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How to Dress Like Ron Swanson

Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson brown striped ls polo shirt

Ron Swanson is the director of the Pawnee City Parks and Recreation Department and the immediate supervisor to Leslie Knope. He also performs secretly as a jazz musician under the alias “Duke Silver.”

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Ron is nearly emotionless openly, displaying a deadpan expression no matter the circumstances. He claims to have only cried twice in his life. The first time when he was struck by a bus at age seven.

Ron is very masculine and has an incredibly high tolerance for pain. His main interests include: woodworking, meat and whiskey. He thinks fishing should only be for sport as “fish meat is practically a vegetable.”

Should you wish to create an accurate Ron Swanson costume please continue ahead for our guide on the fashion and style of Ron Swanson.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Ron's style overview:

  • Manly mustache
  • Dark outdoors jackets
  • Solid colored collared shirts
  • Khaki pants
  • Brown loafers

The Mighty Mustache of Ron Swanson

Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson brown pattern ls polo shirt

When it comes to Ron Swanson’s mustache, it is likely not a surprise to find out that his facial hair is very important to him. Even going so far as to add it to his “pyramid of greatness.”

Ron nearly always has his signature “walrus” style mustache for most of his appearances on Parks and Recreation.

Should you be unwilling or unable to sprout your own “Swanson-style” stache’ then fear not, for we have found an acceptable alternative.

This faux mustache in brown color is nearly identical to the bushy upper lip hair of the director of Pawnee’s Parks and Rec.

What Kind of Jackets Does Ron Wear?

Ron Swanson has been noted to wear several different jackets throughout his appearance on P&R. Most notably is likely one of his many brown, light brown, or dark brown sport jackets.

He has also been spotted in a tan colored outdoor jacket and a brown winter coat as well, just to name a few.

Here is an outdoor jacket by Carhartt that is nearly identical to the one Ron is noted to have worn on Parks and Rec.

This brown blazer is a great match to the style of Ron Swanson and a nearly perfect match to the jacket he is often seen wearing on the show.

Here is a dark brown blazer that is another excellent match to the style of jacket Ron is noted to wear frequently.

Where to Get Shirts Like Ron's

Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson red ls polo shirt

Ron is known to wear several different types of shirts throughout the course of the series. He is noted to have worn sweaters, polo shirts, button down dress shirts and western plaid shirts.

On top of the different variations of shirt styles that he wears, Ron has also been noted to own several of the same shirt in alternate colors. Like his checkered long sleeve polo type shirt that he owns in burgundy, navy and green.

This burgundy sweater is a perfect match to the type of shirt that Ron Swanson is synonymous with.

Here is a long sleeve checkered shirt in red burgundy color that is a great match to the shirts worn by Ron.

This plaid western style shirt is another nearly identical match to the shirts Ron is noted to wear on Parks and Recreation.

Slipping on Some of Swanson's Slacks

Ron Swanson’s legwear is fairly basic in nature. He has been noted to wear simple, chino front, khaki pants most frequently.

He is also known to wear black, brown and navy slacks in the same style.

He has also been noted to wear jeans from time to time, but generally he dresses in a very professional manner.

These khaki pants by IZOD are a great match to the khakis Ron is known to wear often times.

Here is a set of navy slacks by Haggar that are also nearly identical to the pants worn by Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec.

The Footwear of Ron Swanson

Ron is known to enjoy a good shoe shine. In fact several a day if possible. The activity of having his shoes shined is so relaxing to Ron that he sometimes can’t help but become flatulent from relaxation.

Ron’s shoes are basic and professional but casual at the same time somehow. He has been noted to wear tan or light brown slip on loafers most frequently on Parks and Recreation.

These tan loafers by Dockers are almost identical to the loafers that Ron is known to wear often times on the show.

How to Accessorize Like Ron Swanson

Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

Ron is known to make use of several accessories, both cosmetic and functional.

One of the most intimidating accessories he keeps on his desk is a Claymore mine, which he keeps along with a mounted shotgun in order to mitigate or avoid human interaction.

More common items that he is noted to possess include: a belt, necktie and wristwatch.

Here is a black belt by Columbia that is a fine match to the style of belt that he wears on the show.

This navy pattern necktie is another excellent match to the style of Ron Swanson and is very similar to ties he has been noted to wear on Parks and Rec.

Ron’s wristwatch has been identified as the Men's Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 2100 watch in stainless steel. Unfortunately this watch isn’t currently under production any longer. However this watch by the same manufacturer is very similar and an acceptable alternative.

This paperback of Patrick O’Brian’s Nutmeg of Consolation is an exact match to the book of the same title that Ron is noted to have read on the show.

Finally we have this screen accurate reproduction poster of the “Swanson Pyramid of Greatness,” a set of standards created by Ron Swanson in order to achieve in life.

If this guide has taught me anything, it’s that Ron’s clothing is only half the battle for creating a believable Ron Swanson cosplay. The other half of course being a masculine, expressionless face, no matter the circumstance.

As always, thanks for checking this out and feel free to suggest ways we could make improvements to help you in the future.

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