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How to Dress Like Dr. Richard Webber

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Richard Webber

Dr. Richard Webber is an attending general surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He also serves as Residency Program Director and has served three separate times as Chief of Surgery.

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He has an unorthodox professional relationship with Meredith Grey because he was once involved in a torrid love affair with her mother; Ellis Grey.

Dr. Webber's style ranges from professional to semi-business-casual. His wardrobe consists mainly of brightly colored shirts, dark slacks, and of course his signature scrubs and lab coat when he is performing surgeries.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you recreate the style and wardrobe of Dr. Richard Webber.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Jackets & Shirts

Lab Coat, Scrubs, & Stethoscope

Pants & Shoes

Hat, Glasses, & Sound System

Richard's style overview:

  • Bucket hat
  • Lab coat & scrubs
  • Long sleeve polo-style shirts
  • Zip up sweaters
  • Half eye reading glasses

Headgear Worn by Doc Webber

Richard Webber has been known to wear a casual piece of headgear time and again. Nearly always when he is not on duty at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Most often, it’s his gray twill, bucket hat. It’s worth mentioning that Richard’s hat has the chin cord removed.

I found a bucket hat that is an excellent match to the one worn by Dr. Webber on Grey’s Anatomy. Not only is it stylish, but it’s been proven to block at least 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Here’s a link to this item on Amazon if you’d like to learn more.

Richard Webber's Jacket Packet

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Richard Webber

Richard is frequently seen wearing one of several different jackets, including casual jackets, cardigans, formal jackets and of course his white lab coat.

His jacket style is very casual and probably exactly what you might expect a middle aged gentleman to wear.

He is seen wearing his brown casual jacket most often, either when coming or going from the Hospital, or when he heads over to Joe’s bar to have a drink.

When Meredith and the other surgeons realize that he’s gone back to drinking, they confront him and this leads to him resigning from his position as Chief of Surgery. Which he had held previously for twelve years.

Here is a casual jacket in dark khaki color that is a great match to the jacket worn by Dr. Webber.

This deep gray full-zip style cardigan is another nice match to the style and wardrobe of Richard Webber.

Richard's Vibrant Shirts

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Richard Webber

Dr. Webber’s shirts are likely the most recognizable articles of clothing for when he holds the position of “Chief of Surgery.” As this position requires him to fulfill administrative duties as well as being the most senior surgeon.

Spending more time in an office than the operating room obviously means that as “Chief”, he dons his signature navy scrubs less frequently in exchange for his brightly colored sweaters, dress shirts and polos.

Here is a navy colored long sleeve polo shirt by IZOD that is quite similar to the shirt worn by Dr. Webber.

This orange long sleeve polo shirt is a perfect match to the style of Chief Webber. I’m not sure why, but this is the shirt I imagine when I think of Chief Webber.

Here’s a sweater in pasture heather green color by Calvin Klein that is a fine match to the green sweater Dr. Webber is known to wear over a collared button down dress shirt.

This gray striped dress shirt matches the style of shirt Dr. Webber has been noted to wear.

Trying Dr. Webber's Pants on for Size

Richard's style is fairly basic and predictable when it comes to his slacks. He has been noted to wear dress slacks or khakis most often.

The color of his slacks is usually darker in shade, showcasing many shades of blacks and grays.

Here’s a set of men’s dress slacks in graphite color by Haggar that are incredibly similar to the slacks worn by Richard.

These black slacks also by Haggar are quite similar to his slacks as well.

Dr. Webber's Foot Gear

Dr. Richard Webber has been noted to wear multiple different styles of shoe throughout the course of the series. Including but not limited to black oxford dress shoes and black slip resistant work shoes.

If you wish to complete an accurate Dr. Richard Webber costume, you might want to consider getting a pair like these if you don’t own some already.

Honestly there isn’t really too much else to say about Dr. Webber’s footwear, so let’s a take a look at the corresponding matches.

These black oxford dress shoes are a nice match to the shoes worn by Richard Webber.

Here we have a pair of black slip resistant work shoes that are very similar to the shoes worn by Dr. Webber along with his scrubs and lab coat.

Richard & His Miscellaneous Accessories

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Richard Webber

As I mentioned previously, Dr. Webber was in the past involved in extramarital activities with Ellis Grey; Meredith’s mother. Unlike Ellis Grey, however, Richard was not ready to leave his spouse (Adele) to pursue the relationship completely.

Ellis and Richard continued to share a special bond during moments of clarity from her Alzheimer's condition.

In an Ironic twist, Richard’s wife Adele later developed Alzheimer’s and sadly passed away from a heart attack.

This put Dr. Webber through an understandable amount of grief for a time, but he later finds himself falling for the mother of one his most promising proteges, Jackson Avery.

Through it all, Richard is noted to have worn, used, or owned several different accessories. Let’s take a look at some of those ahead.

These half-eye style reading glasses are an excellent match to the spectacles worn by Richard Webber while fulfilling his administrative duties.

Here’s a set of navy medical scrubs by Dickies that match the ones worn by Richard surprisingly well.

This white lab coat by Dickies is quite similar to the coat worn by him at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Here’s a stethoscope in black that is a great match to the one’s used by many of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Lastly we have this Bose Wave Music system which is an exact match to the brand and make, but it isn’t the very same model seen in Chief Webber’s office, as that particular model has been discontinued.

Dr. Webber’s style may not be for everyone, but it is appropriate for a man of his age without question. Many of the items that are a match to his style are fairly accessible, so if you have any interest in putting together a Dr. Webber costume, then it shouldn’t cause you much grief.

That concludes another TVStyleGuide. Thanks for reading!

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