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How to Accessorize Like Jayne Cobb

Jayne Cobb Weapons and Accessories

Dressing like Jayne Cobb can be a fun albeit challenging experience. If you were able to check out our original guide to dressing like Jayne Cobb article, you may have noticed that it only covered his clothing. There is a simple explanation for this.

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Throughout the course of my research for this guide, I found quite a few great matches to many articles of clothing and some weapons and accessories as well. There was simply so much content I didn’t feel right jamming it all into one article.

So if you’ve been searching for a complete guide to dressing like Jayne Cobb, look no further. As we continue our guide with Jayne’s weapons and accessories.

Weapons & Accessories Purchasing Guide

We recommend:


Belt, Holster & Belt Accessories

Cigar, Goatee, Gloves & Wristband

Jayne's accessories overview:

  • Facial hair
  • Wristband & gloves
  • Tactical accessories
  • Belt & holster
  • Vera!
  • Cigar (optional)

Jayne Cobb's Facial Hair

Jayne Cobb Facial Hair

The first thing you see when you think Jayne Cobb might be his signature hat, his cherished rifle Vera or his green military jacket. But there is one thing that your Jayne Cobb costume or outfit will be incomplete without. A rocking goatee!

Now if you’re in a position to grow your own goatee, then great! The natural look will really compliment your other matching Jayne attire. Just don’t forget your dashing smile!

If for any reason you are unable to or prefer not to grow your own goatee, fear not friends. I managed to track down a high quality imitation goatee that is nearly identical to Jayne Cobb’s facial hair.  Here is a link for your convenience: fake goatee facial hair.

Jayne Cobb's Jewelry

If you haven’t noticed it before, Jayne does have at least one accessory with (arguably) little application other than fashion. Of course I am speaking of Jayne’s leather wristband worn on his right wrist.

Where Can I Get Jayne's Wristband?

It was a bit tricky to track it down but I did manage to find a nearly exact match to Jayne’s wristband. The good news is it is In stock right now on Amazon.

Jayne Cobb's Gloves

Jayne Cobbs Gloves

When you handle as much dirty-work as Jayne does, you’re gonna need some work gloves. If you plan on matching Jayne Cobb’s outfit, you will too.

Basically Jayne’s gloves are a small detail when you look at the outfit as a whole, so really any darker colored black, brown or gray gardening gloves should work. But if you are anything like me then every last detail is important. So I have taken the time to find what I believe to be the best match and best value available.

What Kind of Gloves Are Those?

Jayne’s gloves have caused a bit of controversy over the years as to exactly just what kind of gloves they are. Battles were fought, sides were chosen but in the end it seems to be narrowed down to cut-off gardening gloves, and since Jayne’s gloves are fingerless I have seen other athletic type gloves used in their stead. Here is a link to the gloves I would choose.

Just don’t forget to snip the tips. They’re very similar and they’re even eligible for Free Two-day shipping with Amazon Prime!

The Belt of Jayne Cobb

Jayne’s belt carries just about everything he needs for any given situation. Including, but not limited to his knife, his sidearm holster, leather box accessory, his pouches and so on.

So if you are looking to Hang your holster and various other goodies, you’re going to need a sturdy belt as a starting off point . Black leather with rounded edges on the buckle to be exact. This belt is a perfect match if you are in the market for one: Carhartt Journeyman belt.

That being said, an accurate replica of Jayne Cobb’s belt can be quite costly to put together from scratch. This next belt isn’t an exact match, but you might consider something like this to save time because it comes equipped with tactical gear.  It's the Ultimate Arms Tactical Belt, check it out and see what you think.

Jayne's Tactical Belt Accessories

Fan Made Jayne Cobb Tactical Belt

Jayne Cobb’s belt is full of all sorts of knick knacks, doo-dads and compartments. If you are planning to build an accurate replica you are going to need a few of each of these tactical belt accessories.

Here’s an example of a fan-made custom Jayne Cobb belt using a few of these tactical accessories.

This nylon knife box can be worn vertically or horizontally and it will really beef up your custom Jayne Cobb belt. Here is the link if you’re interested.

All of the best Jayne Cobb custom belts I’ve seen always seem to have a few of these leather boxes. I’m not certain if more than a couple is overkill, but I think it adds a nice amount of bulk. Here’s the link to those if you are in need of any: Black leathersheath box.

Jayne's Holster

Jayne Cobb Fully Body

Once you’ve settled on a belt, there is no better time to choose your holster. That is assuming you’re planning on carrying a sidearm, and I am going to wager that you are.

There are many great options available out there when it comes to this accessory. It was tough but I managed to narrow it down to my two top choices:

This Condor Tactical Leg Holster is the closest match I was able to track down.

This next holster isn't a perfect match, but it's just a great value and available with free shipping.  It's the Tactical Army Thigh Holster.

Jayne Cobb's Sidearm

Now that you have your holster it’s time to choose a sidearm to fill it.

Jayne’s sidearm, much like Cap’n Mal’s, in reality, is a visually modified single-action lemat revolver. No matter the make or model, Jayne’s sidearm is always with him and a very important accessory to an accurate J.C. holster, belt and overall look.

Many people prefer to make their own custom sidearms, but if it is within your means, this scale replica would be my suggestion. It’s incredibly detailed and completely screen accurate! 

Jayne's Knife

Every unpredictable, unhinged mercenary absolutely requires a few signature tools of the trade. Jayne’s knife is one of those tools. Invaluable in any survival situation and a simple effective weapon for close combat and self defense.

If you’re gonna do some Jayne Cobb cosplay, or just want to put together an accurate representation of his actual belt, it won’t be complete without a bowie knife.

How Can I get Jayne's Knife in My Life?

Fortunately if you have a few bucks to spare, it shouldn't be too difficult.

This Bowie knife is what many Jayne Cobb enthusiasts go to when looking for an accurate knife, and it’s just a good quality item in general. This knife should meet all of your expectations and more.


Jayne Cobb Vera

Vera is the nickname given to Jayne Cobb’s trusty high powered rifle. It’s a Callahan Full-Bore Auto-Lock with customized trigger and double cartridge thorough gauge.

It is Jayne’s favorite gun. It has extreme sentimental value to Jayne and it could easily make or break a decent Jayne Cobb costume.

Vera Dear, Where Are You?

Unfortunately the only accurate Vera you’ll be able to find will almost certainly be custom as they haven’t offered a licensed replica to date.

However, I did manage to find a fellow browncoat who managed to put together his own custom, and it is amazing. I understand not everybody will be as creative or crafty as this gentlemen, but I figured it’s worth including, if only to see his amazing work! Here’s the link.

As this master craftsman documented, he does have access to a 3d printer, so that is a major thing to consider before taking on a project like this. But, should you be so inclined, I have included links to two airsoft rifles (which is what that Vera custom was built around).

This airsoft gun is what he said he based his off of (an AK 47), it looks to be a fine match.

Additionally, we have this M16 style airsoft gun. If I had access to a 3d printer this is the gun I would base my custom Vera off of. It would probably require the least amount of modification.

Jayne's Stogies

Jayne Cobb Stogie

One last clever detail not to be overlooked about a genuine Jayne Cobb outfit is a cigar to chew on. He never seems to actually smoke them, so I think a more sensible alternative overall would be something like these bubble gum cigars

These are a standard bubblegum flavor for a more classic taste.

That just about wraps it up for our Jayne Cobb weapon and accessory breakdown. If you think of anything I may have overlooked, please let me know in the comments.

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