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How to Dress Like Heisenberg

By John
Last updated: March 14, 2024
Walter White Heisenberg

Heisenberg is the dark alter-ego created by Walter White to separate his personal life from his illicit business dealings on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

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Heisenberg’s style is a slight variation of Walt’s that in its early stages works in darker tones, but as Walt becomes Heisenberg he more and more strays back to the brighter, flashier end of the color spectrum.  Here you will find a guide to help you match the basic style of Heisenberg.

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Outerwear & Shirts

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Hat, Bald Cap, & Facial Hair


Heisenberg's style overview:

  • Baldness!
  • Hat & sunglasses
  • Facial hair (mustache/goatee)
  • Button-up shirts & slacks
  • Clarks Wallabee shoes

Heisenberg's Bald Head

Walter White Bald Head

Heisenberg’s signature look wouldn’t be complete without a shiny bald head.

As you know by now I’m sure, when he is first diagnosed with cancer and begins to lose his hair during the time he is going through chemotherapy, Walt completely shaves his head.

He likes the look so much that he keeps it for most of the rest of the series.

If you’re looking to create your own Heisenberg cosplay, you’re going to need a bald head one way or another…

I would suggest a bald cap if you’re worried about semi-permanently altering your appearance.

So if shaving your head isn’t an option, this bald cap would work perfectly for a Heisenberg/Walt costume!

Heisenberg's Hat

Walter White Hat

The hat worn by Heisenberg has been identified as The Jett. It was a custom made piece created by Bailey Hats of Hollywood.

Heisenberg’s hat is an important piece in his early transformation, especially as he dons it specifically when he is up to dirty deeds.  This hat is nearly identical to the hat worn by Heisenberg!


Heisenberg’s sunglasses are nearly as integral to any complete Heisenberg outfit as his hat. Mostly because often times they are worn together.

Walt's sunglasses have been identified as Smith Optics Turntables. They were available in multiple different color options, Heisenberg’s happen to be black.

Unfortunately they have been out of production for some time.

I managed to track down these sunglasses that are a very close match and make a suitable replacement to the real thing.

Heisenberg's Facial Hair

Heisenberg, as he is seen for the first time, has only a mustache for facial hair. Later he grows out his signature goatee and keeps it until he goes into exile and grows a ratty cave-man beard.

At any rate, any of these choices would be acceptable for an accurate Heisenberg costume or outfit. That being said, my personal favorite for him is the goatee. That’s just a matter of opinion.

So if you are unable to or prefer not to grow your own screen-accurate Heisenberg facial hair, you could always pick up some costume mustache or goatee kits.

Here is a mustache that is suited for Walter White. Since they’re seemingly the same person this will be perfect for Heisenberg as well.

This costume goatee is as close as it gets for that Heisenberg look.


If you intend to put together an accurate Heisenberg costume or even inject a bit of Heisenberg style into your own wardrobe, you’re going to need the correct jacket.

Heisenberg’s jacket is one of the most recognizable pieces in his wardrobe.  It has been identified as a black colored, zip-front, microfiber golf jacket.  He wears this, or a similar variation of it throughout the entire series.

Here is a jacket that’s a perfect match to Heisenberg’s, I think.

Walter White Jacket


Heisenberg has been known to wear multiple different shades, colors and patterns just as Walt does. In his early appearances he most often is seen in his black hat, with sunglasses, his black jacket and a fancy dress shirt.

As I mentioned before, Walt’s evolution into Heisenberg is slowly illustrated through his wardrobe with him wearing it almost as a costume at the beginning, and near the end has Heisenberg “hiding in plain sight” by wearing questionable pink sweaters and cardigans as if Walter White has permanently become the alter-ego. Because Heisenberg has nearly consumed him completely.

This dress shirt in "wine red" matches Heisenberg’s early appearance perfectly.

This shirt just screams to me from the scene where Walt tells Skyler “I won” about the situation with Gustavo Fring.

Heisenberg's Slacks

Heisenberg has simple elegant taste when it comes to his slacks. It’s been confirmed that Walt is known to wear Dockers khakis so I’d say it’s a safe bet Heisenberg does as well. Walt seems to favor khaki color, while Heisenberg leans to the darker colors such as black, gray and navy blue.

These Dockers are an identical match to the ones worn by Heisenberg on AMC’s Breaking Bad.


The shoes that Heisenberg wears have been identified as Sand Suede Clarks Originals Men’s Wallabee boots.

You get the best look at them when Walt and Jesse get into a scuffle in Jesse’s living room and Walt bleeds all over his own shoe.

These are an exact match according the show’s prop master. Sand suede Clarks Originals Men’s Wallabee boots are Heisenberg’s top choice in footwear.


Heisenberg’s watch has been identified as Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph.

Heisenberg’s wristwatch was a very generous gift from Jesse Pinkman. In all honesty this is not a watch I am able to afford. Though it is very nice.

Regardless, if it is within your means, this Tag Heuer watch is completely identical to the watch worn by Heisenberg.

Cooking Jumpsuit

This yellow jumpsuit is nearly identical to the ones worn by Walt, Jesse and Todd.

Heisenberg's "Product"

This blue raspberry flavored rock candy is the perfect substitute to carrying copious amounts of illegal substances around with you in public!


Heisenberg also has a firearm that is purchased on the black market after the incident with the boxcutter. He picks up a Ruger LCR revolver and a concealment holster.

While I wasn’t able to find any relevant products to link to this, I still thought it was worth mentioning.

There you have it a complete guide on how to dress like Heisenberg.

I don’t know if it’s just the darker side of me but something about dressing as Heisenberg makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong… in a good way.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back to for the lastest updates on the characters and shows you know and love.

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