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How to Dress Like Dr. Derek Shepherd

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd first comes to Seattle Grace hospital when he is offered the position of “Chief of Surgery” by his former mentor - Seattle Grace’s Chief Webber. Derek declines this offer but does take over as “head of neurosurgery,” and eventually even takes over as “Chief” for a short time.

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Derek’s style is fresh and casual with a hint of professionalism. His trendy style and dashing looks are likely what led Dr. Shepherd to having a short fling, after a night of drinking with Meredith Grey, an intern at SGH. This eventually blossomed into something more.

If you’d like to complete an accurate Derek Shepherd costume, or just want to feel like you’re the “head of neurosurgery” in your two bedroom apartment, then continue ahead for our guide to matching the wardrobe and style of Derek Shepherd - aka “McDreamy.”

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 Derek's style overview:

  • Navy scrubs
  • White lab coat
  • Tennis shoes
  • Wool overcoat
  • Classic fit Levi's jeans

Derek Shepherd's Coats

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Derek Shepherd

Derek has worn numerous coat and jackets throughout the course of the previous eleven seasons! He has worn many familiar, high-end brand names such as his John Varvatos blazer, hoodie, and wool overcoat.

Obviously, given his profession, Dr. Shepherd is most often seen in his custom Seattle Grace Hospital doctor’s lab coat. His lab coat is of the plain white, three pocket variety with forty inch length and kick pleats.

Here is a wool overcoat by Alpine Swiss that is quite similar to Dr. Shepherd’s Varvatos overcoat.

This Dickies scrubs unisex lab coat is nearly identical to the one worn by Dr. Shepherd and the rest of the residents and interns at Seattle Grace Hospital.

The Shirts of Dr. Derek Shepherd

Probably the most recognizable shirt within Doc Shepherd’s closet is his navy v-neck scrub shirt. No Derek Shepherd cosplay would be complete without one.

Also it is worth mentioning that Derek (not unlike his on again off again love interest, Meredith Grey) frequently wears a solid colored long sleeve t-shirt under his scrubs.

He is at times seen wearing his everyday street clothes as well. He has been noted to often wear a blue button down dress shirt as well as a brown polo shirt - to name only a few.

This Cherokee scrubs v-neck in navy is an excellent match to the scrubs worn by Shepherd.

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Derek Shepherd Scrubs

Here’s a Van Heusen oxford dress shirt that is an excellent match to the style of Derek Shepherd.

This Polo-Ralph Lauren shirt in Mohican brown is very similar to the brown casual shirt worn by Dr. Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy.

This black long sleeve t-shirt is a perfect match to the shirts worn under Derek’s scrubs.

Take a Chance on McDreamy's Pants

Derek Shepherd has showcased numerous different pants and slacks in his appearances on Grey’s Anatomy. Ranging from jeans and scrubs to dress slacks. All in all though his most reliable and recognizable casual wear are his jeans.

Derek’s favorite jeans seem to be his Levi’s 501 original fit jeans, which he is seen wearing many times when not in his work uniform. He has also been noted to wear some five-pocket, whiskered dark-wash jeans by John Varvatos (which are no longer in production).

These Cherokee Workwear scrubs cargo pants in navy are a great match to the ones worn by Dr. Shepherd.

Here are some Levi’s Original fit pants in "Galindo" that are an exact match to the ones frequently adorning the legs of Dr. Shepherd.

The Shoes of a Shepherd

Derek Shepherd has worn many kinds of footwear throughout the course of the series. Most often he is seen wearing some manner of work or athletic shoe. Presumably because his profession requires him to walk and stand frequently.

These black work shoes by Reebok are nearly identical to the ones worn by Derek Shepherd.

Here is a pair of Skechers work shoes in black that are also a great match to the style of Dr. Shepherd.

Dr. Shepherd's Accessories

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Derek Shepherd Lab Coat

Dr. Shepherd is known to put to use a few different items and accessories on Grey’s Anatomy. When you factor in the tools and equipment used for surgery, the list grows exponentially!

Anyhow, here are just a few of the most notable items Dr. Shepherd is known to accessorize with.

Here’s a stethoscope in emerald green color that’s pretty much an exact match to the one Derek Shepherd has been noted to use.

This scrub hat in blue is very similar to the ones worn by Dr. Shepherd in the O.R.

This procedure mask is also an appropriate match to the ones worn by the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital, including Dr. Shepherd.

Here is a knitted scarf in navy blue color that is an excellent match to the style of Derek Shepherd.

This Invicta analog display wristwatch is not quite an exact match to the timekeeper worn by Dr. Shepherd, but it’s nearly identical! Click here to decide for yourself.

Considering where things left off last season, it is unlikely that we will get anymore of a glimpse of “McDreamy’s” style. But who knows, maybe a dream sequence or flashback could satiate our craving for more McDreamy.

It has been confirmed that Patrick Dempsey (who plays Derek Shepherd) has no plans to return to the series, but he has said that before in around 2008 but returned anyhow.

I suppose we’ll have to wait for the upcoming twelfth season to know for sure.

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