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How to Dress Like Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum Pokemon

Ash Ketchum (or “Satoshi” as he is known in Japan) is introduced as a ten year old Pokemon trainer from Pallet town.

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Ash is a character created for the Pokemon animated series, loosely based on “Red”; the main protagonist from the first generation Pokemon video games - Pokemon Red and Green versions.

While his signature Pokemon partner - Pikachu - reigns supreme as one of the most recognizable mascots of the franchise, Ash is nearly equally as popular (especially among North American markets).

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the fashionable stylings of Ash Ketchum.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Jackets & Shirt

Gloves, Belt, Pants, & Shoes


Pokeball, Pokedex, Backpack, & Badges

Ash's style overview:

  • Different baseball caps
  • Different jackets
  • Green backpack
  • Stonewash blue jeans
  • Black & white sneakers

The Headgear of Ash Ketchum

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Gloves and Hat

If your goal is to put together an accurate Ash Ketchum cosplay, arguably one of the most important articles to begin with would be his signature hat.

Ash’s signature hat was acquired by winning it in an official Pokemon League contest. The official Pokemon League Expo ball cap was apparently sought after by many trainers in the anime including: Misty the Cerulean city gym leader.

Considering it’s rarity, it is no wonder Ash becomes understandably upset when a wild Mankey snatches it for a short time playing a game of “Keep-Away” with the young trainer.

Ash wore his Pokemon League Expo hat far longer than any other hat he has owned to date. He has worn it as part of his regular wardrobe throughout his travels of: the Kanto region, the Orange Archipelago as well as the Johto region.

He is synonymous with having his cap turned backwards during times of great determination such as when capturing a wild pokemon or battling.

Once Ash finished his training in the Johto region he moved on to Hoenn, and with this came the very first overhaul of his overall appearance, which is a tradition he has since continued whenever he travels to a new region.

Ash has sported quite a few different styles of baseball cap since his introduction. Let’s take a look at some of the most recognizable ones.

Here is a hat that is an exact match to the one worn by Ash while battling his way through the Indigo League in the Kanto region.

This hat is a perfect match to the hat worn by Ash during his exploration of the Hoenn region.

Here is a ball cap that is another exact match to the one worn by Ash throughout his travels of the Unova region. Additionally, this design of Ash’s hat seems to match that of his video game counterpart “Red".

Finally we have this hat which is a perfect match to the hat worn by Ash in the sixth generation region of Kalos. Additionally, this design of Ash’s hat seems to match that of his video game counterpart “Red.”

Ash's Different Jackets

Pokemon Ash Ketchum with Pikachu

Ash has been known to wear many different jackets throughout his appearance in the Pokemon animated series. His jackets have come in a variety of colors and styles as well, including: casual jackets, athletic wear and hoodies just to name a few.

While Ash’s jackets share certain similarities, an interesting observation about his jacket wearing habits is that since he traveled to the Hoenn region and changed his wardrobe, he has never regularly worn an open jacket like that in his earlier appearances.

While Ash is known for a few different jackets, one in particular stands out as the quintessential Ash Ketchum jacket. That of course being his classic blue and white short sleeve baseball style jacket from his early adventures in Kanto, the Orange Islands and Johto.

While there isn’t any officially licensed version of Ash’s jacket, there are a few options out there for anyone hoping to put together an authentic Ash Ketchum costume.

Here are the most relevant options that I found to be readily available.

This jacket is modeled to match Ash’s early appearance jacket. Most notably worn while battling in the Indigo League of the Kanto Region.

Here is another jacket designed to match Ash’s jacket from his early appearances in Kanto. This version of the jacket is made to be a high-quality replica.

Additionally we have this costume jacket that perfectly replicates the look of Ash’s jacket worn through his travels of the Kalos region, encountering sixth generation Pokemon.

