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How to Dress Like Jackson Avery

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Jackson Avery White Lab Coat

Jackson Avery, formerly a surgical resident at Mercy West Medical Center, finds himself in an unfamiliar (and unfriendly at times) new environment when Mercy West is merged with Seattle Grace Hospital.

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Jackson is not only faced with the dilemma of fitting in with an all new staff, but he, like Meredith Grey, is attempting to make a name for himself rather than ride the success of his family name.

Avery’s style is casual basic and simple, consisting mainly of a collection of hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans.

Please continue ahead for a guide to help you match the style of Avery, and even assemble an accurate Jackson Avery costume.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Jackets, Suits, & Shirts

Jeans & Shoes

Lab Coat, Scrubs, & Stethoscope

Watches, Shoulder Bag, & Tie

Jackson's style overview:

  • Dark, casual jackets
  • Gray suit
  • Lab coat & scrubs
  • Dark wash relax-fit jeans

Jackson's Jackets

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Jackson Avery Athletic Jacket

Jackson Avery is known to showcase numerous different jackets throughout the course of Grey’s Anatomy. Most often they are darker shades of gray, black or blue.

He frequently wears hoodies as well, but it is worth mentioning that he prefers the pullover variety as he is seldom (if ever) seen wearing a zip up hoodie.

Here is a black Varsity jacket that is similar to the one frequently worn by Jackson Avery. While this particular jacket is the closest match we were able to find, I feel compelled to mention that it isn’t quite an exact match, as Avery’s jacket has no colored accents or decoration of any kind.

This gray hoodie is a great match to the hoodie worn by Dr. Jackson Avery.  Here is a gray cardigan sweater that is quite similar to the one worn by Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy.

This navy colored hooded sweatshirt by Gildan is very much alike the one seen upon the body of Dr. Avery.

Here we have this dark gray suit. This suit is a great match to the ones Dr. Avery has been known to sport.

Shirts Worn by Dr. Avery

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Jackson Avery Gray Sweater

Jackson’s button down dress shirts are likely the most professional looking items of clothing within his possession. He is seen wearing them more and more frequently as he works his way up the ladder, so-to-speak, at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Which, by the way, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Jackson’s mother, Catherine, investing in the hospital (which is once again in financial crisis). She agrees to fund the hospital through The Harper-Avery Foundation, on the condition that Dr. Avery agrees to accept the role of Chairman - which he does.

Here is a light blue, button down, dress shirt that is an excellent match to those worn by Dr. Jackson Avery.

This plain t-shirt in oxford gray color by Hanes is a perfect match to the gray shirts worn by Dr. Jackson Avery on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Breaking-in Jackson's Jeans

The jeans of Jackson Avery aren’t necessarily always blue. While he is noted to wear several styles and colors of jeans including blue, black and gray.

Very much like the rest of his wardrobe, most of Jackson’s jeans are a darker shade of gray or black.  And if blue, they are often times a dark wash.

Avery’s denim isn’t exactly the focal point of his style, but they can be paired with just about any of his shirts or jackets to complete an accurate Jackson Avery cosplay.

Here is a pair of dark wash, relaxed fit jeans that match the jeans worn by Jackson Avery to a T.

These gray whiskered jeans are a fine match to the gray denim worn by Dr. Avery.

Get Your Jackson's Kicks Fix

Dr. Avery’s footwear style has got a little more pizzazz than your average Doctor. He has been noted to wear athletic shoes - often times big name brand or designer.

His shoes are often times the same color scheme as the rest of his wardrobe, utilizing grays and blacks, but he has been noted to wear more over the top colors and styles when not on duty.

Here is a pair of athletic shoes by Skechers that match the style of Dr. Avery very well. Click here to check availability.

While these burgundy basketball shoes by Nike aren’t quite an exact match, they are incredibly similar to the ones worn by Dr. Avery.

Jackson Avery's Accessories

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Jackson Avery White Lab Coat

Jackson is noted to accessorize with several little extras, but who needs accessories with the most hypnotizing green eyes known to man and God-like sculpted abs.

It’s no wonder just how Dr. Avery managed to swoon the love of his life and mother of his child, Dr. April Kepner.

Anyhow let’s take a look at these accessories:

This black stethoscope is a perfect match to the ones used by the medical staff of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

These Dickies scrubs in either navy blue or turquoise are a perfect match to the scrubs worn by Dr. Avery while on duty as a surgeon.

Here is a white lab coat that matches the coats worn by Jackson exactly. If you are in need of a new doctor’s jacket, you can get one by clicking right here.

While it isn’t an exact match, this Smith & Wesson digital watch is a very close match to the timepiece worn by Dr. Avery.

This gold analog wrist watch by Casio is another inexact match, but it is also quite similar to the watch worn by Jackson.

Here is a purple necktie that is very similar to the plain purple tie worn by Dr. Jackson Avery with his gray suit.

Lastly we have this men’s leather shoulder bag that is an appropriate match to the shoulder bag carried by Dr. Avery.

In conclusion, I have found that Dr. Avery’s style is sharp, well maintained, and most of all, easy to become accustomed to.  Most likely because he wears so many casual jackets and jeans, Jackson Avery’s outfit isn’t much different than something your or I might wear.

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