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How to Dress Like Jimmy McGill

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Last updated: January 28, 2022
Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill gray suit

James Morgan McGill is the quick-witted, intermittently unscrupulous attorney with a heart of gold in AMC’s Better Call Saul.

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Better Call Saul focuses on the happenings in the years leading up to the events of AMC’s Breaking Bad (as well as a glimpse into the the life of a post-Breaking Bad Jimmy), explaining just how he came to have connections to the criminal underworld.

Whether for the purpose of assembling an accurate Jimmy McGill costume or just adding a particular item to your own style, please continue ahead for our guide on the fashion and style of Jimmy McGill (also known as Saul Goodman).

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Jimmy's style overview:

  • Dark, patterned suits
  • Black loafers

The Jackets of James McGill

Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill brown suit

When it comes to the style of “Slippin’ Jimmy,” two words come to mind: functional and professional. Often times he has been noted to wear simple brown, gray and black pinstripe jackets and suits.

Jimmy McGill (in his early years) has a muted and somewhat subtle sense of fashion compared to the flashy suits and loud colors that his persona (Saul Goodman) is known for (during the time of the events of Breaking Bad).

James is noted to favor double breasted jackets and blazers.

This gray textured sport coat is nearly identical to the one Jimmy has been noted to wear frequently.

Here is a black pinstripe pattern jacket that is quite similar to the one worn by Jimmy McGill on Better Call Saul.

This double breasted brown blazer is another very close match to the jacket worn by Mr. McGill.

Slippin' Jimmy's Shirts

While Jimmy is noted to wear either white or eggshell white shirts most often, he owns a varied selection of differently colored shirts.

Most notably he is known to possess shirts in blue, red, green and pink. Just to name a few.

This white button down dress shirt by Van Heusen is a perfect match to the white dress shirts worn by Jimmy.

Here is a button down dress shirt that is a very near match to the more "eggshell white" ones he wears.

What Pants & Shoes Does Jimmy McGill Wear?

Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill suit loafers standing

Jimmy has been noted to wear slacks that often times match his jackets. These include: gray textured, black pinstripe, brown, and blue pants.

These gray textured slacks by Kenneth Cole are an excellent match to the ones worn by Jimmy.

Here is a set of men’s pants in black pinstripe pattern that are quite similar to the ones that Mr. McGill has been noted to wear on AMC’s Better Call Saul.

Analyzing The Footwear of James McGill

When it comes to the subject of Jimmy’s footwear, there are two articles in particular that can be discussed.

The first item is his dark, oftentimes black, dress socks. As is tradition, dark socks are often times worn with a suit, usually up to the knee (or at least covering the shin) so as to minimize the exposure of a man's leg flesh. Which can distract from the overall appearance.

The second article of footwear worth mentioning are Jimmy’s black buckle loafers, which are the shoes he is seen wearing most often, and they are a staple in his wardrobe.

These black dress socks by Dockers are an excellent match to the socks worn my Mr. James Morgan McGill.

These Italian style slip on loafers by Bruno Marc are surprisingly similar to the shoes Jimmy is noted to wear frequently on Better Call Saul.

Jimmy's Accessories

Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill black white striped tie s1e9

The accessories that Jimmy McGill is known to make use of are generally all pretty basic and everyday items.

His most notable accessories would have to be his signature coffee cup and brown leather briefcase, as well his belt and many neck ties.

This “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer” coffee cup is an exact match to the one James McGill is known to drink from often times.

Here is a brown briefcase that is a great match to the briefcase that he carries for his profession.

This black diagonal stripe necktie is quite similar to the one that James wears throughout his appearance in the series.

Here is a circle pattern necktie that is also a decent match to the style of necktie that he is known to wear.

This classic stitch genuine leather belt is a great match to the belt he wears.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to gain a better understanding of the style of Jimmy McGill. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you feel that there is anything this guide might be overlooking.

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