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How to Dress Like Wilson Fisk

Netflix Daredevil Wilson Fisk

Matthew Murdock may be “the man in the mask,” but the true Devil of Hell’s Kitchen goes by a different name entirely; Wilson Fisk.

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Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin in his appearances in the American Marvel comic books, is the sophisticated, well spoken crime lord who hides in plain sight as a wealthy philanthropist.

The style of Wilson Fisk is that of a powerful, affluent man. Consisting of only the finest garments and accouterments that blood money can buy.

Ahead you will find a guide to help you match the stylings and learn how to dress like Wilson Fisk.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Wilson's style overview:

  • Custom, tailor-made 3-piece suits
  • Dress shoes
  • Custom cuff links

Wilson Fisk's Jackets

Netflix Daredevil Wilson Fisk in Car

Wilson Fisk has it all, money power, women, and a fleet of black s.u.v.’s for bashing in the brains of anyone who mildly irritates him. He also has arguably the most fashionable wardrobe of any Marvel villain to date.

One of the first articles of clothing that you might notice about Fisk are his jackets.

Wilson is noted to wear a black wool overcoat and multiple different suit jackets, more often black or other darker shades.  It is worth noting that the color of his suits seem to gradually get lighter as the series progresses, most likely the influence of Wilson’s new love interest - Vanessa.

Here is a black, wool overcoat by Ralph Lauren that is an excellent match to the one worn by Wilson Fisk. Click here to take a closer look.

This black jacket is quite similar to the black suit worn by Wilson on Netflix Daredevil.

Here’s a gray jacket that is nearly identical to the jacket worn by Mr. Fisk.

This blazer in sapphire blue color is a perfect match to the style of Wilson Fisk.

The Vests of Wilson Fisk

As I mentioned previously, Fisk has some of the most stylish items of clothing for a villain that we’ve seen thus far.

The main reason for this is that the costume designer for the series - Stephanie Maslansky - worked with one of the top tailors in the business (Michael Andrews) to hand craft a custom style for Wilson Fisk that is both “classic and consistent.”

So while we here at TVSG have painstakingly labored to find the most appropriate matches to the stylings of Wilson Fisk, I felt it was worth mentioning that none of the exact items are readily available to the public because they are handmade custom pieces.

Anyhow let’s take a look at some of these vests.

This Gioberti vest in royal blue color is nearly identical to the vest worn by Wilson Fisk during the first season of Netflix Daredevil.

Another incredibly similar match is this Zicac men’s waistcoat in gray color. Click here to get one for yourself on Amazon.

Fisk's Shirts

Netflix Daredevil Wilson Fisk

Wilson’s shirts, while visually stimulating at times, are likely the simplest articles of clothing that he has in his arsenal.

He has been noted to wear multiple different colors of shirt (white, black, charcoal with pinstripes). His shirts are most often long sleeve button down dress shirts.

This black Paul Jones dress shirt is a fine match to the style and color of shirt worn by Wilson Fisk.

This white Van Heusen dress shirt is incredibly similar to the white dress shirt worn by Fisk when his love interest, Vanessa, is put in danger immediately after he promised she would be safe by his side.

Wilson Fisk's Fancy Little Pants

Whether you are building an accurate Wilson Fisk costume, or you’re simply wanting to add a hint of Kingpin style to your own wardrobe, you would be remiss to pass on Fisk’s fancy pants.

Wilson’s slacks are coverings for his legs that generally match the color, style, and material of their corresponding jackets and vests to complete a three-piece suit.

Although only his jacket has been confirmed to contain puncture resistant kevlar-like material, I’d say that it’s safe to assume that his entire suit has been tailored this way.

These black slacks by Haggar are a stylish and simple set that match Wilson’s entirely.

This set of Match Men's slacks in sapphire blue are an unmistakable match to the ones worn by Wilson.

Last but not least, we have these Haggar dress slacks in graphite color that are nearly identical to the ones owned by Wilson Fisk.

Fisk's Footwear & Accessories

Wilson Fisk’s footwear not only serves the purpose of protecting his feet from the dirt and debris of the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen, it also helps him to now and then kick the living hell out of anyone foolish enough to stand against him (such as Daredevil).

These Ferro Aldo dress shoes in black match Mr. Fisk's pretty well.


Netflix Daredevil Wilson Fisk Corrections Uniform

Wilson has been identified using a number of different accessories throughout the first season of the series. Let’s take a look at some of those items now.

These cuff links aren’t an identical match to the ones worn by Wilson, but they match the general color scheme and look of the ones he does own.

Here is a pocket square in black that’s a great match to the ones worn by Wilson Fisk.

This black and gray Marca West patterned scarf isn’t quite an exact match, but it’s very similar to the scarf worn by Fisk after he removes his mother from her assisted living facility.

This short sleeve Dickie's work shirt in white color is a perfect match to the corrections uniform Wilson Fisk is wearing in his prison cell at the end of season one.

These white Dickie's utility slacks are a perfect match as well to the pants of the plain white corrections uniform.

Not too much is known about the whereabouts of Wilson Fisk during the second season of Netflix Daredevil, or if he will be present in any capacity.

One thing you can rest assured is that we haven’t seen the last of Wilson Fisk.

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