ash

Examining the Pants of a Professor

When it comes to professor Oak’s pants, the main style he seems to prefer is simple, straight-leg, regular fit, khaki slacks. This basic style can work for both professional and casual atmospheres.

Which is a good thing for the Professor of Pallet town, considering even on the simplest of errands he can find himself offering his expert advice to rookie and veteran trainers alike.

Beyond the Professors usual adornments, he has also been noted to have worn blue vertical striped boxer shorts. So if for some reason you have ever asked yourself in regard to Samuel Oak; boxers or briefs? Now you know.

These straight-front khaki slacks by Dockers are a perfect match to the pants worn by Professor Oak, a majority of the time. Click here to check if your size is in-stock.

These blue striped boxer shorts underwear are quite similar to the ones worn by Professor Oak on the Pokemon anime.

The Style of Shoes Belonging to Professor Oak

Whether performing experiments in his lab or conducting research out in the field, Professor Oak spends a lot of time on his feet. So it’s no surprise the shoes he is noted wear offer both style and comfort.

He has been known to wear simple brown loafers, with no distinguishable markings or decorations. In fact they don't appear to even have laces. Which is why we have chosen a pair of slip-on loafers as they seem the most appropriate.

These tan colored slip-on loafers by Dockers are an excellent match to the shoes worn by Professor Oak.

The Professor's Accessories

Pokemon Professor Oak Standing

Professor Oak is more than just a Pokemon Professor, he also specializes in researching the relationship between Pokemon and their trainers.

In addition to Ash, Professor Oak has kept an eye on the progress of at least three other trainers who began their journey in Pallet town.

Unfortunately, two of those three trainers have remained a mystery to the audience since the beginning. The final trainer from Pallet town is none other than Ash’s rival and Professor Oak’s grandson, Gary Oak.

Considering all of the duties and responsibilities that Professor Oak has dedicated himself to, it should come as no surprise that he has plenty of tools and accessories to help him along the way.

We’ll take a look at the most relevant ones just ahead.

Possibly one of the most important of the Professor’s accessories has to be his belt. (After all, he wouldn’t be taken seriously if he tried to give a lecture in his blue striped boxer shorts!)

This brown reversible belt by Kenneth Cole is a great match to the belt of Professor Oak because of the unique style of buckle.

The Pokedex is a high-tech encyclopedia that records data on Pokemon encountered. Professor Oak is not only a distributor of this tool, but he is also the inventor.

This first generation version of the Pokedex is an exact match to the ones he has given to young trainers such as Ash Ketchum, and Oak’s own grandson, Gary.

This Pokeball toy is a perfect match to the items used to capture wild Pokemon and store domesticated Pokemon.

Here is an extended length pointer that is a perfect match to the ones used by Professor Oak when giving Pokemon lectures.

This hot orange colored visor is an appropriate match to the visor Oak is seen wearing on vacation. It should pair perfectly with the tropical themed shirts suggested earlier.

The final accessory we have chosen to compliment an authentic Professor Oak cosplay is this pair of polarized, gray rimmed sunglasses, that are nearly identical to the ones Oak is noted to have worn on holiday.

In conclusion, I was surprised to find out how authentic Professor Oak’s wardrobe actually was, considering he is an animated cartoon character.

It’s one of the qualities that I think really brings a Professor Oak costume together so well. As well as many other characters.

Until next time, Pokemaniacs.

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