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How to Dress Like Roy Harper

By Matt
Last updated: January 31, 2022
Roy Harper Arrow

Roy Harper is first introduced early on in season one of Arrow, and after being rescued by The Arrow, he eventually becomes Oliver's sidekick. 

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Roy is from the poor part of town in Starling City (the Glades), and Arrow's costume department does a pretty good job of reflecting that in his clothing.  Most of what he wears is relatively simple looking - he generally wears dark jeans, black sneakers, a plain t-shirt, and a red hoodie.

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Roy's style overview:

  • Red hoodie
  • Black/brown leather jackets
  • G-Star jeans
  • G-Star shoes

Roy's Harper's Jackets

Roy Harper Arrow

There really isn't much variety when it comes to Roy's outerwear.  He's got a couple of leather jackets, and of course his signature red hoodie.  

Other than that, most of his style comes from the different shirts he wears.

Roy's Red Hoodie

From the moment we're introduced to him, Roy is seen wearing a red hoodie.  I'm not sure what brand it is, but it's simple enough that the biggest thing is getting the color right.

I do like American Apparel's hoodies a lot, but the biggest mismatch with them is the white outlining near the zipper - Roy's hoodie doesn't have that.  It also looks like the drawstring for the hood (on Roy's hoodie) was either removed, or was never there to begin with.

A closer match to Roy's actual hoodie that I found is this Jerzees hoodie in maroon.  It's pretty plain, which is good, and the color looks the same as on Roy's hoodie.

Suede Moto Jacket

Roy Harper Arrow

According to the Arrow Fashion Blog, this is a Ralph Lauren Black Label suede jacket.  It's out of production now, but it's also a $2,000+ jacket.  

If you want to own the exact Ralph Lauren jacket, you could check Ebay, but I'd imagine even if you did find one, sellers are probably not going to let it go for cheap.

Suede tends to be expensive no matter what, but I found a couple of jackets that look a lot like Roy's, and for well under the actual jacket's $2,400 price tag.

If you like the look of suede, or you just want your cosplay/costume to be as close as possible, this suede jacket looks pretty good.  It's a little darker than Roy's jacket and lacks the shoulder padding, but those are the only "big" differences.  Another close match is this Orvis suede jacket.  The color is closer to the Ralph Lauren, but again it's missing the shoulder pads.

Lastly, if you don't mind going without suede, I really like this SkinsDesign moto jacket.  It matches Roy's jacket's style really well.

Roy Harper's Black Moto Jacket

Roy's black moto jacket is always worn over his red hoodie.  The biggest style markers on this jacket is that it has epaulets and zipper breast pockets.

I'm not sure on the brand here, but most moto-style leather jackets will look pretty close.  Kenneth Cole has a couple of good, relatively inexpensive options.  

First is this faux leather jacket.  It doesn't have epaulets, but it does have the matching breast-pocket zipper.  Next I also found this moto jacket, which does have epaulets, but the breast pockets aren't zippered.

Roy's Shirts

Roy Harper Arrow

Roy's shirts really just consist of solid colored t-shirts and the occasional long-sleeve sweater or button/snap-up.


T-shirts to match Roy's style are pretty easy.  He sticks to darker solid colored v-necks and crew necks for the most part.  Like most articles I've written, I'm suggesting American Apparel.  They fit well and don't shrink into a football jersey.

Long-sleeve Shirts

Roy has a few different long-sleeve shirts that he wears.  The first one that comes to mind is his faded denim shirt.  It's a snap-up shirt with two breast pockets, and I think this Levi's denim shirt in the color "Boulder" looks pretty close to Roy's shirt.

He also wears thermals and henleys, again in darker colors.  For henleys, I always suggest these American Apparel ones.  For thermals, I really like these thermals in "Heather Black" to match Roy's style.

Roy Harper's Jeans & Shoes

Roy's jeans have been identified as G-Star 5620 tapered jeans.  There are a lot of different washes/colors, but something like these G-Stars match Roy's pretty well.  

G-Star brand clothing is a bit on the expensive side, so if you're looking for a less expensive alternative, Levi's 508 jeans match pretty well.  Since Roy usually wears darker jeans, I'd go for the "Quincy" color.


Roy's shoes are a bit harder to identify, but they're a dark shoe with a white sole.  It's hard to tell if they're high-tops or low-tops since his jeans always cover them.

After searching around for a while, I'm fairly confident that Roy's shoes are G-Stars, just like his jeans. looks like the particular model he wears is out of production, as I could only find them in a couple different sizes across multiple different online merchants.  I believe Roy's shoes are these G-Star Yard Pyros in black.

Not only is there not much of a selection in size, but they're also relatively expensive (for shoes).  If you're just looking to match Roy's style and aren't too concerned about having the same exact shoes, these Vans Atwoods would fit perfectly.  

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