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How to Dress Like Cristina Yang

Grey's Anatomy Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang is a strong, intelligent woman who always strives to be the best at everything that she does. She is excellent in all areas as a surgeon. She is also head of cardio (cardiac surgery), which is likely how she gained the nickname “Cardio God.”

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Dr. Yang is part owner of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital alongside her best friends: Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey.

Cristina’s fashion mostly consists of scrubs, likely because being a top surgeon requires her to spend many sleepless nights at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. On occasion you might catch her in a casual but stylish outfit - jeans and a blouse - for example.

Now, if you are looking to dress like Cristina Yang, the cardio badass, you have come to the right place!

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Cristina's style overview:

  • Leather jacket
  • Gray jeans
  • Ceil blue & navy blue scrubs
  • White & blue tennis shoes
  • Red stethoscope

Dr. Yang's Jacket Assortment

Grey's Anatomy Cristina Yang lab coat and scrubs

Most often, Yang is known to wear her white doctor’s lab coat that has been personalized with her name. We found a very similar coat to the one worn by Cristina Yang that we think is an excellent match. She is rarely seen without it unless she is in a surgery or obviously off-duty.

During her off-time she is known to dress up in a very stylish brown leather jacket. It is very reminiscent of the style of the 90’s. She is seen wearing this to play baseball with ex-husband; Owen Hunt.

During her time at home she enjoys a rather comfy looking jacket. The jacket that she wears is similar to the style of a Soffee jacket. Perfect for running errands or a night on the town. She is also known to wear this while hanging out with “her person” Meredith Grey.

This white lab coat by Dickies is certainly a match to the jacket worn by Dr. Yang during work hours. It features three quarter sleeves with side vents and four separate patch pockets.

No Cristina Yang costume would be complete without a brown leather jacket. This classic style casual jacket is made from one hundred percent lambskin genuine leather.

This burgundy zip-up hoodie is a very close match to the jacket Yang has been known to wear from time to time. This jacket features a cotton/polyester blend and drawstring hood.

Yang's Dang Shirts

In most episodes of Grey’s Anatomy you find Cristina Yang enveloped in her signature light blue scrub top. This scrub top is the definitive top for Cristina’s character. As it is the official intern and resident top of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, formerly Seattle Grace Hospital.

Once Cristina becomes the Cardiac Attending, she begins to wear the darker blue navy scrubs. In other words, the darker blue your scrubs, the further you are moving up at Grey Sloan Memorial. I personally think this one is stunning, the color is much deeper.

Cristina isn’t always known for her fashion sense, but she has the cutest black shirt to wear on a night out on the town. It is a very slimming shirt and it is great for a date night with that special guy.

Here is a light blue scrub top that matches the ones worn by Cristina Yang very closely. It features a v-neck and two double stitched pockets.

Also we have this navy blue scrub top by Sivvan that is seen in later seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Worn by Yang among many other physicians. It features v-neck style and two roomy bottom patch pockets.

This attractive black casual blouse is another near perfect match to the one worn by Dr. Yang. This blouse features a cowl neck and pull-on closure.

Cristina's Bottoms

Grey's Anatomy Cristina Yang eating lunch

Cristina’s light blue scrub pants complete her most recognizable appearance when teamed with the light blue scrub shirt! It is perfect for her in her intern/residency years.

Cristina did her most competitive work during the time that she wore this specific color. The thought of her father (whom she lost at an early age) really pushed her to be her very best at this time.

Yang finally becomes an attending surgeon much later in the series around the same time that she takes part ownership in the hospital (after receiving compensation for the plane crash she was involved in).

On a night out on the town, like almost every woman, Cristina’s go-to legwear choice is more often that not, jeans. She is generally seen wearing jeans if she is not in scrubs.

These ceil blue scrub pants are a great match to the scrubs worn by Cristina during her time as an intern most notably. They feature five different pockets and draw-string closure.

These navy scrubs are very similar to the scrubs worn by Yang as an attending physician. They feature an elasticized waistband with draw-string closure.

We were able to locate these gray bootcut jeans that are nearly identical to the jeans worn by Dr. Yang when she is spending her time recreationally. They feature a cotton blend and a slim/skinny fit.

The Shoes of Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang wears white tennis shoes as a resident. These shoes are very similar to nurse’s shoes. You find her wearing these in nearly all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

As an attending, Cristina wears very fashionable blue tennis shoes. Generally in the later episodes you see her wearing these cute, blue shoes.

Here is a pair of white and silver athletic shoes by Adidas that are surprisingly similar to the shoes worn by Dr. Cristina Yang. They feature extra cushion and rubber soles for maximum comfort.

These silver and blue shoes are another great match to the style and color of shoes that Cristina has been noted to wear throughout the series.  They’re even lined with Coolmax fabric to wick away moisture.

Cristina's Accessories

Grey's Anatomy Cristina Yang scrubs and mask

As you may already know, Cristina is always striving to be the very best and wants to be number one.

Well, in order to achieve that goal she has to be prepared. So it comes as no surprise that one of Cristina’s most important accessories is a beautiful red stethoscope. A stethoscope is critical for any doctor to be successful especially working as a Cardiac surgeon.

Alongside that, every doctor needs to have a face mask, also known as a procedure mask. Cristina (and surgeons in general) wear these a great deal of the time. That is because it catches bacteria that can form from sweat while operating, so that it does not spread to the patient.

Possibly the most recognizable of Dr. Yang’s accessories, her signature red stethoscope is a no-brainer for any intern, attending or even primary care physicians.  Click here for more information and photos of this item.

The other accessory frequently used by Dr. Yang would be her medical face masks. These are a must for protecting patients during surgery and add a little extra flair to any Grey’s Anatomy cosplay. Click here to consider them on Amazon.

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