Ash's Shirt

Ash’s shirt from his Kanto/Johto wardrobe is a simple monochrome t-shirt worn underneath his jacket and tucked into his blue jeans.

The color of this t-shirt is the subject of some debate surprisingly as it has been noted to be either cyan or teal color, while others contend that it appears to be black or navy.

I have chosen to list a black colored shirt for the purpose of this article, but I suppose for the purposes of a costume it’s a matter that is open to interpretation.

This black colored t-shirt is nearly identical to the shirts worn by Ash Ketchum on Pokemon.

Ash's Pants

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Standing in Plane

When it comes to Ash’s legwear, the most recognizable article of clothing is arguably his light blue stonewash denim jeans. These are the simplest and most basic pants in Ash’s fashion arsenal.

Ash has been noted to wear his basic jeans throughout both the Johto region and the Kanto region as well as the Orange Islands.

Also it is worth noting that when Ash wore these jeans, he kept them cuffed at the leg openings.

These light stone wash jeans by Levi’s are a perfect match to the ones worn by Ash Ketchum.

The Footwear of Ash Ketchum

Because Ash in an animated character, the type of shoes he wears seems to be a matter of opinion. A few concrete facts about the design of Ash’s shoes are that in his early appearances they appear to be black and white colored sneakers with a red circular shape on each individual shoe.

Probably the most frequently used substitute for Ash’s shoes both for appearance and affordability are basic black and white Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor sneakers.

These black and white sneakers by Converse are an excellent match to the shoes worn by Ash Ketchum during his time in the Kanto region.

Accessories of a Pokemon Trainer

Ash Ketchum Pokeball

We’re nearing the end of our guide on creating an epic Pokemon cosplay for Ash Ketchum, but there are still quite a few important items to discuss.

As any seasoned Pokemon trainer knows, it takes a little more than just care and attention to get the job done. Luckily we’ve got an array of useful accessories to help you on your journey.

Here are some of the most valuable accessories Ash has been known to make use of.

Here is a belt that is an acceptable match to the belt of Ash Ketchum. It is worth noting that Ash’s belt is noted to be brown, but I have chosen this black belt because it has a more similar style of buckle.

This set of green fingerless gloves are a good match to the ones worn by Ash Ketchum. Although it is worth taking into account that Ash’s gloves are actually two shades of green, whereas this set is one.

Arguably one of the most important tools used by a Pokemon trainer, Ash’s first generation Pokedex is an item that catalogs information on all of the various Pokemon he encounters. Unfortunately this version of the Pokedex is only available currently on the secondary market, so prices may exceed your budget for this particular version of the Pokedex.

Here is the sixth generation version of the Pokedex which is also used by Ash, but this one, while not as iconic as its predecessor, is much more accessible.

Once you have encountered a Pokemon you take a liking to, you’re definitely gonna need at least one of these: the Poke Ball. This accessory used for capturing and storing Pokemon is essential for any Pokemon trainer. Here’s the link if you’re in the market to purchase some.

Ash’s trusty partner Pikachu has been with him since his journey began on that fateful morning that Ash slept in too late, missing the opportunity to choose between the usual Kanto starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

This plush Pikachu doll is a great way to bring your own little electric mouse anywhere you go.

Here is an authentic set of the eight gym badges of Kanto that are an excellent match to the badges Ash earns by defeating the corresponding gym leaders. Ash is known to store them on the inside of his jacket for safe keeping.

Last but not least we have Ash’s green backpack that he carries throughout his Kanto journey, likely for storing his extra garments and Poke Balls.

Here is a green backpack that’s a great match to the one used by Ash on the animated series.

In conclusion, it seems that Ash’s most iconic wardrobe-that he wore through his Kanto adventures, seems to be the most accessible when it comes to matching articles of clothing as well as accessories.

While it’s possible to recreate some of his other looks just as well, it is likely to require a lot of time and resources to create custom pieces that just don’t exist currently. (With the exception of a few of his hats.)

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