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How to Dress Like Stick

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Stick's (Scott Glenn) character in Daredevil may not have much screen time, but he definitely provides a great section of the backstory for Matt Murdock, and even a possible hint toward season two.

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Stick's clothing style on Netflix's Daredevil looks like it was all grabbed from an army surplus store, but he's a soldier fighting his never ending war.  He has to dress the part.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Jackets & Shirts

Pants, Boots & Cane

Stick's style overview:

  • Vintage/military surplus
  • Newer military surplus
  • Blind man's walking cane

Stick's Jackets

Daredevil Stick Black M65 Jacket

Stick only has two different jackets he wears in season one of Daredevil.  In the flashbacks with Matt he's seen wearing an older, vintage-looking green military jacket.

The present day Stick keeps his style militaristic, but instead of an older and beat up looking military jacket, he goes with the more modern-styled M65 military jacket.

Stick's Black M65 Jacket

In the non-flashback parts of episode seven, Stick is always seen wearing an M65 style military jacket.  

I'm pretty sure it's black (it looks black in most scenes), but sometimes it also looks like it could be a really dark blue.

How do I know it's an M65 jacket?  I'm a pretty big fan of the show Supernatural, and one of the main characters on that show wears an M65 jacket, so I'm pretty used to seeing the style.  

Stick's jacket has a huge collar with a big front zipper, and when you see the back, it has the zippered hood on the back of the collar and the drawstring waist.  

Brand Recommendations

I never was able to see any good brand identifying marks on Stick's jacket, but there are plenty of options for M65 style jackets out there.  

The first thing I would recommend is to check your local military surplus stores if you have any.  Most of Stick's clothing could possibly be found there, and they're usually pretty low prices.

If you want something brand new, then I'd suggest the Alpha Industries M65 jacket.  I own one myself, and the quality is excellent.  

Vintage Green Military Jacket

Stick Old Military Clothing

This green jacket is the one we see Stick wearing in the flashbacks of him training Matt.  Honestly this entire outfit looks like something the costume designers grabbed out of an army surplus store.  

Like with his newer black jacket mentioned above, this green jacket looks like another M65 style.  With two breast pockets and two lower pockets in the front, the looks definitely match.  Another thing to note is that this jacket doesn't have epaulets (though they could have been removed).

Most vintage, green military jackets will match Stick's pretty closely (I couldn't find anything close enough to call an "exact match" though).  The first one I found that's my personal choice is this Rothco Ultra Force vintage M65 jacket.  

To get it looking as close to Stick's as possible, you'll need to remove the epaulets and the "Ultra Force" patch above the right breast pocket.  If you have a stitch puller and a bit of patience, these are easy to remove yourself (you can also take it to a tailor if you're worried about messing it up).

Stick's Shirts

Like with his jackets, Stick's shirts change a bit depending on the time frame that we see him.  In the flashbacks, the only shirt he's seen wearing is a loosely fitting military-green shirt.  In the scenes that take place in the present, it looks like he's still wearing a military-green t-shirt, but he's wearing a green button up shirt on over it.

Military-Green T-Shirt

If you're going for Stick's vintage (flashback) costume, then I'd probably get a t-shirt that's a size too big, since it looks like it fits Stick pretty loosely.  

After a pretty quick search on Amazon, I found this military green t-shirt, and I'd suggest foliage green as the color.  If you're going for the present-day costume, then I'd still go with the same shirt, but since Stick wears a button up shirt over it, the size won't matter as much.

Button-up Green Shirt

Although it's definitely not as green in color as his vintage clothes, Stick's button up shirt looks like it's green to me (just a light shade).  

There really aren't (that I saw) any good shots of this shirt (he's always wearing his black M65 jacket over it).  So I think this is another item that you don't have to worry too much about being screen accurate with.

The material of the shirt looks kinda rough, so as far as material goes, I'd look for something in either denim or canvas.  My favorite button up long sleeve shirts are definitely Dickies, and I think this long sleeve Dickies work shirt (in lincoln green) would work great for this costume.

Stick's Military Pants

Daredevil Stick Old Military Clothing

Stick's newer military pants are hard to get a good look at.  Most of the shots where you can see them are pretty dark.  

As far as I can tell, they look relatively similar to Matt's pants, which are black cargo-type pants (pockets on the legs).  In a few shots, Stick's pants look like they could be a dark green, but the entire show is shot in a darker, almost greenish color, so it could be that too.  

Either way, I'm still going to suggest the same pants that I did for Matt, these cotton slim-fit cargo pants.  

I do own the #005 Black color of these pants, and they fit very well and are comfortable.  For a Stick costume, I'd probably go with the #001 Army Green color.

Old Style Military Pants

With Stick's older style military pants that we see in the flashbacks, you do actually get a pretty good look at them (these shots are mostly daytime, sunlit shots).  They look like standard military surplus cargo pants.  

I'd say you're safe to go with a lot of things here, as long as the colors are pretty close.  I personally like these Tru-Spec military pants.  Keep in mind you'll want them a bit baggy for that authentic, derelict Stick look.

Military/Combat Boots

The older combat/military boots that Stick wears look like they're standard lace-up boots.  You don't really get too many good shots of his boots, but from the few comparisons, I really like these Rothco GI boots.  They're definitely not going to be the longest lasting boots ever, but they're pretty cheap, and assuming you're only using them for cosplay/conventions, they'll last a long time.

Newer Combat/Tactical Boots

The newer boots Stick wears in the present shots look an awful lot like Matt's Black Mask outfit boots.  Those boots are known to be Bates Enforcer composite toe boots.  

The Bates are the first boots I'd recommend, not only because they look like Stick's, but Bates is well known for their high quality boots.

Since I can't really get enough good screenshots of his newer boots, it's hard to tell what would be an exact match.  I know the Bates are great boots, but they're also a bit expensive (especially if you're not planning on using them much).  

If you want to cut the cost in half, I think these Maelstrom tactical boots still look really close, and they've got great reviews.

Ma...Stick's Walking Cane

Daredevil Stick Military Clothing

Similar to Matt's black tactical boots, I think Stick's walking cane looks identical to Matt's, except white where Matt's is red.  

Here is the Ambutech brand cane in white on Amazon, if you want you can go to Ambutech's website and order a 52 inch, 4 piece folding fiberglass cane with a pencil tip, and white as the color to get it directly from them.  

They take a while to arrive (about two weeks), but they're pretty cheap at about $25.

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