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How to Dress Like Jessica Jones

Netflix Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a former superhero- turned private investigator with a mysterious childhood and traumatic past that plague her mental stability.

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She suffers from P.T.S.D. relating to a former “relationship” with the dapper and mysterious man known simply as Kilgrave.

Like any young woman who isn’t sure what she really wants, she both evades and pursues Kilgrave, depending on the situation.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the wardrobe and style of Netflix Jessica Jones.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Jeans & Boots

Gloves, Scarf & Bag

Jessica's style overview:

  • Black/dark jackets
  • Light colored, torn up skinny jeans
  • Dark biker boots
  • Fingerless gloves

The Jackets of Jessica Jones

Netflix Jessica Jones

Jessica’s style is tough and defensive, consisting of a gritty tomboy/biker mash-up. It’s been noted that Jessica’s wardrobe was intentionally planned out this way, as if she were dressing to shelter herself from the world.

Whether you are planning to assemble a screen accurate Jessica Jones costume or you just want to add some of her style to your own wardrobe, you’re gonna need at least one of her many stylish jackets!

Jessica wears a number of different jackets throughout the first season of the series. Her main jacket has been identified as an Acne Studios leather motorcycle jacket.

A couple of her other jackets worth mentioning are her black zip-up , her green windbreaker and also a gray hoodie she is often seen wearing underneath any of the former.

Here is a black zip-up jacket that is quite similar to the one Jessica is seen wearing in season one of the show.

This WantDo army green windbreaker jacket is nearly identical to the one Jessica Jones wears quite frequently.

Here’s a black leather motorcycle jacket by Luna Flower that isn’t quite a perfect match to the main jacket of J.J., but the difference is nearly indistinguishable!

Lastly in the jacket department, we have this simple gray zip-up hooded sweatshirt that’s a perfect match to the one Jessica wears underneath many of her other jackets.

Jessica's Spectacular Tops

Netflix Jessica Jones

Besides her jackets, the most articles of clothing Jessica possesses probably has to be her many different shirts. While for the most part she wears simple one colored tank tops, she does have at least a few other notable tops in her repartee’.

If it is your goal to complete a screen accurate Jessica Jones cosplay, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have at least one or two of these as she doesn’t seem to have any certain signature shirt. (Sometimes wearing none at all.)

Here is a burgundy turtleneck sweater by Fifth Parallel Threads that is nearly identical to the one worn by Jessica Jones.

This blue plaid button down western style blouse is a perfect match to the shirt worn by Jessica.

This simple black tank-top is a great match to the ones worn by J.J on the series by the same name.

Here is a gray tank-top that is also nearly identical to that worn by Jessica. Like most of her wardrobe, it isn’t the most elegant article of clothing, but it serves it’s purpose.

The Jeans & Boots of Jessica Jones

Although even I would be hard-pressed to spot each one, it has been noted that over twenty different sets of blue jeans were worn during the production of the show.

The only noticeable differences would be the level and location of fraying and blood stains.

Other than that her jeans seem to all share the same style and appearance. Light blue, frayed skinny jeans.

These light blue colored jeans match the style of Jessica Jones entirely! While it isn’t the only thing she’s noted to wear, this is definitely her signature look when it comes to jeans.

Jessica's Bad Guy Stomping Boots

Unlike every other woman in the world, Jessica seems to own only one set of boots. I don’t know if that’s all her Alias Investigations salary can afford her, but it definitely seems odd.

Jessica’s boots are pretty simple and straightforward. She is noted to wear black leather, ankle-high, motorcycle boots with buckle.

These boots by Cats Eyes aren’t quite an identical match, but for the price it’s as close as you’ll come!

Jessie's Accessories

Netflix Jessica Jones

Considering she is capable of superhuman strength that rivals even the powerful Luke Cage, and is capable of limited flight, it comes as no surprise that Jessica isn’t known to carry many accessories or weapons - if any at all.

That being said, I have taken note of the few accessories that she does make use of.

This gray, textured scarf is an excellent match to the one worn by Jessica.

No Jessica Jones outfit would be complete without her black fingerless gloves, and these are a perfect match to the ones worn by her.

This army green messenger bag is completely similar to the one worn by Jessica Jones.

In conclusion, I found Jessica’s gritty style to be surprisingly easy to imitate.  I was also surprised by just how comfortable I was slipping into her hard candy shell, so-to-speak.

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