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How to Dress Like Alex Karev

Grey's Anatomy Dr. Alex Karev

Alex Karev is an intern and eventual attending at Seattle Grace Hospital (which is later merged with Mercy West and rebranded Grace Sloan Memorial Hospital). His time as an intern helped to forge a strong, empathetic physician from the rude and arrogant young man he started out as.

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Dr. Karev is a bit of a womanizer and has a reputation for sleeping around with nurses, interns, doctors and patients alike. Even seducing Addison Montgomery; his superior and the ex-wife of Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Alex has a natural charm and bad-boy appeal, teamed with his strikingly dapper style and dashing good looks, it basically makes him irresistible to women.

Whether for the purpose of creating a screen accurate Alex Karev costume for your next Grey’s viewing party, or just to add some of Karev’s flavor to your own wardrobe. Continue ahead for an in-depth look at his style and fashion.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Scrubs, Lab Coat, & Jackets


Jeans & Shoes

Watches & Stethoscope

Alex's style overview:

  • Stylish jackets
  • Lab coat & scrubs
  • Jeans & hoodies

Jackets Worn by Alex Karev

Grey's Anatomy Alex Karev Black Casual Jacket

Alex Karev is the rude, crude, smart-ass whose insensitivity has ticked off both numerous colleagues and patients.

It was actually his bad attitude that prompted Dr. Addison Montgomery to request he be placed under her supervision working in the NICU. It did soften Karev eventually, and even shaped his future when he realized that he had become interested in pediatric care.

Whether you’re trying to complete an accurate Alex Karev cosplay or your just looking to add some of his badassery to your own wardrobe, you would be remiss to exclude Karev’s fashionable jackets.

He has worn numerous different types and styles of jacket throughout the previous eleven seasons. Here are some of our favorites.

Here’s a white lab coat that is an excellent match to the ones worn by Dr. Karev and many of the other doctors at Grace Sloan Memorial Hospital.

This casual jacket in vintage green color is nearly identical to the jacket worn by Karev on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

We were also able to track down a suitable replacement for Dr. Karev’s black casual jacket, it features zipper closure and a 100% polyester lining. Click here to check availability.

Here we have a corduroy jacket in dark khaki, that matches the style of Dr. Karev completely.

This black hoodie by Hanes is yet another fantastic match to the fashion stylings of Alex.

Alex's Fashionable Shirts

Grey's Anatomy Alex Karev Long Sleeve Shirt

Dr. Alex Michael Karev has been noted to wear multiple different styles of shirt on Grey’s Anatomy. Often times he wears a muted, dark toned , solid colored shirt. Brown, black and gray seem to be his favorite colors when it comes to his shirts (and his jackets for that matter). Also he has been noted to wear long sleeves more often than short.

If it’s your goal to complete an accurate Alex Karev cosplay, then you just may want to consider one of these shirts:

Here is a long sleeve slim fit shirt in gray color that’s a nice match to the style of Karev.

This solid t-shirt in dusty brown color is nearly identical to the style of Dr. Karev. You get yourself one of these bad boys and you’re halfway to driving all the women wild like Dr. Hotty.

The last of Dr. Karev’s shirts that we’ll take a look at is this black tank top - which is a perfect match to the one worn by Alex on Grey’s.

Karev's Jeans & Shoes

Here is the area of the guide where we will discuss Dr. Karev’s pants. Which seems ironic to me considering that he spends more of his time out of them than in. If you catch my drift.

Seriously, this guy has made the rounds in more ways than one at Grace Sloan Memorial Hospital.

He has made sweet love down by the fire to: Izzie Stevens (who was also his wife for a short period of time), Lexie Grey, Callie, Addison, Lucy from Pediatrics, and who could forget Olivia - whom he gave syphilis and she in turn passed it on to George O’Malley. That is unless you believe my personal theory that she spread it to both of them because she is a dirty girl.

Anyhow, Karev has been noted to wear numerous types and styles of denim, pristine and distressed. Here are just a couple of our favorites.

Here we have a set of designer blue jeans, not only are they an excellent match, but they are said to meet the highest of standards regarding quality and style.

These distressed jeans in Sequoia color by Levi’s are easily identifiable as the style of jeans Karev has been noted to wear.

Kicking it in Karev's Shoes

Working at a hospital has it’s risks, not the least of which is worrying about slipping and falling on an unmarked wet floor, or suffering injury to the hands on your legs (aka feet).

That’s presumably the reason Dr. Karev has chosen to spend a lot of the time on his feet in his black slip resistant shoes.

These slip resistant shoes in black are a great match to the style of shoe Dr. Karev wears both at work and play.

The Scrubs & Accessories of Dr. Karev

Grey's Anatomy Alex Karev Navy Scrubs

Alex has been noted to make use of at least a few different accessories in his day to day life. We’ll take a look at the most appropriate matches just ahead.

These scrubs in navy blue color by Dickies are a perfect match to the scrubs worn by Dr. Karev. P.S. He is also known to wear the lighter blue variant.

This black stethoscope is a perfect match to the one used by Dr. Karev, which is great because you’ll need it to hear the all of the palpations when you walk into the room in your stunning Alex Karev outfit.

Here we have a brown leather messenger bag that is quite similar to the one frequently carried by Alex.

This Invicta stainless steel and gold plated watch is incredibly similar to the watch worn by him.

Finally we have chosen this leather wristband watch that matches the one worn on Grey’s Anatomy very well.

I find it funny how when you watch a show like Grey’s, some of the characters just seem to annoy you, but with a few seasons of character development they can move up in the rankings and really become a fan favorite!

That seems to be the case for Karev, and as far as I am concerned, that’s not a bad thing. Especially when you consider the absence of Grey’s veteran, Dr. Derek Shepherd, in the upcoming twelfth season.

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