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How to Dress Like Stevie Janowski

Eastbound and Down Stevie Janowski

Stevie Janowski is a middle school teacher from Shelby, North Carolina. He is a former classmate of Kenny Powers (though Kenny doesn’t recall this).

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Despite Kenny’s constant verbal abuse, Stevie looks up to and greatly respects him. Often times Stevie sacrifices his own time, money, and happiness in order to appease Kenny Powers.

It becomes apparent early on that Stevie has an arguably unhealthy infatuation with Kenny, which Kenny takes full advantage of. Taking Stevie on as an assistant, but eventually Stevie is promoted to the position of friend.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the style and fashion of Mr. Stevie Janowski.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Jacket & Shirts

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Stevie's style overview:

  • Fedoras
  • Collared shirts
  • Khaki pants

Hats Worn by Stevie Janowski

Eastbound and Down Stevie Janowski tan fedora hat

Stevie wears multiple different hats throughout the course of the series. From his normal fedora to an attention grabbing red fedora, and most notably his gold and black tiger stripe animal print hat.

Here is an animal print hat that is a great match to the hat Stevie wears while discussing plans for his and Kenny’s T.N.T. mall kiosk.

This basic fedora is another excellent match to the one Stevie wears.

Here is a red fedora bowler hat that is impossible to go unnoticed. It’s also quite similar to the hat worn by Stevie on Eastbound and Down.

Mr Janowski's Jacket & Shirts

Stevie is known to wear at least one jacket during his time on the series. This jacket has been noted as a beige blazer jacket that he wears when he tries to contact his estranged wife, Maria.

This beige blazer by Allegra K is a great match to the one worn by Stevie.

Stevie's Shirt Selection

Eastbound and Down Stevie Janowski orange dress shirt animal print hat

Stevie’s shirt choices and clothing choices in general are very basic at the beginning of the series. As he spends more time around Kenny and comes into his own, he begins to dress more like the baller that he is at heart.

This short sleeve dress shirt in white by Van Heusen is an excellent match to the shirt worn by Stevie while describing his personal views on former president George Washington.

Here is an orange dress shirt that is a perfect match to the one Stevie wears with his animal print ballcap.

This signature sweater in is another great match to the shirts worn by Stevie Janowski on HBO’s Eastbound and Down.

Here is a yellow dress shirt by IZOD that’s a good match to the shirt Stevie has been noted to wear under his olive sweater.

This white tank top by Fruit of the Loom is a perfect match to the tank tops that he wears.

The Legwear of Stevie Janowski

Much like the rest of his wardrobe, Stevie’s pants are very basic in style and color (for the most part). He most often wears khaki or navy colored slacks.

Here is a set of khaki slacks by Dockers that are a fine match to the teaching attire of Mr. Janowski.

These navy slacks also by Dockers are another great match to the pants he wears.

Here is a set of purple colored men’s boxer briefs that are a perfect match to the undergarments worn by Stevie.

Stevie's Accessories

Eastbound and Down Stevie Janowski kimono

Throughout the course of the show, Stevie has made use of several different accessories while assisting Kenny Powers. Please continue ahead to take a look at a few of these items.

This solid black necktie is a great match to the one Stevie wears while describing his opinions on the first president of the United States - George Washington.

Here is a floral robe that is quite similar to the kimono by Stevie Janowski while under the employment of Ashley Schafer.

This “ Freddy” glove from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” is a perfect match to the one Stevie wears when he and Kenny go to retrieve Kenny’s son Toby from Ashley Schafer.

Here is an opera length cigarette holder in red that is a perfect match to the one used by Stevie when he and Kenny give new baseball equipment to underprivileged youth.

This gold neck chain is quite similar to the one he wears in the later seasons of HBO’s Eastbound and Down.

In conclusion, I was surprised to find that many of the unique items worn by Stevie were relatively easy to track down matches for. It also doesn’t hurt that a great deal of his fashion is pretty basic in nature, and therefore abundant.

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