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How to Dress Like Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers Eastbound and Down black dress shirt

Eastbound and Down follows the legendary tale of the greatest Baseball pitcher the world has ever known. Kenny Powers.

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Kenny Powers is the egotistical, sexist, racist, homophobic, and emotionally unbalanced main character in HBO’s edgy comedy series - Eastbound and Down.

When his pitching ability begins to diminish (due to age and poor work ethic), Kenny has difficulty maintaining employment and is forced to move back to his hometown of Shelby, North Carolina.  He finds work as a substitute Phys. Ed. teacher and trains to make his Major League comeback.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the style of Kenny Powers and recreate an accurate costume.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Kenny's style overview:

  • Baseball caps & cowboy hat
  • Curly mullet
  • Dark shirts & pants
  • Cowboy boots & baseball cleats

Kenny Powers' Hats & Hair

Eastbound and Down Kenny Powers white cowboy outfit

Kenny Powers, also known as: The People's Champion, The Shelby Sensation, The Reverse Apache Master, The Man with the Golden Dick, Doctor Cock & Balls, Kenny "Fucking" Powers, La Flama Blanca, The Bulletproof Tiger, and The Team Leader, has been known to wear hats from time to time.

He has worn the hats of multiple different baseball teams including the Myrtle Beach Mermen and The Charros. Kenny is also known to wear a white formal western hat and a simple straw hat as well.

This Myrtle Beach Mermen hat is a perfect match to the one Kenny Powers wears during his time there.

Here is a Charros costume that includes a Charros hat that is a perfect match to the hat worn by Kenny on Eastbound and Down.

This white formal western cowboy hat is nearly identical to the hat Kenny wears when he returns to his former place of employment in search of his love interest, April.

The Magical Mane of Kenny Powers

If it is your intention to complete a screen accurate Kenny Powers cosplay, you are going to need a dark mane of hair with kinky, glorious curls. If you are unable to grow such hair then perhaps you could make due with this incredibly realistic Kenny Powers wig.

Kenny's Shirt Selection

Eastbound and Down Kenny Powers I Rented This Hooker tshirt

Kenny’s shirts are as varied as they are hilarious. Whether it’s one of his funny t-shirts or his signature plain black dress shirt, Kenny is always at the pinnacle of high fashion. He is also obviously known for wearing the jersey of whatever team he happens to play for at the time.

Kenny has a very unique yet simple style that is best described as: extravagant, mostly black and formal western wear.

This “I rented this hooker” t-shirt is an exact match to the shirt worn by Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down.

Here is a “Blink if you want me” shirt that is also an exact match to the shirt seen on Eastbound and Down. (Once you remove the sleeves that is.)

This Myrtle Beach Mermen shirt is nearly identical to the Jersey Kenny wears while playing for the team of the same name.

This solid black dress shirt by Kenneth Cole is another close match to the shirts worn by Kenny Powers frequently.

Kenny's Pants & Footwear

Kenny Powers is known to wear multiple different types of leg wear including: shorts, blue jeans, and athletic pants.

He is arguably known to wear most frequently his black boot-cut Levi’s jeans. Also he is known to wear white baseball uniform pants with a green vertical stripe while he played for The Charros.

These black boot-cut jeans by Levi’s are another perfect match to the clothing worn by Kenny Powers.

Here is a set of baseball uniform pants in white and green that are nearly identical to the Charros uniform worn by Kenny.

The Footwear of Kenneth Powers

Kenny's footwear ranges from athletic to formal western depending on the situation. He is likely most recognized for his white animal skin pattern cowboy boots. He is also known to wear baseball cleats as a part of his uniform.

These genuine leather western boots are a great match to the ones worn by Kenny Powers on Eastbound and Down.

Here are a pair of men’s baseball cleats that are very similar to the shoes worn by Kenny as part of his baseball uniform.

Kenny's Accessories

Eastbound and Down Kenny Powers Charros American flag cape

Kenny makes use of a whole host of different everyday items in his adventures on Eastbound and Down. We’ll take a look at some of the most appropriate matches ahead.

Here is an American flag cape that is identical to the one worn by Kenny during his incredible show of patriotism and showmanship while playing for the Charros.

These sunglasses by Oakley are very similar to the ones worn by Kenny Powers.

Here is a skull and crossbones belt buckle that is very similar to the one Kenny wears.

Finally, this right hand throw pitcher’s mitt by Wilson is quite similar to the one used by Kenny Powers throughout his baseball career.

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