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How to Dress Like Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen Arrow

Oliver Queen's style on the CW's Arrow is pretty much your typical rich-boy clothing.  The costume designers did a great job in making Stephen Amell look exactly how he should as Oliver - stylish, cool, and rich.

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Oliver's clothing may have an expensive look, but that doesn't mean you have to be a billionaire to afford the same style.  Whether you're looking for exact matches for a cosplay costume, or you just like his style, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Pants & Shoes

Oliver's style overview:

  • Dark colored wool & leather jackets
  • Solid colored t-shirts & button-ups
  • Slim-fit jeans (dark and khaki)
  • Clark's Bushacre boots

Oliver Queen's Jackets

Oliver Queen Peacoat

Oliver wears a lot of different jackets throughout the first few seasons of Arrow.  On most TV shows I watch, the main character usually has a jacket or two that they mainly wear.  Their "iconic" jacket I guess.  This article will just focus on his more popular ones, but I plan on writing one on all of his jackets soon.

If you're looking for Oliver's "Arrow jacket", check out my guide on that costume here.

Wool Peacoat

Oliver may not have an iconic jacket, but it seems like wool peacoats are worn by just about everyone.  They're warm, and look good with almost anything.  

Oliver's particular peacoat looks pretty standard - large collar, six buttons, and no breast pockets and two hip pockets.  It looks like it's black, but I think it's actually just a dark (navy) blue.  The details are pretty simple, so it should be easy to find a jacket that looks really close to Ollie's.

I'm not sure on the brand here - I've found a few websites that claim to have found the exact brand, but as far as I can tell they aren't actually exact (every site I've come across claiming they've found an exact match all have different coats listed).  Since peacoats are so popular, a lot of you probably already own one, and if it's a navy blue or black color, chances are it looks almost exactly like Oliver's.  

I did manage to find a couple of jackets that look pretty close to Ollie's - but they aren't exact matches.  This BGSD peacoat is really close, and they offer it in navy and black.  The biggest difference between this coat and the one on the show are the hip pockets.  The second is this Levi's peacoat, which only comes in black and charcoal colors, but again it's almost an exact match to Oliver Queen's.

Ollie's Brown Bomber Jacket

The distressed brown bomber jacket that Oliver wears is probably my favorite.  He wears it off and on throughout seasons one and two, but I don't think it sees much screen time after that.

This style of jacket always tends to be my favorite because it can be worn with relatively nice looking clothes and still make the wearer look like a badass.  This jacket in particular is brown leather with a popped collar.  It looks like it's got one vertical breast pocket and a couple of hip pockets.

From what I could find, this jacket has been out of production for a long time, and it's supposedly a Danier jacket, but the closest one I could find still in production is this brown bomber jacket.  If you don't mind spending ~$300, this would be an excellent choice.  But as usual, I tried to find some better/cheaper choices.  My absolute favorite choice for this jacket is this Tom's Ware leather bomber jacket.  The style fits perfectly.

Oliver Queen's Brown Moto Jacket

Distressed Brown Moto Leather Jacket

Another style of jacket that I really like, the moto biker jacket.  

The distinction in style with these jackets are mostly the collars, they stand straight up, but are short, and generally have a snap on the collar to close it up.

I don't see any breast pockets on Oliver's jacket, just the standard hip pockets for your hands.  There are some stitching details across the chest, and it looks like it has padded shoulders too (it is a motorcycle jacket after all).  

Is this jacket out of production?  You betcha!  This is said to be another Danier too, but the closest jacket I could find on their website is this Burke lamb leather moto.  

It's not a bad deal at $200, especially if you're looking for a jacket to use outside of costuming.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper that still looks pretty awesome, I really like this vintage moto jacket.  I also suggest it on my Stefan Salvatore guide, but it's a great looking jacket and they've got a ton of variations on the style to choose from.

Flat Suede Jacket

I actually recognized this jacket as being the same one Damon Salvatore wears on the Vampire Diaries, it's a John Varvatos lightweight suede jacket.  They still sell this jacket, and you can check it out here on the John Varvatos website.  

Going with the costume designers trends in apparently every TV show ever, this jacket is expensive...about $900 expensive.  If you're looking for a cheaper alternative that still looks close to Ollie's, I really like this jacket.  It's polyester instead of suede, but it's also only $70.

Field/Military Jacket

Oliver Queen Field Jacket

This jacket is seen pretty often throughout season three of Arrow.  It's definitely an M-65 style jacket, although it doesn't look like an actual military issue or military surplus jacket.  Just a modern take on that style.

According to this blog, the jacket is a Theory field jacket.  Once again, it's relatively expensive at $500.  I can't comment on the quality of the brand since I don't own anything by Theory, but I do own a black M-65 jacket that looks nearly identical.  It's this Alpha Industries M-65, and the quality on these things is top notch.  

