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How to Dress Like Walter White

Walter White Bullet Proof Vest

Walter White is a mild-mannered family-man and chemistry teacher turned criminal on AMC’s Breaking Bad. After he’s diagnosed with inoperable Lung Cancer, he teams up with a former student (Jesse Pinkman) to manufacture and distribute the most chemically pure methamphetamine in existence.

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Walt’s style is very modest and simple. Throughout the series, Walt’s wardrobe doesn’t stray too drastically from the original formula. It is worth noting however that as Walt’s demeanor, personality, and outlook change, his wardrobe gets a subtle tweak as well.

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Walt's style overview:

  • Aviator frame glasses
  • Briefs
  • Green apron
  • Button-up shirts

Walter White's Jacket

Walter White Jacket

The Era of Walter White cosplay has certainly met its peak by this point in time (considering the show’s run has ended), but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the question to put together an accurate Walter White costume, or even inject a bit of Walt flavor into your own personal style by assembling a Walter White outfit.

One of the most recognizable pieces of his wardrobe is his jacket.  Walter’s jacket has been identified as an olive colored, zip-front golf jacket. He is seen wearing it, or a similar variation of it throughout the entirety of the series.  This London Fog jacket is a perfect match to Walt's.

The Shirts of Walt

Walt is known to wear a rainbow of colors when it comes to his shirts, but in his early appearances Walt most often is seen in checkered, plaid, striped or plain long sleeve dress shirts. Usually green or yellow.  This Amanti green dress shirt is a great match to the one Walt is seen wearing in the pilot episode.

Here is a Paul Fredrick yellow striped shirt that is another great match to the shirts worn by Walter White in the first season of Breaking Bad.  This Thomas Dean green striped shirt might as well be the official Walter White uniform at this point because it is yet another perfect match to one worn by Walt.

Under all those long sleeve dress shirts Walter White usually has a plain white t-shirt.  These white Hanes t-shirts are simple, affordable and match Walt’s undershirts perfectly.

Walt's Pants (or lack thereof)

Walter White Briefs

When he isn’t parading around the New Mexico desert in his tighty whities, Walter White usually wears pants. More specifically slacks or dress pants. Walt’s slacks are often times khaki or brown in color.

These Haggar dress pants are a perfect match to the ones worn by Walt and they come in multiple relevant colors (khaki or heather brown are my top picks).

A brief history of Walter White's briefs

After prancing around the set of “Malcolm in the Middle” for years in his underwear, you would think that Bryan Cranston would have had enough of showing off his pale, dad-bod.

You would be wrong in this assumption as you probably found out in the pilot episode!

Walter White carries on the tradition started by Malcolm’s dad in frequently wearing very tight briefs that leave very little to the imagination. These basic men’s briefs are a perfect match to the one’s worn in the Pilot Episode of Breaking Bad.

Walt's Fancy Socks

Also making their first appearance in the pilot episode, were Walt’s fancy dress socks. They are usually dark in color - brown or black - and have various patterns.

If your Grandpa doesn’t have a drawer full for you to raid, this set of men’s dress socks match the style of Walter White completely.


Walter White's shoes have been identified as sand suede colored Clarks Originals Men’s Wallabee boots. While Walt wasn’t the first person to make these shoes popular. he certainly made wearing them look the most Bad-ass!

These sand suede Clarks Originals Men’s Wallabee boots are an exact match according the show’s prop master.

Walt's Glasses & Accessories

Walter White Shoes, Watch and Glasses

No Walter White get-up would be complete without his signature aviator reading glasses. Whether you’re driving around in your Pontiac Aztec or murdering low-level informants, your look will be incomplete without the right set of spectacles.

These Calabria glasses are a great match to Walter White’s.

Walt's Mighty Mustache

Even when he shaves his head (during the time that he is going through chemotherapy), Walt usually has facial hair. A mustache in his earlier appearances and later a goatee.

If for any reason you are unable to or prefer not to grow your own mustache, this costume mustache is a perfect match to the mustache of Walter White.

Walt's Belt

When Walt does wear pants, he always wears a belt to hold them in place. His belts are pretty basic and simple in design. They are usually either brown or black, with a traditional buckle.

This Kenneth Cole reversible belt can match whatever shade of Walter White you might try to portray.

Walter White's Wedding Ring

This one is pretty simple once again, but it’s easy to overlook such a small detail. Walt’s wedding ring is a simple gold band.

This gold wedding band probably isn’t what you would give to your future spouse, but it’s perfect to match Walt’s wedding band.

Wrist Watch

Walter White being the nerdy school teacher he is, sports a rather unique accessory in his trusty calculator wristwatch. By today’s standards a calculator wristwatch seems obsolete given that every smartphone and wireless device likely has one built-in.

Nevertheless, if you plan to match Walt’s wardrobe down to the last detail, you’re gonna need one.

This Casio calculator watch looks like an exact match to Walt's.

Walt's Green Cooking Apron

Walter White Green Apron

Walt isn’t seen too often in this throughout the series, but for an early appearance look, there’s really no better accessory (except maybe the Smith & Wesson).

This green cooking apron is a close match, but it does lack the shiny finish of the one from the show.


Finally we have Walt’s Smith & Wesson 4506. Walt procured this weapon from Krazy-8 after being ambushed, held at gun-point and eventually mixing up some phosphate gas to asphyxiate Emilio and incapacitate Krazy-8.

This airsoft gun is a great non-lethal alternative to the real thing and it’s even modeled to look like a real Smith & Wesson.

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