The only customizations you'd have to do is remove the epaulets since Ollie's jacket doesn't have them.  The hip pockets are a bit different too, but once the epaulets are removed, you've got yourself a very close match, for about $350 less.

Ollie's Shirts

Throughout the seasons, Oliver wears a lot of different shirts.  Thankfully, most of them are just slight variations on just a handful of styles.  He doesn't tend to wear anything out of the ordinary, so we're mainly looking at collared button ups, henleys, and t-shirts.  

As far as his t-shirts go, he wears both crew and v-neck, but he sticks with solid, usually darker colors (mostly greys).  As far as brands go, just stick with what you like.  Most people have a preference and have found a brand that fits really well.  But, if that's not you, my suggestion are these American Apparel t-shirts.  They fit well and don't turn into football jerseys after a few washes.

Collared Button-ups

One of my personal favorite shirts that Oliver wears is a thicker looking long sleeve "work shirt".  I never was able to catch any labels, but I know Carhartt makes these shirts.  None of them look to be exact matches, but the differences are pretty small.  My favorite is this Carhartt twill shirt in the color "gravel".

Another cool button-up he wears is a denim shirt.  It's a little nicer than an old cowboy shirt though, as it's made for style not function.  Dickies is one of my favorite brands of clothing, and they make a great looking denim button-up that looks just like Oliver's shirt.  Another good choice is this denim shirt by Wrangler, especially if you want a bit more of a "cowboy" look.

Lastly, he wears long sleeve plaid shirts too.  These shirts always fit Ollie really well and give him a "sophisticated lumberjack" look.  Remember to keep those sleeves rolled up to about 3/4 length, and with a shirt that fits well, it should be easy to match his look.  

As for what brand, Pendleton is a pretty well known clothing maker, and they've got some good looking plaid wool shirts.  This fitted board shirt by Pendleton would be my choice.


Oliver Queen Henley Shirt

Oliver has a few different henleys he wears, but the most important style he sticks to here is that they're form fitting.  In fact that can be said about all of Oliver's clothing - he never wears anything baggy.  Keeping that in mind, I found a couple of great henleys that match Oliver Queen's style really well.

The first are these American Apparel henleys.  When it comes to henleys, I almost always recommend American Apparel because I know they fit well, and they don't shrink funny.  They also come in a ton of different colors, but in keeping with Oliver's style, you'll probably want to stick with dark/earth tone colors (black, grey, military green, navy blue).

My other recommendation are these henleys by Wrangler.  I come across this brand a lot in my clothing searches, and they always have great reviews.  The shirts themselves look great, and going by looks alone, I'd recommend them over American Apparel.  But again, if the reviews are anything to go by, you can't go wrong with Doublju's henleys.

Tapered Pants & Footwear

What pants does Oliver Queen wear?  He may own quite a few pairs of pants, but the style is always the same - slim fit (no boot legs here!).  The colors change, but the pants remain the same.

I wasn't actually able to find any concrete evidence of what brand Ollie wears, but I think it's a pretty safe bet to name Levi's 511 slim fit's as a really close (if not exact) match.  The nice thing about the Levi's is that they come in so many different colors you an easily match any of Oliver's looks.  He does tend to stick with dark colored jeans, but my favorite color are the khaki pants he wears, and the 511's in the color "timberwolf" look like an exact match to those.

One more thing...if you go with the jeans look, don't forget to cuff them!  It loos like Oliver has his at around two or three inches.

Mr. Queen's Footwear

I always love it when I can find exact matches, and just like with other articles I've written, I came across the same boots that Oliver wears.

Oliver Queen wears Clark's Desert Boots in beeswax (thanks to Lyss in the comments for correcting me on this).  I was kind of surprised to see that the price tag on these shoes is relatively normal - about $60.  Not bad at all, and for some people, that's probably not much for shoes.

Oliver does wear other shoes on Arrow, but they're usually confined to his flashbacks, or they're the shoes he uses for training and running around as The Arrow.

The End??

My original idea was to include everything Ollie wears in this article, but I should've known better.  This article is longer than most of mine, and I haven't even included flashback clothing.

So I decided to keep this article just about "rich boy" Oliver Queen's clothing style, I've written a couple more articles - "flashback" Oliver's clothing and of course The Arrow costume itself.

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Lyss - April 5, 2016

Those boots aren’t bushacres. They are Clark’s desert boots in beeswax. They are $130 for men.

    Matt - April 5, 2016

    Hi Lyss, I do remember reading both styles being mentioned, but after looking at the higher res original I have of the screen cap up there, it looks like you’re right.

    Thanks for correcting me on this, I went ahead and updated the article as well.

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